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Board game "Activity": rules
Board game "Activity": rules

"Activity" is the most popular board game not only among young people, but also among the older generation. Despite this, you can find people who do not know the rules. But no one wants to feel like an outcast in the company just because life has never provided an opportunity to play Activity. We will describe the rules of the game below. If you read everything carefully, you can surprise your friends with your quick wits.

The meaning of the game

If you've never seen "Activity", then you probably have a vague idea of ​​what you should do as a participant. In fact, everything is simple. In "Activity" there is a field with cells, as in many board games. Teams compete, and if they win, then their chip moves, and if they do not succeed, the chip remains in place. The rules of the game "Activity" are simple: you need to explain the word with the help of words, facial expressions and gestures, as well as through a picture. The team whose chip reaches the finish line the fastest wins.

"Activity" - something in between all your favorites"Crocodile", "Contact" and "Hat". But only the process is more exciting, since the game is a team game, which means there is a competitive moment.


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The rules of the "Activity" game are clear even to a child. If the team gets to the cell of the field, where it is necessary to explain the meaning of the word without using speech, then they will have to show it with gestures. But there are many nuances here. In addition to the fact that a person does not have the right to open his mouth and make any sounds, he is also limited in how exactly he will demonstrate the task. The rules of the game prohibit showing words by letters and numbers. That is, you can’t write words with your finger in the air, and you can’t use your fingers to point to objects that are in the room or outside it. If you're showing a table top, you can't just point to the table. But how to get out? But this is not written in the rules. Each person decides for himself. You can jump, run, actively gesticulate, and also help yourself with facial expressions. The task of the team at this time is to guess the word. Unlike "Crocodile", here you can not be afraid that your friends, joking, will deliberately "pull the rubber" to look at the funny pantomime. In Activity, the time for demonstrating words is limited.


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One of the ways of guessing, which is spelled out in the rules of the game "Activity", is an explanation with the help of words. Many people like this option more than active pantomime. But, as in the previoustask, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Single-root words cannot be used for explanation. And it is precisely with this point that the problems arise. Very few people know how to consciously control their speech, and therefore words that cannot be spoken are often torn from the tongue. In this case, the turn passes to the other team.

In unfamiliar companies, there is another unwritten rule. More often one of the players explains the word to his team, but in an open round everyone can guess. So the amendment is that it is necessary to describe concepts with well-known facts, and not with personal memories. For example, you can’t explain a word like this: “Remember, in the third grade you were dancing, so what exactly?” Few know such personal information.


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Considering the rules of the board game "Activity", you can find a third way to explain the word. And it will be drawing. When a player stands on the corresponding cell on the playing field, he must explain the word with a pencil and a piece of paper. Again, there are some taboos here. Naturally, it is impossible to write words. Yes, in fact, it is generally forbidden to depict even individual letters of the alphabet. What then is possible? Draw the objects that are written on the card. But not every company has professional artists. That's the whole point of the game. It's funny to watch a man who picked up a pencil for the first time in five years try to draw a boar. But if you can draw animals with grief in half, then what aboutmore complex concepts? Divide drawings into several parts. Let's take the word "navigator" as an example. The first part of the word can be depicted as a sea, and the second - in the form of walking legs. Adding these two parts is definitely easier than drawing the whole concept. By the way, the use of mathematical symbols is not prohibited.

Why do we need an hourglass?

In the rules of the game "Activity" (original) it is written that all actions by which players show words are performed for a while. And to make it more convenient to measure it, you simply cannot do without additional devices. Hourglass counts for a minute. It is during this time that the player must have time to show his word.

True, time will still have to be timed. When all the teams are at the start, someone needs to start. The daredevil pulls out a card and in 10 seconds must explain the word. Only after that the team enters the game. And it is clear that measuring 10 seconds on an hourglass is not an easy task.

Why cards are needed

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In order not to get confused and not to go astray, clear rules of the game "Activity" were invented. Everything is possible with cards. How do they look? They are somewhat similar to ordinary playing cards. Although there are many differences. Cards for the game "Activity" do not have a boring one-color shirt, they are provided with numbers. This is not a serial number. The number on the map indicates its difficulty. The player must soberly assess his strength in one way or another of explanation and choose the appropriate option for himself. There are only three difficulty levels. Mosteasy cards are marked with the number 3, the most difficult cards are marked with the number 5. 4 is an intermediate step. For example, a player cannot draw, but he needs to explain a word in this way. Then he can make it easier for himself and pull out a card with the number three. But if you need the word “tell”, and the person knows that he is good at it, he can take the cardboard that is marked with the number 5.

There are tasks on the back of the card. There are only 6 of them. It is not up to the player to decide which word to tell. The number is taken from the playing field.

How many players can participate

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There are many variations of the game "Activity". But they are all united by the general rules of the game. "Activity-travel", the children's version of the game, "Activity for adults", "Activity-code word", you can list for a long time. How many players can take part? It is most interesting to play when there are many people in the team. But a lot is a loose concept. 10 people is two teams of 5 people, and this is ideal. In fact, "Activity" was invented as a game for a large company. But it is not always possible to recruit 10 people. The minimum number of players is three people. This allows the family to spend the evening behind joint antics. For three people, the rules will be non-standard. In this case, there will be no commands. Each person plays for himself. But 4 people can already be divided into two teams. In this case, the game is already going according to all the rules.

How the round goes

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Let's try to make it clearexplanation of the rules of the game "Activity". All participants are divided into two teams. The right of the first move can be played in different ways, for example, toss a coin or decide this issue by drawing lots. The winning team chooses one candidate, and this person explains any word from any card in 10 seconds. The way in which a person will express himself is chosen at the discretion of the player. If his team guessed the word, then it goes forward. The number of cells that you need to advance to is easy to find out by looking at the back of the card. Now it's the turn of the other team to do the same. After everyone has successfully overcome the start, the game begins. Each of the team members, in strict order, demonstrates the word in the way that is depicted on the cell of the playing field where the chip is. The task number on the card must be looked for in the same place. But the complexity of the card can be chosen independently. Someone thinks that you go quieter, you will continue, and some, on the contrary, pull difficult tasks all the time. The chip moves across the field by the number of cells that is drawn on the back of the shirt. But you can move only if the team guessed the word. But if the players did not understand the vague explanations of a friend, the chip will stand still. The first team to reach the finish line wins.

Children's Game Rules

As an attentive reader may have already noticed, all Activity games are very similar. Tasks and their complexity change. But the methods of explanation remain unchanged. How then do the rules of the game "Activity" for children differ from the adult version?Words. In the children's version, there are no complex concepts that sometimes seem like an impossible task to show to an adult. All the concepts written on the cards will be familiar to the child. And you can find a game in which pictures will be shown instead of words. In this case, preschoolers who do not yet know how to read will be able to take part in the general fun. Why, then, is such a game needed, where the child will not be able to learn new words, but will operate with already known concepts? Showing animals, birds and surrounding objects, children train their imagination, logic and acting skills.


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The rules of the game in "Activity" (original) are clearly regulated, but, as in all games, there are some loopholes that will help the person who knows them to win. For example, in a "fight by the rules", when both teams have the opportunity to guess the same word, the player can deliberately take the easiest card.

If parents are playing with their children, then perhaps you should increase the time to demonstrate this or that task. Therefore, you can turn the hourglass twice. Then even the kids' team will have a chance to win.

Not always a difficult word can be explained in a minute. This task will seem easier if you break the concept into parts. It will be simply impossible to explain the hydroelectric power plant in one word. It is worth breaking this concept into three parts: show water, electricity and the station. Team members will be able to connect these words.

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