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Photographer Svetlana Loginova: your soul through her lens
Photographer Svetlana Loginova: your soul through her lens

For many, a photo session is a special ritual. When we come to the photographer, we entrust ourselves to him completely. We share our emotions with him, suppress constraint and complexes. And how important it is that this trust is justified, so that the result will please us. That is why you need to choose your photographer carefully.

Snapshot of the inner world through body language and emotions

Camera for shooting

The curve of our body, every wrinkle on the face, the sparkle in the eyes - this is what reveals the inner world. It is very important that it is this genuine beauty that the photographer captures in his work.

Svetlana Loginova is exactly the professional who can not only see, but also transmit. Her forte is portrait photography. It can be a family, individual or a photo session of the expectant mother. Photos with pregnant women are especially touching and tender.

Svetlana Loginova knows how to liberate and create such an atmosphere during the process that no model will feel constrained. This is real flight.creativity and beauty. Even the most insecure women in the lens of Svetlana Loginova turn into beautiful and sophisticated ladies or, conversely, into bright and daring beauties.

Loginova's talent lies in the ability to consider those beautiful sides of a person that he himself may not see. A photo session with Svetlana is therapy for the soul, a panacea for complexes and stupid fears.

Photographer, he's like a doctor. Only heals souls. And photography is like a unique tablet. If you want a real, lively and talking portrait, then make the right choice.

Live and vivid emotions

The work of Svetlana Loginova

Many photographers say they love real, real emotions. Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations should not be captured according to a preconceived scenario. Therefore, no posing.

However, very often such big words end in ridiculous photos with crooked smiles and faces that you don’t want to look at later.

Surprisingly, emotions are always beautiful in Svetlana's photo. Touching smiles, tears of happiness, sweet hugs. These photos will make you want to look at them again and again. None of the guests will be ashamed or uncomfortable. You will want to keep this memory.

Each sparkle of the eyes, each sincere smile, graceful movement, each curl of hair will be caught by Svetlana Loginova in the camera lens and will remain with you forever.

Tenderness, bright sadness, joy and fun. All this can be stylish and beautiful. This is how Svetlana Loginova will convey these emotions.

Toto understand that this is exactly the person who should photograph you, you can visit her official website or find a girl on social networks. There you will find examples of Svetlana Loginova's work, reviews and contacts.

Photos that are always relevant

Shooting Svetlana Loginova

Another feature of Svetlana's work is that she does not change the colors of the photographs to those that are now in fashion. Her many years of experience allows you to do only the necessary high-quality processing, without changing everything beyond recognition. She does not need to change all the tones from green to orange or vice versa to show the atmosphere.

Also, Svetlana is great at working with natural light, which makes her shots more natural. The style in which the model turns into a stone statue without emotions is not her.

If you show the pictures to your children or grandchildren, they will still understand them. They will see your true beauty, thoughts, emotions. Color, light, surroundings will be as clear as 30 years later, unlike over-processed photographs in which everything changes.

To be sure - you have to try

It's easy to notice skill and talent in Svetlana's works. In order to be convinced of this, you just need to visit a photo shoot and look at yourself with different eyes. It will show your beauty in the language of photography, because the camera does not deceive. You just need to know how to handle it.

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