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Board games market: popular games and their manufacturers
Board games market: popular games and their manufacturers

The time when people got together for the sake of playing not for gambling, but for the sake of entertainment and communication has not gone so far from us. With the advent of TV and the Internet, this type of recreation was almost completely replaced by TV shows and online communication. But as a social being, man continues to desire communication. So that people who have lost the habit of relaxing together do not become completely bored, there is a market for board games.

Old acquaintances

popular board games

Until recently, the market for board games was limited to dominoes, playing cards and lotto. In some houses, paying tribute to fashion, chess and checkers settled. Recently, backgammon has come into our life from Central Asia. Their popularity is still undeniable. First of all, it plays the role of the rules of the game familiar from childhood, which do not need to be translated from another language, you do not need to delve into foreign ways of thinking in order to understand the rules.

Russian-made board games are affordable,which can also be written in their pluses. Not so long ago, sets of games appeared, in which several types of entertainment are collected at once. For example, chess, checkers and backgammon, for which there is one playing field or adapted for another game. For beginners, this is a real find. However, time does not stand still, and the board games market is constantly replenished with new products.

How much is the pleasure of having fun?

For those who want to spend time not only with interest, but also for the benefit of the mind and logic, or those who like to laugh heartily, or maybe for those who would like to move - everyone will find a game taste. One has only to read the instructions before buying and choose the right one for the assembled company. The cost of the so-called desktop games is quite loyal.

On the board games market in Russia, you can currently find sets for any wallet. The simplest games on the road cost from 100 rubles. But who said that they cannot be used for communication in a close circle? It is clear that the better the game is designed, the more expensive the material from which it is made, the higher the rating of the manufacturing company, the more money you will have to pay for it.

Favorites from the West

The most popular board games in the US and Europe in our country are just beginning to gain their fans. Everyone has probably heard such names as Monopoly, created in 1934 by Charles Darrow, or Mafia, the Russian version of Scrabble, the Russian version of the popular American game Scrabble, which appeared in 1938 thanks to Alfred Butts, but not everyone hasidea of ​​what kind of game it is. Someone read about them in foreign detective stories, someone saw them in the movies. But in America there is not a single house where there would not be kits for such a pastime.

These game strategies, using the simplest and most accessible examples, teach children logical thinking and economic programming, composing words and whole phrases from individual letters or syllables. There are games that offer to develop figurative or associative thinking. You can simply compete for the speed of passing the playing field or seriously try to build or capture an entire empire. Even adults enjoy competing in these areas.

Choice of games for different ages

This entertainment is perfect for almost all people who want to spend time comfortably in the company of family or loved ones. Recently, humanity has plunged into the virtual world, experiencing programmed situations in various computer games. However, the coded solution in the game is boring.

Perhaps this is why board games are back in vogue with incredible speed, allowing you to make decisions on your own. In terms of design and beauty, board games are almost as good as computer games, and the tactile sensations from touching the game directly and the real team spirit or the element of rivalry with the enemy, which is within easy reach, cannot be compared with any virtual games.

In addition, when choosing a game, you can perfectly navigate by age categories. Board game manufacturers are tryingdiversify the leisure time of people of all ages. When buying a toy specifically for a child, you need to focus on his needs. If the child is 2 years old, you should not buy him a game marked "12+". It is unlikely that he will be able to understand the rules. And a teenager will not be interested in mastering a game that says "6+". If parents are ready to support their child, then it will be much more interesting for parents, kids, and teenagers to play.

Games with a twist

For older companies, you can purchase games with a special mark "18+". The charm of these games is that their presence shows the degree of closeness of the players. The very specific rules of these games do not provide for the participation of children or too scrupulous people who are not ready to discuss, even in jest, their intimate life. If an adult company consists entirely of people who are far from such entertainment, then it is quite possible to fill leisure time with a game for teenagers.

Replacing the usual cards

board games market in russia

I would like to recall the most popular board games. Of course, these are playing cards. Recently, printed board games have provided a wide variety of playing card variations. Sometimes a map of the area or a playing field is attached to them. There are some additional attributes that may come in handy during the game. They are replenishable, that is, you can additionally buy some items or rarer cards, or fully equipped. Such games can be played from half an hour to several hours, depending on the involvement of the players.The popularity of board printed games is undeniable. Just look at the sales ratings on the sites.

Among these games are such as "Uno", in various interpretations, "Boss Monster" with incredible associations of a malevolent boss, "Evolution" with the ability to create new and more adapted to the complexities of life on Earth species, " Berserk" with unique and colorful characters, "Truth Detector" from the 18+ category and other equally entertaining games. Thus, the usual game of "The Fool" or the boring "Solitaire" can be replaced with exciting adventures, tempting journeys, battles with monsters, and simultaneously solving world problems to save humanity.

Domino or "7 Wonders"

If you remember plastic board games, then dominoes and checkers come to mind. With a long use of one game, logical thinking is replaced by the automation of moves. Of course, you can build fortresses or unstable structures from bones and checkers, but it's more pleasant to do it alone, and not in a company. Board game manufacturers have also diversified these game sets.

Or rather, it would even be said - we have re-created games that both children and adults can enjoy. Each game set initially contains several scenarios for the development of the game, depending on how the players will behave. Many sets offer to learn strategies for building your own business or city, and possibly the whole kingdom. The presence of intrigue, rolling back during wrong moves - all this captures and does not allow you to get bored.

To suchgames include the already popular "Monopoly", which develops entrepreneurial abilities, "The Right Honey" - an instructive game with various adventures, "Colonialists", "7 Wonders" and others. The diversity of the board game market is amazing.

Quest Games

Russian-made board games

There are board games that will appeal to people who are used to thinking outside the box and developing the course of events according to their own scenario. For fans of such entertainment, there are also several types of games.

For example, "Detectives" or "Holmes: Sherlock or Mycroft" will not let an inquisitive mind get bored, constantly throwing up evidence or unexpected witnesses who can help solve a crime, or can simply confuse the investigation more and more. Only a professional can understand the intricacies of the author's intention. The beauty of these games is that they usually have a lot of scenarios that you won't get tired of playing in a few years.

Construction of the century

For those who want to not only sit and think, but also work with their hands, there are wooden board games without mechanisms. Everyone remembers sticks from childhood, which were called "Leaning Tower". The sticks had to be folded into a tower, and then disassembled so that it did not crumble. Now this game is called "Jenga" and it is still popular.

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If logical thinking and a vision of perspectives allow, you can complicate the game by building a tower on top so that the base becomes more and morealready, and the upper part gradually expanded. The game ends at the moment when the structure built by the efforts of several players collapses due to the wrong move of one person. The intensity of passions in such a situation just rolls over!

Party Games

If a fun party is planned, then you should think about what game will not let active guests get bored. They must include both movement, and artistry, and the ability to tighten the convolutions, since nothing helps to have more fun than solving riddles with a trick. For such amusements, "Equivoki" or "Code Names", "Activity" and "Imaginarium" and many others are suitable. These games can be compared to the familiar “Crocodile” for a Russian person, but the rules are slightly different and can be explained using the elements conceived for the game.

And, of course, the Twister game set, which has already become familiar to cheerful companies. If the hosts have this game, then the laughter and pleasure of the guests is guaranteed. The simplicity of the rules, close communication and the uniqueness of each move will not allow anyone to remain indifferent.

Eastern thinking

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You can develop non-standard thinking for Western stereotypes with the help of Chinese board games. They came to us from eastern countries, which in turn adapted them for themselves. The most famous game is checkers. Only those that are familiar to us have nothing to do with Chinese. Chinese checkers are called "Go" and "Halma".

Go is the most difficult, requiring a very thorough approach todevelopment of logic. That is why these checkers moved to Japan and found their admirer there. "Halma" is more popular checkers. In Russia, you can find a similar game, which was called "Corners" and was a hexagonal field with different checkers. Over time, this game was forgotten.

The board game market is currently brimming with original versions of ancient entertainment. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that games are not just a set of rules, but also an extraordinary acceptance of the situation. For example, Mahjong, which is familiar to us, is not a simple entertainment with elements of memory development.

In the original, this is a real strategy with intrigue and instructive knowledge of local customs and ceremonies. And do not be surprised at the ambiguity and complexity of the rules of Chinese board games. After all, almost all games in China were born by commanders who tried to work out the tactics of warfare and strategy for their troops on the table.

Entertainment Corporation

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We are already accustomed to the fact that most goods are produced in China. It just so happened - if you want to buy an inexpensive product, take it marked Made in China. In such a situation, it is not worth talking about the certification of board games. Especially if the game is purchased on the street or on the Internet. However, if the set is bought in a store or supermarket, then most likely the quality will still be higher.

And yet there are board game companies that do not work with stores, but sell their goods directly to the buyerthrough the Internet. The problems of the Russian market are very difficult for start-up companies to overcome, which is why foreign games are so slowly adapting to the mindset of the domestic consumer.

Still, such companies as Zvezda and YaToy, Khlopik and Simple Rules continue to promote their products to the market, delighting the consumer not only with games from the West with rules translated into Russian, but and completely original solutions in the gaming industry.


Chinese board games

After reviewing all the proposed options for board games in a toy store or on a website on the Internet, everyone can find something not only interesting, but also useful. Board games in the family bring children and parents together, which helps to overcome many problems that arise in the process of education.

In our time, when you have to save literally on everything, such entertainment can well become a substitute for going to places familiar for recreation, where you have to leave more than one thousand rubles. If, however, guests unexpectedly descended, and there is practically nothing to put on the table, then a fun game can help out here too. In general, whatever one may say, having several sets of board games in the house is a must!

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