How to decorate a glass jar with your own hands: original ideas
How to decorate a glass jar with your own hands: original ideas

Recently it has become very fashionable to create interesting things, taking simple inconspicuous objects as a basis. Almost any little thing that is available in every home can be transformed by making it the subject of design skill. The resulting products can be presented to someone or even sold to connoisseurs of hand-made.

Glass Beauty

Very often, in needlework, ordinary kitchen glass jars are used for decoration. The decorated jar is universal, because it can be used not only as an item of kitchen utensils and a flower vase, but also as a universal container for storing pens, pencils and even toothbrushes in the bathroom. Decorating glass jars is a very entertaining and creative process that people of all ages can do. It is especially important to involve young children in this type of creativity, which allows them to form imaginative thinking and hand motor skills.

decoupage glass jar

Where to start?

Before you learn how to decorate a glass jar with your own hands, you need to decide onits size and functional focus after creative transformation. This is necessary so that the updated thing looks harmoniously in the chosen interior. The selection of the necessary materials for needlework will depend on the type of decoration chosen.

how to decorate a glass jar with your own hands

Empty or full?

Very often, things of amazing beauty are created from glass jars when all kinds of components are placed inside them. Such vessels do not serve as a container for something, they simply delight the eye with their beauty. These can be containers in the form of snow balls, candlesticks, lamps, photo frames and other things. Let's look at some original ideas on how to decorate a glass jar with your own hands using interior decor.

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Idea 1. Spring Charm

Prepare a small container, a glass jar with a rounded lid will do. We paint the inner bottom and a little side with blue and white acrylic paints in the form of a sky with fluffy clouds. Then draw a bright yellow sun in the same place. After the paint has dried, open the entire jar from the inside with varnish in two layers. The next step is to attach the plastic figurines of birds to the painted sky. It is best to take miniature swallows or pigeons (one pair). Using superglue, glue pieces of fishing line to the birds (in turn), and attach the other end to the drawn clouds. In order for the fishing line to stick well to the glass, it is necessary to additionally attach a small circle cut out of a nylon cover to it.for a jar.

The second step will be the design of the screw cap. It is necessary to stick decorative plastic grass on it from the inside. In the center of this lawn, attach a beautiful little pot with a flower. The colors of all materials should be bright and saturated.

Filler for the jar will be distilled water with glycerin (1:1). The liquid can be slightly colored yellow by adding food coloring. With this technique, the illusion of sunshine is created. Pour the mixture into the jar, screw on the lid. If desired, the threads of the container can be pre-lubricated with glue to avoid unwanted leakage.

The craft is almost ready, it remains only to turn it over and tie a ribbon with a bow at the bottom. You can safely give such a souvenir to mom, grandmother, daughter and girlfriend on March 8 or another holiday.

Idea 2. Miracle Watch

With this idea, you can create a wonderful fabulous watch from a simple electronic watch mechanism and a jar.

To work you will need: a glass jar with a lid, a small clockwork, pieces of colored fabric, nylon tights, cardboard, glue, scissors, black beads, fluffy knitting threads, cotton wool and a thick white knitted cord.

In a jar of a flattened round shape, place a piece of thick cardboard with a clockwork in the center. This must be done in such a way that the mechanism itself is on the back of the cardboard, and the hands are located in front of the homemade dial. It should be decorated beautifully, in a fabulous style.

Watch-jar needs to be decorated in the formcartoon girl. Therefore, for her it is necessary to sew a fluffy skirt, jacket and hat. Glue the blouse so that it does not cover the watch. Make the head of the doll with the help of nylon, placing a lump of cotton wool in it. Sew on the bead eyes, and draw the mouth, nose, eyebrows and freckles. Form hair with fluffy golden threads. Put a hat on the watch doll and make arms and legs out of the cord, attaching them with glue under the clothes.

Such a magical clock will decorate any home and can be a good gift for a loved one.

glass jar vase

Beauty in the kitchen

Glass jars in the kitchen bring invaluable benefits, because they can store many different products: cereals, s alt, sugar, spices, flour and more. Therefore, they need to be decorated in such a way that it is clear which product is inside the container. Knowing how to decorate a glass jar with your own hands correctly, you can decorate a lot of them and, placing them on the shelves, thereby create warmth and comfort in the kitchen. Kitchen jars can be decorated in different ways, borrowing some ideas for their transformation from hand-made masters:

Drapery fabric

Pieces of burlap with tousled edges tie to the jar with golden cords or twine. Additionally, you can decorate the container with artificial flowers or dried citrus slices.

Decoration with cereals

A wonderful idea is to smear each jar with glue completely and shake it in the kind of cereal for which it will be intended. When the material dries, itcan be dyed silver or gold.

Jars in bags

Purchase the right amount of organza bags and sew the edges of them so that each jar fits in them and there are no voids around. On separate pieces of fabric, embroider the name of the cereal with golden threads and sew them in the center of the bags. Tighten the tapes under the neck so that they do not interfere with the closing of the lid.


To decoupage a glass jar, you will need the following materials: PVA glue, acrylic paint of any color, alcohol, acrylic varnish, brushes, decoupage napkins, scissors. Progress:

  • Degrease the jar with alcohol.
  • Paint with acrylic paint and let dry.
  • From a decoupage napkin, select and cut out the necessary patterns.
  • Apply glue to the application with a brush and gently stick to the surface of the jar. Perform the next step only when the glue is completely dry.
  • The final step is to apply acrylic varnish to the entire surface of the container (2 layers).
glass jar with lid

Lovely vases

From ordinary kitchen jars you can make very beautiful vases that will look good in any interior. And how to decorate a glass jar with your own hands so that it looks no worse than a purchased one? It's very simple, you can apply the decoupage method mentioned above, or complicate it using eggshells.

Using do-it-yourself glass jar decoupage using a shell, you can add texture to a future vaseand unique shapes. The course of work in this case remains the same as before, only after cleaning the jar with alcohol, you need to glue the crushed eggshell on it.

A glass jar vase has an unusual look if it is decorated in a marine style. To do this, you need to glue shells and small sea pebbles on a jar so that there are no empty spaces left. Such a vase will always delight and remind you of the time spent on the sea coast.

Shimmering highlights

You can create a unique night light from any glass jar using small candles in tin jars. In order for the room to be filled with various shadows from such a flicker, it is necessary to paint the entire glass surface of the night lamp on the outside with beautiful patterns. For example, cut stars out of paper and attach them to the jar with tape, then paint everything with dark paint from a can. After the paint has dried, remove the paper stars. You will get many star windows through which the light from the candle will pour.

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