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All kinds of thread applications
All kinds of thread applications

There are so many different ways to express your creativity by creating something. And if most people are familiar with such types of needlework as embroidery, beading, crocheting or knitting, then not everyone may be familiar with thread applications on cardboard.

thread applications

How to do the easiest job

In winter, it is very cold outside and it is not always possible to go out for a walk, and therefore children spend quite a lot of time indoors. Why not keep your child entertained? So, the application of threads for children is the sun.

What you need for work

Before you start creating a very simple craft, you need to take care of the following materials:

  • colored cardboard;
  • woolen threads of different colors;
  • glue stick;
  • scissors.

Execution steps

First you need to take any children's book to find a suitable drawing and transfer it to cardboard. For example, the base color of heavy paper might beblue, then it will give the impression that the sun is in the sky.

After the drawing is transferred to the cardboard, it remains to cut the threads and stick them on the picture so that the entire base is filled. Then you get a completely shaded sun. Longer threads will become rays, they are glued to the sides of the sun.

You can make eyes out of beads or buttons. At the last stage, the mouth should be marked with a red thread, and as a result, you can hang a wonderful picture with a smiling sun on the wall, which will delight everyone, even in gloomy, cold weather. The simplest thread appliqué is ready.

thread applique master class

How to make it harder

This option will require more perseverance and work. To make a charming cat, you will have to prepare a template. It is done very simply: a suitable drawing is found and then transferred to a paper base or cardboard.

What materials will be required

For the application of threads on cardboard, you will need the following materials:

  • cardboard or thick sheet of paper (base);
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • brush;
  • threads;
  • prepared template.

Stages of work

First, the threads are prepared - they must be cut. It is best to do this over some kind of container so as not to lose the necessary trimmings.

A dark-colored thread will be needed to glue the outline. Then the glue is carefully applied to the entire template image, and now you need to glue the material so thatso as not to climb over the contours. You can make the application of threads look like a real cat by sticking buttons on it, which will play the role of a peephole.

A little more dark thread will be needed to highlight the mouth. After the thread application dries, the craft must be gently shaken so that the threads that have not sat on the glue crumble.

applique cat

How to make a flower

This version of the craft may seem more complicated than the previous ones. But, as they say, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing.

Required Materials

Here for work you need to take the following things:

  • colored cardboard;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • multi-colored threads (for example, red and yellow).

Thread appliqué. Master class

  1. Glue should be dropped into the middle of the sheet. Then take a yellow thread and make a few spiral turns where the glue is applied.
  2. Then the contours of the petals of the flower are applied, and they are coated with glue.
  3. The yellow thread is finely cut and glued to the petals. Thus, the flower has a base. Now comes the turn of the red threads.
  4. The contours of the next petals, glue and then threads are also applied. To make the craft more original, red threads are used to fill in the empty space in the yellow petals.
  5. To fill gaps, material of both colors is used.
  6. At the final stage, you need to make a contour, for this you should use a red thread.
  7. appliqué yarn

As a result, a beautiful flower should turn out in the middle of the sheet, but the question arises what to do with the rest of the free space. Everything is pretty simple here. You need to draw leaves that will be harmoniously located throughout the application of threads. The number of leaves depends on the imagination of the needlewoman.

To make everything look beautiful, you need to make the contours of the leaves, glue them over and then decorate with veins. They are also made from thread, you can even separate the yarn a little to get a thinner thread, but this is left to the discretion of the person doing the craft. Thread flower applique is ready.

How to make a rowan branch

This is another very interesting thread and cardboard craft related to applications. Before making the original picture you need to take:

  • white paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • threads;
  • tassel.
  • red yarn

Working on a masterpiece

First, threads are cut, which will be used to color the rowan leaves. The picture in this case is autumn, and therefore we need yellow, red, orange, brown and other thematic shades. Multi-colored leaves will look much more interesting than plain ones.

All threads are cut into different containers so that during work there is no confusion about where to get which color. Each container has a different color.

After this work, you can start sketching. A rowan branch is drawn on white paper.

Appliedthreads on the application should not cause any problems. Everything is done in the same way as described above. The contours of the leaves are also made from dark threads, glue is also applied, and then the turn of multi-colored threads comes, which will make the leaves of autumn shades.

After finishing all the work, the craft should be left for a while and let it dry properly. Now the picture can be hung on the wall or presented to someone as a gift.

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