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Sea stone: name, description. Types of sea stones. DIY sea stone crafts (photo)
Sea stone: name, description. Types of sea stones. DIY sea stone crafts (photo)

Sea stone (or pebbles), which we all loved to collect in childhood on the Black Sea beaches, has an interesting history. Millions of years ago, the formation of the Caucasus Mountains took place with a violent eruption of volcanoes, flows of hardened lava in the form of plates, debris and small pieces were carried away by the course of mountain rivers and fell into the sea. The waves of the sea continued to grind and roll the fragments, crushing and rounding the pebbles.

Types of sea stones

The pebbles that we all love to play on the beach are real rock, a witness to prehistoric times. Light porous pumice - the remains of petrified volcanic magma, frozen far from the place of the eruption and caught air - hence the numerous pores. The name of sea stones, smoother and heavier, is bas alts and tuffs. They were formed at the exit of lava from the volcano. And the heaviest sea stone - granite - originated in its very mouth.

sea ​​stone

Shiny egg-shaped rounded granite blocks that we can see on the beach,- durable and shiny (thanks to a mixture of mica, quartz and feldspar) sample of volcanic rock. Monuments and obelisks are erected from it, it is in demand by builders and designers. Other finishing stones - bas alts, tuffs of different shades - are perfect for facing surfaces. Almost any sea stone can be used for applied or decorative purposes.

On the beach you can also find samples of semi-precious minerals - syenites, porphyrites, chrysolites. These beautiful sea stones are used in the creation of jewelry and bijouterie. There is also a favorite of healers - chalcedony. Even older than rocks, these stones also come from volcanic craters.

Sea stones - description and composition

The composition of sea pebbles is mainly sandstone. Sometimes a shell rock is added to it - the remains of ancient marine mollusks. Other stones are made of limestone and marl - the compressed remains of microscopic ancient organisms. A soft sedimentary stone called slate is a product of the petrified silt of ancient swamps. Its age corresponds to the Jurassic period.

For millions of years, under the influence of high temperatures and many natural factors, such a sea stone as limestone has changed its crystalline structure to marble, sandstone to jasper, etc. Thus, under our feet is real we alth!

types of sea stones

But back to our pebbles - those that were brought as souvenirs from the sea coast and, at best, decorate a home aquarium, and inthe worst - gathering dust on the mezzanine. But they can be used with fiction, applications - an inexhaustible number. If your own creativity is "lame" - use our ideas!

How stones can be used

They look very nice in combination with plants, and almost any. If you lay out the surface of a flower pot with stones, this will not only save the earth from drying out, but will also look very stylish. In addition, do-it-yourself sea stone crafts are popular these days, like any hand-made.

A garden bed decorated with stones will look no less wonderful. For landscape designers, they are a truly indispensable material, especially when combined with whimsical snags and grass.

Plant pots or flower pots can be decorated by gluing their dry, fat-free surface with reliable glue with flat pebbles of a suitable size. An original stand for hot dishes will come out of the same flat small stones - they should be laid out, having smeared with glue, an ordinary stand-napkin from the store. If you manage to pick up white pebbles in the right amount, an ideal stand will come out. But you can also take colored ones, and combine them or come up with a pattern.

sea ​​stone crafts

If you have a lot of stones, but they are all different colors and do not look good next to each other, make several coasters and paint with acrylic paints in the chosen color (let's say black).

Decorate the interior of the apartment

The rug is made according to the same principlefor the bathroom or for the threshold. It is best to stick the stones on a rubber base, which is suitable for a regular purchased rug. By placing your feet on the exclusive product, you massage the active points and improve your he alth.

Another useful element of the interior of the hallway is a shoe rack in the form of a flat tray, in which a layer of stones is poured (even without glue). Original and practical!An exclusive floor lamp "from the Stone Age" can be made by drilling several rounded stones and planting them like a children's pyramid (large ones at the bottom - for stability) on the metal leg of a disassembled lamp.

If you've already taken up the design of the hallway in the "stone" style, try decorating the frame of a wall mirror in a wooden frame with pebbles. It should turn out very stylish and unusual. The gaps between large stones are filled with small shells and stone chips.

crafts from sea stone do it yourself

More garden and kitchen ideas

Go to the kitchen. What crafts from sea stones are possible here? An alternative version of the protective screen (as opposed to the usual tiles) is the same pebbles laid out on the surface of the wall. Craftsmen can easily unscrew standard handles from kitchen cabinets and replace them with flat pebbles. You just need to take care of the reliability of the fasteners.

Now back to the garden. In addition to the beds, paths are laid out with stones, with a sufficient number of them, they build fences, original decorative fountains, and even use them to create furniture. Like howgarden bench base.

crafts from sea stones photo

Another use of this wonderful natural material is decorative figurines and garden sculptures. There is no limit to the flight of creative imagination. Stones are grouped, glued, painted, decorated with whatever your heart desires. Crafts from sea stones, the photos of which you see in this article, can be made by everyone.

sea ​​stones description

As a result, we see bright ladybugs, frogs, caterpillars, snails… You can make "vegetables" and "fruits", "mushrooms" placed in different parts of the garden are especially popular. Large stones of a suitable shape are painted in the form of tigers, sharks, crocodiles, dogs, cats, and even fabulous gnomes or elves. Decorative pots or buckets filled with "strawberries" or "apples" from painted stones will serve as an original decoration of the garden.

Making with the child

But what to do when it's winter outside, summer cottage joys are forgotten, and at home, nevertheless, there is a bunch of pretty pebbles that you just want to attach somewhere! Try hand crafting with your child. This exciting activity will not only diversify the long winter evenings, but will also leave you with wonderful souvenirs that will lift your spirits at a glance.

beautiful sea stones

What kind of crafts from sea stones can you come up with? Yes, the most varied! The list of ideas is almost inexhaustible!For example, you can make a gnome or even a whole family of gnomes (or domovyat). If you make them in the same style, then on New Year's holiday you can wonderfully decorate the apartment by seating the figures in the corners, under the Christmas tree, on the bookshelves, etc.

Craft Technology

For work, in addition to pebbles, paints and brushes for them, superglue, a variety of decor materials (what you can find) - scraps of fabric and fur, beads, threads or yarn, small feathers. Accessories in the form of "eyes" of characters are sold in sewing accessories stores, but you can also replace them with colored beads or cute flat small buttons.

Pebbles should be thoroughly washed and dried before work. Glue the eyes onto the “face” pebbles, you can draw noses or glue large beads or balls of wool instead. Smiling mouths are painted with paints or "spread" from bright woolen threads. You can also draw them on colored paper, cut and glue. After that, make hair and beards for gnomes from fur, thread, feathers or down - whatever is at hand.

Torsos for gnomes, as well as caps, are easy to make from colored patches, sewing them in the shape of a cone and filling them with something like cotton wool or scraps of sintepom. Using strong glue, the heads are attached to the bodies - funny figures are ready!

name of sea stones

How to decorate the fridge

Fridge magnets are in every family with children. But we will have unusual ones - made of pebbles! Let's make monster magnets. flat stones,washed and dried, paint on both sides in bright colors. After drying, draw "monsters" creepy mouths with bared teeth and glue the eyes.

We attach a magnet to the back of each stone with superglue. If the stones are large enough and heavy - a pair of magnets. The original decoration for the refrigerator is ready!

Best of all, oval-shaped stones make bright fish, as well as birds with unusual plumage. You can also make a mouse. In addition to pebbles and superglue, prepare scissors, paper and colored scraps. Ears and a tail for a future mouse are cut out of the fabric, glued in the right places on an oblong gray stone. Smaller pebbles will serve as paws, bundles of threads will serve as antennae. Glue the eyes (you can pair them in the form of paper circles - the white ones are wider down, the black ones are smaller on top of them). Here is the finished cute mouse.

If you prefer a bird, then take a rounder pebble, make a beak from a fabric of a suitable color (fold the patch into a triangle with a sharp end, glue it to the pebble head with the wide side). In the right place, mark the eyes, take care of the plumage. Done!

Creative Aquarium

Best of all, small oblong pebbles make fish. Having made several pieces of different sizes, types and colors, you can organize an original decorative "aquarium" from a suitable box, complementing the composition with large "boulders" and "sea grass" made of thread or colored paper.

Another option is to "launch" our "fish" into a realan aquarium with water as decorative elements (you will have to take care of the indelible paint and reliable materials for decoration).

sea ​​stones description

So, let's make fish. Pebbles, as usual, wash and dry. With a simple pencil, we mark on each of them the contours of the fins, head, tail. We paint the fish in different colors, cut out the tails and fins and make them separately, then glue them to the bodies.

Any material is suitable for this - colored paper, strips of fabric, shiny foil, even a suitable feather shape. We also glue the eyes in the right places (we take ready-made decorative elements or just shiny convex beads).

Additional ideas

If the fish is supposed to be "launched" into the aquatic environment, then the tail and fins can be cut out of transparent plastic from unnecessary plastic bottles of different colors. This material is truly versatile. It is possible to obtain a variety of decorative elements from it, it is easily cut, processed and takes the desired shape.

For example, thin, long and slightly curled strips will make a great tail for our "goldfish" (especially if you take a brown or yellow bottle). Their small pieces of plastic will come out with hard, sharp "fins" that can be glued to the backs of the fish.

Decorative aquarium can be filled with real plants in small pots, which are masked by the same sea pebbles. And if, in addition, you organize special lighting for it and carefully consider the composition,such an aquarium will decorate any room - living room, hallway or children's corner.

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