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Board game "Scrabble": rules and description
Board game "Scrabble": rules and description

Scrabble is a very popular game. For the first time in Russian, the rules of Scrabble were described in 1968, in the journal Science and Life. The name of the game was translated as "Crossword". However, the game became widely known later as "Erudite" or "Slovodel".

Description of the board game set: board and chips

The field of play is a square with dimensions of 15 by 15 divisions - a total of 225 seats. Also in the set there are game pieces - wooden or plastic squares with letters and glasses printed on them. There are 104 letters in total, the number of copies of each depends on the frequency of its use in a particular language, the cost of each chip is determined from the same indicator. The set also includes several "blanks" or "wilds" that can be used in place of any symbol of the player's choice.

rules of the game erudite

In specialized stores you can buy a desktopthe game "Erudite" in Russian or the English version - Scrabble. The execution and cost of fun can be different: from a cheap set of plastic and paper to collectible handmade wooden sets.

Basic rules and goals of the game "Scrabble"

The main goal of the game is to score more points than the opponent by making words out of chips. There is a variant of the game in which the winner is the one who first scores a predetermined number of points.

According to the rules of the game "Erudite", from 2 to 4 people can take part in the round, depending on the size of the set - more players will need more chips. For those who are not sure about the capabilities of their own memory, it is better to stock up on a piece of paper and a pencil to write down the composed words.

board game erudite

The list of all the rules of the game "Erudite" is not long. It includes the following items:

  1. Words should be composed in two directions: vertically - "top-down" and horizontally - "left-to-right".
  2. Each participant is randomly given 7 chips before the start of the round.
  3. The player who makes the first move must place the inscription through the central cell of the field.
  4. After each turn, the player gains spent chips.
  5. All subsequent words are composed only in "connection" with those already laid out.
  6. If the player does not want to make a word in turn, then he should change the chips and skip the move.
  7. The participant who used all 7 chipsin one move, gets extra points.
  8. A universal chip ("dummy" or "joker") can be used in place of any letter of the player's choice.
  9. The participant can replace the "dummy" with the required letter, provided that he uses it already in the next turn.
  10. The above rules may be changed or supplemented by prior agreement of the players.

10 item gives the participants a lot of space for their imagination and makes the game even more interesting.

Counting points in the game "Scrabble" correctly

Scoring in a game is not easy. Each player should keep a record of the words laid out during the course and the number of points scored. There are specially marked areas on the field that increase the cost of chips. The rules of the Scrabble game for scoring can be formulated as follows:

  1. The cost of a letter is doubled on green cells of the field and tripled on yellow ones. The extra points are called the bonus.
  2. The amount of the move consists of the cost of the laid out letters and is calculated for each player separately.
  3. If one of the tokens of the word is located on a blue cell, the cost of the word is doubled, on a red cell it is tripled. First, the premium for letters is calculated, then for the word as a whole.
  4. If the player used all 7 chips during the turn, he receives a bonus of 15 points.
goal of the game erudite

As you can see, the rules of the game "Erudite" are extremely simple and clear. The colors of the premium areas of the playing field may varyfrom set to set. In any case, the fun is always accompanied by detailed instructions with analysis and illustrative examples for each rule.

Who benefits from the Scrabble game?

Besides the fact that the fun is incredibly exciting and addictive, it is also a very educational activity. The board game "Scrabble" is perfect for schoolchildren and students studying foreign languages.

counting points in the game erudite

Scrabble will allow you to arrange a real competition and find out "whose English is better" or "who knows more foreign words." Watching the game is as interesting as participating in it yourself. You can organize entire tournaments on "Erudite" within the framework of open lessons at school and even among the departments of higher educational institutions like chess competitions.

Parents can play "Scrabble" with their children to develop their intelligence and spelling skills in their native language. Sometimes the desire to win makes the child engage in real word creation and invent non-existent objects and concepts. You should not immediately reject the children's compiled options, it is much more fun to ask the child and listen to his interpretation of the "new" word.

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