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How to decorate photo frames with your own hands: ideas, materials, recommendations. Photo frames on the wall
How to decorate photo frames with your own hands: ideas, materials, recommendations. Photo frames on the wall

Standard wooden photo frames are the simplest solution for photo placement. Finding a frame design option suitable for an individual interior is quite difficult, so a home-made base will be the best solution. You can use already prepared. It is only important to decide how to decorate the photo frame with your own hands. For this, completely diverse tools and materials can be used.

What decorative items can be used

Photo frames for photos can be decorated using a variety of materials. For fastening, a glue gun, super glue, a stapler are most often used - it all depends on the type of base.

How and how to decorate photo frames with your own hands using diverse materials:

  1. A mirror frame can be made by attaching pieces of a CD to the base.
  2. For a teenager's room, you can make a soft frame,which will be covered with denim.
  3. For glamorous girls, rhinestones or glass pebbles will be an ideal decoration for a photo frame.
  4. Children's photo frame can become bright if you paint the base with different colors, imitating a rainbow.
  5. A universal option would be to paint the surface with stained glass glue and glass pebbles.
  6. Decoupage is the best way to finish any surface - both old and new.
photo frame painting options

Materials can be combined with each other, use other options for decoration. You can even adjust the shape of the frame.

Options for functional photo frames on the wall with your own hands

If the old photo frame is pretty tired and you want something unusual, then you should think about improving the design. In addition to beauty, you need to think over the device in such a way that it is as functional as possible.

Special wall photo frame designs:

  1. The base can be decorated according to any preference or theme. Glue small hooks to the bottom. Insert a photo into such frames, and you can hang clothes, towels, jewelry and much more on hooks.
  2. You can remove the back wall. From the inside on the sides, drive in small carnations. Randomly tangle a thread or yarn between the studs. Attach photos to the threads using decorative clothespins. The composition and elements can be changed periodically.
  3. If you replace the back wall with a magnetic one, then it is quite possible to attach photos tospecial canvas with magnets. You can change pictures very often.

There are a lot of options for improving the functionality of the most common frames, just show a little imagination and ingenuity.

What material can the base be made of

Working with purchased photo frames is very simple, but sometimes you can save a little money if you make the base from improvised material. To make a photo frame for photos, you can use the following materials:

  1. You can make a whole composition of photo frames from the lid of a candy box. It is necessary to paint the sides inside and outside with gouache. Glue the inside with different wallpaper.
  2. You can cut a flat frame out of plywood - this can become the basis for further finishing.
  3. Styrofoam can be used to make a good base for a photo frame, but this design will be too fragile.
  4. You can make an industrial-style photo frame out of soft wire. And additionally decorate such a case with other materials.
  5. A simple and cheap design will be made from cardboard. Thanks to the ease of working with cardboard, you can independently control the volume of the frame.
  6. Another option is to tie ordinary branches together with twine, forming a unique photo frame.
homemade cardboard photo frame

If you have imagination, you can make a frame from any kind of material.

Original and beautiful from improvised materials

In order to decorate the device for installing photos in an original and as cheap as possible, you should useimprovised materials. It is important not only to skillfully apply them, but also to think over options on how to decorate photo frames with your own hands. You need to prepare a glue gun, paint, scissors.

How to decorate a photo frame from improvised materials using trivial things:

  1. You can make gorgeous flowers out of paper egg trays. Cut out the notches and nest the elements into each other, shifting the protruding parts.
  2. From leftover pencils you can make a fun and bright frame. How? Glue the pencils to the base with a glue gun.
  3. Puzzle pieces can be a unique decoration option. Glue the elements to the base and open with varnish.
  4. Remains of toys. Small figurines can decorate a children's photo installation.
  5. Lay out broken egg shells on the base, paint the mosaic with gouache.
  6. To hide defects on an old photo frame, you can use the wallpapering technique.
  7. If you wrap a frame with knitting threads, you get a soft and colorful version of the design for a photo.
photo frame from disk pieces

Any elements and materials can be used in the process of creating a decorative composition for photos.

Sea photo frame for photos

When you come back from a seaside vacation, you want to save every moment of your holiday. In accordance with the seascapes, I want to choose a suitable design. The ideal option would be to decorate the base with sea pebbles and shells that were captured from the seashore.

Howdecorate the photo frame with shells and sea pebbles:

  1. We need to estimate how many items for decoration are available and create a layout for their location on the canvas of the frame.
  2. Starting to fasten the elements is from the corners, gradually moving towards the middle. In the corners, place the largest shells or starfish.
  3. Seal the rest of the frame with sea pebbles or crumbs from broken shells. It is advisable to use a glue gun, since such a mount is not afraid of high humidity or mechanical stress.
  4. The final step will be opening the surface of the shells with transparent varnish. This layer will make it easier to care for the product, as dust does not get into the cracks.
decorating the frame with shells

The principle of placing shells on the canvas of the frame can be completely different. It all depends on the number, condition and size of shells.

Variants for decorating a wooden base

Wooden frames themselves look beautiful and unique, but there may be imperfections that need to be covered up. If the tree has been damaged by time or poor maintenance, decorating will be the only option for restoration.

How to decorate a wooden photo frame with your own hands to make a masterpiece:

  1. Recreate a drawing on any subject using a wood burner. Then paint over the frame with gold or silver paint. The scorched pattern will stand out against a light background.
  2. The base can be pasted over with round cuts of small diameter logs. Broken twigs can become an analogue.You can glue the pieces in any direction with respect to the photos.
  3. If the frame is carved or has a beautiful pattern, but you want to change the color scheme, then you can use the method of artificial aging. Paint the base with paint and in some places rub the wood a little with a rag.
original decoration of the wooden frame

Other options for decorating the wooden base can be used.

The principle of making and attaching flowers from foamiran

First, it is worth making flowers from foamiran. Foamiran is a material that has the characteristics of paper and rubber. The material is very plastic and the resulting flowers will resemble natural plants as closely as possible.

frame with foamiran flowers

First you need to make a pattern of petals. On foamiran, sketches can be made with a toothpick. Cut out the sketches with scissors. Bring each petal to a heated iron (it will bend a little). Cut out a small square or circle from the foam - this will become the basis for the flower. Gradually glue the petals to the foam base, forming a flower bud. You need to create several identical flowers of different sizes.

How to decorate a photo frame with foamiran flowers at home, it becomes clear when all the elements are ready. Additionally, you need to make leaves and curls from the same material.

Flowers should be glued to one of the corners of the photo frame, supplemented with leaves and other elements. It is advisable to use for attaching each adhesivegun.

Decorate frames with kids

If you involve a child in decorating a photo frame, you will get a unique product. It is important to choose the right materials and methods of work that will correspond to the age category of the crumbs.

How to decorate photo frames with your own hands with children of different ages:

  1. Young children will be able to sketch the frame with gouache. You can use brushes, washcloths or fingers for coloring. It is advisable to use different colors.
  2. Already adult children will be able to make a more complex decoration procedure. For example, gradually cover the surface of the frame with PVA glue, and then sprinkle them with beads, beads, small pasta.
  3. You can stick various elements to the base of the frame: buttons, colored paper, pieces of fabric, threads.
decorating the frame with fabric

The peculiarity of decorating photo frames with children is to choose the right technique.

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