All types of poker are good for table games
All types of poker are good for table games

Very often, when guests or just a friendly company gather in the house, after everyone has enjoyed delicious treats, you want to somehow have fun. Some organize naughty competitions, others sing karaoke or dance to the rhythms of incendiary music, and for others, board games are the best entertainment.

types of poker

Currently, there are a huge number of all kinds of games that will be of interest not only to children. You can even divide everyone present into adults and children and let each company have fun with their game. For young guests, it can be Monopoly or a game with fairy-tale characters on a special field, where the move of each participant depends on the number that falls on the rolled dice. General games can be Twister, Lotto, etc., where interest and fun are provided to each participant. But any games with cards should be left only for adults. Gambling is always attractive and addictive in its own way, therefore, in order for such a pastime not to be negative, you can play for desires, sweets, or even 100 grams of pen alty. One of my favorite entertainmentcan be considered all types of poker.


poker hold'em

The main goal of this game is to win bets by collecting the highest combination or forcing opponents to fold. Absolutely all types of poker are considered games with incomplete information, since you do not have accurate data about the opponent's cards. Poker rightfully belongs to gambling and is a popular entertainment in the casino. So, for example, in chess, opponents always see the location of the pieces on the playing field and can assess the position of the opponent and calculate their moves. In poker, very often players bluff to mislead the rest of the participants, but only a perfect bluff helps, otherwise you can lose quickly. Different types of poker involve the use of card decks with 32, 36 and 54 cards, although most often they use a standard deck for this game, in which there are 52 cards with equivalent suits.

Poker terms

poker kicker

There are accepted universal card combinations that are the same for all existing varieties of poker. The strongest and most invincible combination is a royal flush, followed by a straight flush, four of a kind, a full house, a flush, a straight, a set, two pair and a pair. If none of the players taking part in the distribution has collected anything, the kicker in poker is determined, that is, the highest card. Also, the kicker helps to determine whose combination won if two players collected the same set of cards. Common are also speci alterms used in the game. These include the concepts of check, all-in, call, raise, etc.

Popular game

The most common game is poker hold'em. Its rules are quite simple, you just need to remember the basic combinations. For the game, a standard deck of 52 cards is used, five common cards for all participants take part in the draw, and two more cards that each player sees individually. In addition to this game, there is also Omaha, Caribbean and Chinese poker, let it ride, poker with a joker, seven-card stud, pai gow, badugi, horse - all these types of poker are incredibly interesting, but do not forget that they all relate to gambling, so don't get too carried away with them.

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