Choose a beautiful cross stitch pattern for a flower
Choose a beautiful cross stitch pattern for a flower

Summer is coming, which means that now the flower theme is more relevant than ever in needlework. Poppies, violets, roses and daisies are especially popular now. In this article, you will see several patterns for cross-stitching flowers, as well as read a lot of useful tips on choosing the material.

What materials will be needed for work

First decide what you will embroider on. As a rule, a special canvas is used for cross stitching, on which it will be convenient to count the stitches. Pay special attention to the choice of embroidery threads. Floss is used for embroidery. Such threads can be cotton, wool or viscose. Usually, either wool or cotton is used in the work. Cotton floss is more suitable for flower cross stitch patterns.

Hoops are best used either wooden or plastic, but with a metal clip. So you will not have fabric fall out during embroidery. Also prepare a needle with a thick eye.

Easy flower cross stitch patterns

Below you can see the scheme that will suit both beginners and intermediate level. You will need floss in white, yellow, green, light green, blue, light blue, light blue and black. SchemeThe flower cross stitch presented here can be used to decorate tablecloths, napkins, pillows and even curtains.

cross stitch pattern flower

You can embroider these flowers as shown in the diagram itself, or arrange them according to your composition. The size of the entire fragment is about 15 by 15 centimeters. When finished, iron the embroidery.

Single pieces for napkins and tablecloths

Cross-stitch patterns are especially popular among needlewomen, so that there are few flowers on them. For example, poppies or roses. Below we have provided you with a diagram of poppies. For such embroidery, you will need floss in red and burgundy shades, as well as yellow, black, light green, green and light green. The size of the finished fragment is approximately 16 by 16 centimeters.

First determine the center of the flower cross stitch pattern. To do this, find the middle of each side and connect the opposite sides with an imaginary line. The intersection point of these lines will be considered the center of the embroidery.

cross stitch pattern flowers

Then start embroidering. In order not to make a mistake in the number of crosses, let your eyes rest every 15-20 minutes. At the end of the work, iron the embroidery with an iron. A similar cross stitch pattern with few colors can be used to decorate interior items (tablecloths, pillows, curtains) and clothing.

Frames of flowers for pillows

No less popular than poppies and roses, are used among needlewomen and cross-stitch patterns of flowers framed.Similar patterns can be used as a decor for a pillowcase or kitchen tablecloth.

Before you start embroidering, prepare a piece of canvas about 30 by 30 centimeters in size. It is better to start working with such a flower cross stitch pattern not from the center, but from the edge.

cross stitch pattern few colors

To work, you will need purple, lilac, yellow, lemon and green floss threads. Start embroidering the green frame first, and then the flowers. At the end of the embroidery, iron the resulting picture with an iron. If you want to make a tablecloth with a similar embroidery, then prepare the fabric. Then cut out a square in the middle equal in size to your work. Next, sew the embroidery into the resulting hole. If desired, you can not cut the square, but sew the picture directly onto the fabric.

For flower cross stitch patterns, it is better to use a plain canvas in white, black or blue. It is important that the color of the canvas does not overlap with the color of the picture. For additional decor, you can use satin ribbons, hot-melt rhinestones and sequins. For sharper outlines, you can go over the pattern with simple stitches using a darker thread.

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