Lotto rules - play and win
Lotto rules - play and win

One of the most popular home board games is bingo. The rules of the lotto game, as well as the game itself, are familiar to most people. Its most common variety is Russian Lotto, in which miniature barrels smell so delicious of wood.

lotto game rules

The rules of the lotto game are very simple: the player receives from 1 to 3 cards, each of which is a table with three rows and nine columns. The number of numbers on the card is 15: five random numbers in each row. In order to remember how to play Russian loto, it does not take much time. You need to know that there are three main options for the game: short, regular, or long, and three by three. In the first option, the winner is the person who, following the rules of the lotto game, filled out the line of any of the cards the fastest. In a normal game, the winner is the participant who filled out all the cards faster than the rest. "Three on three" is the most gambling variant of the game. Before the start of the game, all participants make bets. Lottery "money" can be cookies, buttons or peas.

how to play russian loto

The rules of the lotto game with this method are as follows: when one of the players fillscompletely on the top line of one of his cards, everyone except him doubles the bets that were made before the start of the game. The one who fills the fastest two lines gets a third of the winnings. The rest of the money-equivalent cookies or peas goes to the participant who fills out the entire card first.

A similar game, which requires spending money, is the Ukrainian TV game - Loto Zabava. Purchasing a ticket for this lottery gives you a chance to win not only cash prizes, but also a car or an apartment. Here, in order to win, you need to know how to play Fun Lotto. Firstly, the purchased ticket, consisting of three fields of five rows and five columns each, must be left until the end of the draw.

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To win the Jackpot, you must cross out all the numbers of the first three lines of any field of the ticket: the number of crossed out numbers must be equal to the number of balls dropped from the lottery machine. If three lines that are not in order on the ticket are crossed out, the ticket is also considered winning.

In order to win this lottery, one of five conditions must be met:

1. the numbers of three horizontal lines should be crossed out, while there are as many steps as there are barrels dropped out of the lottery drum, and one free cell with the MSL symbol is taken into account;

2. practically the same as in the first paragraph, but it is permissible to have two cells with the MSL symbol;

3. filled two horizontal lines of one field and one line of another field;

4. winsa ticket, in any field of which one any horizontal line is filled. In this case, the number of numbers is equal to the number of dropped kegs;

5. match two horizontal lines one by one in any field of the ticket.

These are the most likely combinations to win. Sometimes the founders of the lottery introduce additional options for winning. You should be careful and, most importantly, believe in luck.

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