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Constant light kit: description, overview of manufacturers, reviews
Constant light kit: description, overview of manufacturers, reviews

In the art of photography, one of the key points is lighting. The photographer selects its intensity, quantity, brightness and scheme based on many factors, ranging from style to the figure of the model. Therefore, it is extremely important that this "detail" be of high quality and allow the master to create certain effects. In this article, we will learn about what it is - a set of constant light, what devices it consists of and how it works. We will also look at the most popular brands in this area.

Small introduction

Everyone, exclusively all photographers, even beginners, are perfectly familiar with the basic lighting arrangements in the studio. It is this technique (one or another of its variations) that allows you to create a specific effect - focus on the model, make a play of shadow and light, leave only a silhouette in the photo, etc. But in order to correctly manipulatewith all this, it is worth initially having a set of constant light. It can be purchased ready-made, choosing the equipment that you need, or you can make it yourself. In the second case, you will invest in a more "tight" budget, but at the same time you will face previously unseen difficulties. Constant light sources, unlike impulsive ones (flash and its varieties), make it possible to create deeper, more meaningful photographs, thinking through all the nuances in advance. This option is ideal for both still photography and videography alike, and of course it's in every studio these days.

what is a constant light kit
what is a constant light kit

Key Features

The qualities that any set of permanent light can have, regardless of the manufacturer's brand, are identical. What are they?

  • Steady on.
  • The drawing of the model and its shadow are clearly visible.
  • With this light, the photographer is mobile within the studio.
  • More affordable than flashlight.
  • Powered by mains power.

But it is also worth mentioning that any set of constant light for video shooting or for a photo studio consumes a huge amount of electricity. What's more, some appliances can get very hot, and the room gets hot quickly.

Now let's move on to looking directly at the kits that specific brands produce.

FST Studio Kit

Our listing opens with the FST Studio Kitfor mobile video and photo studio. It is considered one of the most popular and versatile, while flaunting a very affordable price combined with good quality. The kit consists of the following units:

  • Setting for background suspension with parameters 209 by 300 cm.
  • Green, black and white backgrounds.
  • 2 softboxes 50 x 70.
  • 1 softbox 50x50.
  • 9 85W lamps for E27 base.
  • 2 racks 1.9 meters high.
  • 1 crane.
  • Transport bag.

Lighting devices at full power emit color heat in the range of 5500 K. At the same time, the subjects being photographed practically do not heat up. This kit is often used for news shooting, short interviews, as well as for studio photo shoots.

Permanent light kit FST Studio Kit
Permanent light kit FST Studio Kit

Falcon Eyes Studio LED 275-kit

The second permanent light LED 275-kit is designed for professionals who understand their business and rely on quality and reliability. First, let's see what is in the set:

  • 2 LED lights.
  • Remote control.
  • Two 180 mm reflectors.
  • 2 softboxes 60x90.
  • 2 racks L-2000.
  • Transport bag.

The color temperature of lighting devices is 6500 K, which allows you to take photos and videos without distortion. The lamps are equipped with the Bowen Bayonet system, which allows you to create certain lighting effects with the help of nozzles. As for the remotecontrol, then it contains 16 channels and 6 groups. Also, the kit as a whole has a memory function - when the devices are turned on again, the last operating mode and position are configured.

Falcon Eyes Studio LED 275-kit
Falcon Eyes Studio LED 275-kit

Grifon GRIF-13

Let's move on to more versatile and common sets that will be suitable for beginners and pros alike. The Grifon constant light kit cannot boast of a huge number of components, but at the same time it meets all quality standards and allows you to take the most clear and good pictures. It is suitable only for photography, and if we are talking about video, then it is worth using additional devices. So, this kit consists of:

  • Two racks.
  • Two five-lamp fixtures with umbrella mount.
  • Two softboxes that are put on the illuminators, 60 by 90 cm in size.
  • 10 energy-saving lamps.
  • Bag.

The temperature emitted by these devices ranges from 5000 to 5500 K. This gives extremely pure white light, which allows you to avoid unnecessary image adjustments during processing.

Permanent Light Kit
Permanent Light Kit

Lumifor MACRO-1500-3UU KIT

And this is already a set of halogen illuminators, which are often used in video shooting, and if we are talking about a studio photo shoot, then most often only professionals choose such light. First of all, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the contents of this set.

  • Three illuminatorsLUMIFOR MACRO with a wavelength of 50 Hz.
  • Three studio reflectors LFM-12.
  • Three 500W halogen bulbs.
  • Two umbrellas with a diameter of 84 cm.
  • Three studio stands with shock absorber.
  • Instruction.

Many argue that in order to properly set up this light kit, you should "make friends" with it. Intuitively, you can choose the best angles based on the characteristics of the shooting style and model. This set is also said to be ideal for macro photography and subject pictures.


Sufficiently simple and common kit, which is purchased by both beginners and professionals. He is also a regular in the studios of fashion magazines, as he is simply ideal for fashion photography and video shooting. The emitted temperature is 5500 K, as a result there is no excessive heat. Therefore, this set is also often used in subject and portrait shooting. What is it made of?

  • 2 5-lamp illuminators.
  • 2 octoboxes.
  • 10 fluorescent lights.
  • 2 2m stands.
  • Transport bag.

It is believed that it is octagonal softboxes (octoboxes) that are ideal for creating high-quality and artistic portraits, as well as for photographing food, still lifes, etc. This kit is universal, has all the characteristics necessary for a professional and at the same time is completely inexpensive.

Portrait shooting
Portrait shooting

Logocam A-LED 500/SFF DIM KIT 56

One of the mostexpensive and "massive" in every sense of the word sets for photo and video lighting. Its main advantage is that it can work in places where connection to the mains is undesirable or impossible. Indispensable for outdoor photo shoots and filming, and at the same time perfectly copes with the main tasks in simple studios. This permanent light kit includes the following items:

  • Logocam L-Spot Dimmable Light 30.
  • Two Dimmable Logocam LED Fresnel Lights 20.
  • Three sets of power supply (battery).
  • Three tripods.
  • Carry Case
  • Three network adapters.

This kit weighs 14kg in total and comes with a carry bag.

simple permanent light kit
simple permanent light kit


Permanent light set - purchase not for one or two times. This is an investment that should pay off and bring profit in the future, and this is only possible if the equipment is of really high quality. In the article, we presented the most popular brands among photographers and the kits that they produce. All of them enjoy good fame and are able to serve for a long time. Do not forget about competent care and you can be sure that lighting fixtures will help you become a real master of your craft.

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