Board game "Munchkin": reviews, rules
Board game "Munchkin": reviews, rules

According to the reviews of the Munchkin board game, we can conclude that this is a funny legendary game that will provide a charge of good mood and brighten up your time with friends. If you are too honest and noble, serious and suspicious person who does not understand jokes, then you should not play the Munchkin card game, as you will not like it very much.

But if you are a positive person who has the same sociable and inoffensive friends, then you should definitely play this insidious and interesting game. Explore dungeons, fight monsters, get treasures, reach level 10 and become the winner in this game.

Munchkin board game rules and user reviews

First you need to figure out what is included in it, and how to play this card game. The box contains two decks of cards: Treasure deck (73 cards)and a deck of "Doors" (92 cards), as well as a game die and rules. First you need to thoroughly mix both decks. The only downside you might notice from the reviews of Munchkin is that you need to find something to indicate your character's level (buttons, change, chips, dice).

Board game "Munchkin Deluxe". Equipment game

Three to six people can take part in the game, it is only necessary in any way for you to decide who will start the game. Then four cards are de alt from the Treasure and Doors deck, which will be in the hand. If a player wants to receive a bonus or advantages that are described on the cards, for this they need to be put on the table.

Cards can be of the following types:

  • races (elf, dwarf, halfling, half-breed);
  • class (cleric, wizard, thief, warrior);
  • items that have a cost that is indicated on the map in the lower right corner and is measured in gold, while in the lower left corner the place where you can wear this item is marked;
  • curses played against you or other players.
Board game "Munchkin". Types of cards

Cards that are in the player's hand are not active in the game. At the end of each turn, the player can hold up to five cards.

Phases of the game "Munchkin"

After the player has played the cards from his hand and laid out the cards of the class, race and put on the clothes, he proceeds to the first phase of the board card game. In total, there are 3 phases in the game: we knock out the door,looking for trouble and clean the stash of bounties.

Game progress phases

Kicking down the door

Your game adventure begins with knocking down doors - for this you need to take the top card "Doors". What could be behind these cards? They may be waiting for us outside the door:

  • curse cards that work instantly on your hero;
  • monsters you have to fight to get levels and treasures;
  • other cards that can be played immediately or taken into hand.
Board card game "Munchkin"

When you reveal the top card of the "Doors", you must immediately put it on the table so that all players can see it. If it's a curse card, it immediately affects your hero and is discarded face up. The player then proceeds to the second phase. In case it is a monster card, you will have to fight it. To do this, you need strength, which is made up of your level, cards in your hand with different bonuses, and your hero's items. When in total all this gives you more strength than the strength of the monster itself, then you have won and are rewarded with treasures and a level. But if the monster is stronger than you, then you can ask friends for help for a certain part of the treasure. And then together you will defeat the monster.

If you see that your friends are defeating a monster, don't worry, you can use cards directly from your hand during the battle at any time. For both the monster and the hero, these cards can help in combat. Such cards increase the strength and power of monsters and are used without gettingtreasure or losing a level (or even a few).

According to reviews of the Munchkin card game, many fans of this board game highlight the main feature, which is that participants are allowed to cheat and deceive others, unless, of course, friends notice.

You won't be able to move on to the next phase until the fight is over. If you failed to convince your friends to help you, then there is nothing left but to quickly run away from the monster. If you don't have any flush bonus cards, then the dice will decide your fate. Five or six drops out - you managed to escape, less - the monster does indecency with your hero to your taste (described on the map). If the indecency says that you are dying, then your adventure friends will take your property from you. You will only have your class, race and level (if you had them, of course).

If you got any other card, except for monsters and curses, then you can immediately use it or take it into your hands.

"Looking for Trouble" and "Cleaning Stitches"

If you still don't encounter a monster outside the door, you can play it from your hand and fight it normally. But only if you are sure that you can defeat him. If there are no monsters in the hand, then it remains only to clean the stumps. To do this, you need to take a card from the “Doors” deck into your hand without showing it to your opponents. And finally, you can move on to the next phase.

From generosity

At the end of the player's turn, he must have no more than five cards in his hand. Whenthe number exceeds this maximum, then you must either play these cards or give the extra ones to another player with the lowest level.

There are times when several players have the status of the weakest. Then you need to divide the extra cards between them according to your personal preference. But if your hero is the lowest level, just discard the extra cards. If you have less than five cards, then just pass the turn to the next player, but before that you can also discard cards in order to get a level by selling your treasures (the cost of the level is 1000 gold). But there is an exception: level 10 cannot be obtained for any cost of your treasures.

That's it, now you can pass the move to the next player.

Before the next player proceeds to the first phase, he can agree with another player and exchange clothes. You can also discard a class card at any time in the game if it does not suit you or you want to change your class.

Now, after reading all the reviews and rules of the Munchkin game, you are definitely ready to go to the dungeon to kill monsters, grab all the treasures and have fun with your friends.

Munchkin Deluxe

Board game "Munchkin Deluxe"

According to the reviews of the Munchkin Deluxe game, we can conclude that this game has many positive aspects and surprises:

  1. First, very colorful design.
  2. Secondly, a small playing field with cells from 1 to 10 has been added to the game, with which it is convenient to monitor the levelyour hero.
  3. Thirdly, small figures (in the form of munchkins) are nested to move around the field.
  4. And finally, six additional cards have been added that indicate the gender of your hero.

Judging by the reviews of the Munchkin Deluxe game, we can say that this is just an updated version of the previous game, which can be a wonderful gift for a board game lover, adding to his collection of board games. But otherwise, many people think that the Munchkin Deluxe game is the same as the previous (old) version of the Munchkin game.

Munchkin. Bring the treasure

The play box contains colorful game pieces, a large board, and simplified but fun game rules for curious young adventurers.

"Munchkin. Drag Treasures"

The party of the game takes quite a long time. This is achieved due to the fact that there are a lot of treasure cards in the game, namely 70 pieces. And while you take all the cards in your hands, a whole hour will pass. According to many reviews of the board game "Munchkin. Drag Treasures”, the rules of this game are quite simple, and therefore children will easily understand their essence and quickly join the gameplay.

Game package

After purchasing the game "Munchkin. Drag Treasures” you need to study the package: 96 cards of various “Monsters” and “Treasures”, two dice (they determine how many cells the hero moves), the playing field and the rules of the game. This exciting board game can be played by two to six people (accordingly, the game contains as much as possiblesix munchkin tokens).

"Munchkin. Drag Treasures"

Goal of the game

The game ends only when the last card is taken from the treasure deck. After that, all players calculate the value of all their treasures in their hand in "gold", which is indicated on the cards in the lower right corner. The player with the highest total treasure value is the winner.

Game Rules

At the beginning of the game, players lay out the playing field itself and choose their munchkins. Then, be sure to shuffle the "Monster" and "Treasure" cards and place them on the playing field. After that, the players take three treasure cards and place their munchkins on the entrance space, which is located in the center of the playing field. Treasures in this game are temporary and permanent. Permanent (clothes) need to be laid out in front of you, they give a bonus all the time while they are on the table, and there can be a maximum of two such treasures. Temporary or one-time help in the battle with monsters or perform various other useful actions. When a card has been used, it is discarded.

Every turn, the player rolls a game die and chooses the direction in which he is going to go, and then moves to the number of cells indicated by the die. There are several types of cells: another throw, cells with monsters, cells with treasures. Hitting one, the hero receives a treasure card or rerolls a game die. Getting on others, the player must fight and defeat the monster. If there is not enough strength to defeat the monster alone, then there isan option to join forces with another player who wants to help you, and together defeat the enemy, but then you will need to share the treasure.

According to reviews of the game Hobby world “Munchkin. Drag Treasures, your time will fly by, as it is very fun and dynamic to play. Courage, ingenuity, as well as luck and the help of real friends will help you defeat all the monsters, gain real we alth and, most importantly, win in this interesting game.

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