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Knitting pattern "bumps" with knitting needles
Knitting pattern "bumps" with knitting needles

The “knob” pattern, made with knitting needles, is considered one of those that allow needlewomen to show maximum skill and their imagination. Compositions in this technique can be of various sizes, colors and textures. The bumps can be used perfectly for any product, whether it is a children's scarf or a stylish cardigan for a woman. This pattern allows you to make the product more voluminous and gives it a three-dimensional effect.

knobs with knitting needles

Knobs made with knitting needles look very picturesque and attractive. Even inexperienced, just beginning knitters will be able to handle them. It is simply important to follow a certain knitting order, which we will try to describe in detail today. You don't even have to look at the diagram. If you complete the first repeat of the pattern, the rest of the knitting will not cause any difficulties and difficulties.

Knitting pattern "bumps" with knitting needles

Do you want to make the product more unusual and extraordinary? Skillful needlewomen always advise combined knitting. Knitted bumps can be combined with braids, openwork knitting, create country-style models or create spectacular three-dimensional patterns in different colors.

This pattern is a group of loops knitted in a certain technique. They areform a bump, elevation, bulge and give the product a particularly beautiful look. Let's look at how to knit cones with knitting needles and what popular methods are most often used by experienced knitters.

Option 1. From one loop we make three

If you knit a product with front stitch, then this method of forming bumps will suit you. In this case, the bump can be made from both purl and facial loops. So, what is the main secret?

First, you need to knit three from one loop. Then you need to turn the work over and knit three more rows in the same way. In the latter, just three loops are knitted as one. As a result, on the front side of the product you will see a bulge. This is the bump.

knitting cones with knitting needles

How can you knit three from one loop? There may be several options here. Each needlewoman uses what is convenient for her. You can do this with the replacement of loops, for the front wall of the loop or for the back. Choose the one that is simple and understandable to you.

Option 2. Five out of one

If you need the bumps to be a little more voluminous and convex, it is recommended to simply increase the number of loops. For example, very often, instead of three, five or seven loops are knitted from one. Further, the knitting technique is the same as in the first case. Work rows, then work all five (seven) stitches together.

Option 3. Two rows lower

There is another way that is quite often used when knitting cones with knitting needles. Forto make such a pattern, you need to go down two rows and skip the knitting needle there. We pick up the loop, make a crochet, we knit. We do exactly the same manipulations with the second loop. Now it remains to knit all the loops together.

knitted cones with knitting needles and crochet

Helpful tips

Knitted bumps (knitting needles and crochet) always look spectacular than a regular canvas. But it should be remembered that with this technique you will need an order of magnitude more yarn than, say, with a garter or sock stitch. In addition, needlewomen are advised to take yarn for such knitting containing at least fifty percent wool. So the bumps will be more voluminous and convex.

If you want to knit even more unusual bumps with knitting needles, we advise you to experiment with the color of the yarn. The main canvas can be made in one color, but the bumps can be knitted in another. You can even take diverse threads for such a pattern, that is, thin and thick. Or, for example, knit the fabric in one thread, and the bumps in two.

This pattern is so loved by needlewomen, which allows you to combine, and come up with something new, and improve the long-forgotten old. Fantasy is not limited to a detailed scheme that keeps you on track.

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