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The size of a Polaroid photo. Is Polaroid still relevant today?
The size of a Polaroid photo. Is Polaroid still relevant today?

Every smartphone can now take any photo instantly. Why is there a smartphone, tablets and even watches can do it! A couple of actions - and now your friends, relatives and friends can see your photo. But despite this, we are increasingly showing interest in the good old "manual" technique, from which we look forward to real-life shots.

Image "Polaroid" 300

A bit of history

Polaroid was a unique camera that made taking photos fun, convenient and, most importantly, instantly. Yes, there are cameras these days that are smaller, smarter, and faster, but they don't have that analog feel of recorded history.

There was a time when a wave of digital technology surged into the world, when people were not chasing quality, but technology. But more recently, people began to appreciate things produced according to the canons of past years. There was a fashion for retro things, and Polaroid was among them. The company claims that in today's information world, there is an increasing demand for something that goes beyondsmartphone screen frame.

Technical points

Currently, according to the official website of Polaroid, three models of cameras with instant printing can be bought in Russia:

  • Polaroid Snap;
  • Polaroid Snap Touch;
  • Polaroid 300.
Image"Polaroid Snap"

These three models have different polaroid sizes. But first, let's look at their differences.

Polaroid Snap is a compact camera that can instantly produce a captured image using inkless printing technology. The camera has a resolution of 10 megapixels, several shooting modes, the ability to set a timer and take a series of shots. In continuous shooting, it is capable of shooting 6 frames in 10 seconds.

Polaroid Snap Touch has the same specifications as its younger brother, but is equipped with a touch screen. And the Polaroid 300 is a modern take on the classic instant camera we all once loved.

Now about the size of the Polaroid (in cm). Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Snap Touch take photos as large as 5x7.5cm or 2x3 inches. The Polaroid 300 captures 8.6×5.4 cm images.

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