Selection of needles for sewing machines for various purposes. How to insert a needle into a sewing machine?
Selection of needles for sewing machines for various purposes. How to insert a needle into a sewing machine?

The fundamental condition for the correct operation of the sewing machine - for high-quality stitching and perfectly sewn things - is the correct installation of the needle. Many needlewomen are wondering how to properly insert a needle into an old-style sewing machine ("Singer" or "Seagull"), how to do this in the case of a new machine. In order to answer this question, you need to understand the principle of setting the needle.

industrial needles

Choosing the right needle

The presence of a huge number of needles on sale even for professional seamstresses greatly complicates the choice. Most of the needles are similar to each other, and only a magnifying glass will allow you to see different rods, points, needle eyes. The needle device is set up in such a way that in order to sew anydetail or thing, each of these parameters will matter. When choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • fabric thickness;
  • device type.

The owners of machines should pay attention to the manufacturer that produces high-quality needles. German Schmetz and Japanese Organ Needles are among the best. After each major sewing project is completed, the needle should be replaced, that is, the tip of the sewing tool should always be sharp, and the eye should be intact. The user of the machine will always be satisfied with the result of sewing if all these points are taken into account when choosing and using sewing needles.

Needles for household machines

Problems when sewing will not help to solve even the correct installation, if the tool is not correctly selected. Distinguish between American and European systems for marking sewing needles. If the numbering starts from sixty to one hundred and twenty - this is European, and the sizes from eight to twenty-one include the overseas system. Two numbers are indicated on the packaging at once, so as not to be confused. For general use machines, needles are marked as follows: HAx1 or 130/705H.

machine needles

The purchase of a needle of one type or another depends on the quality of the material:

  • Numbers 60/8 - 120/20 are universal and, due to the slightly rounded tip, are suitable for any fabric.
  • Needle numbering, including sizes from 60/8 to 100/16, is used when sewing from knitted fabrics, these needles are distinguished by a rounded point that passes between the loops.
  • Needles in sizes 90/14 - 110/18 are ideal for sewing leather, leatherette, synthetic suede products, their difference is a blade-shaped point that allows you to cut through heavy fabrics.
  • Needle-denim (size range from 90/14 to 110/18) is used when sewing products from fairly dense denim fabrics. The needle has a small eye, a rounded point and does not bend.

To get a product that is perfectly sewn and does not have problems with skipped stitches, you should constantly check the condition of the needle. The test includes determining the quality of the point and roughness.

How to insert a needle into a sewing machine?

screw tightening

"Zinger" it will be, or "Janome", or "Seagull", or some other machine, the process of installing a needle is simple if you first read the instructions for use and operation of the device. Usually it is there that the subtleties of replacing an accessory are presented. In the absence of instructions, you can follow the basic installation steps described below:

  1. When replacing the needle, it is recommended to pay attention to the position of the old one in the needle holder before removing it.
  2. Before the process, unplug the electric sewing machine.
  3. Then you need to unscrew the fastening screw using a screwdriver.
  4. The needle holder is installed in the highest position. Having completely unscrewed the screw, you should get the old needle and put it away from animals and children.
  5. Paying attention to the type of machine,install a new needle: the groove for industrial should be directed to the left, for household - to the right.
  6. When the needle is in place, the user will hold the needle and tighten the screw.
  7. The screw is tightened so that the needle does not wobble and is installed securely.

Here are the main points on how to correctly insert a needle into a sewing machine. In principle, there is nothing complicated, and all that is required for installation is a new, whole, straight needle and a screwdriver.

Installation Quality Check

needle replacement

It is not recommended to start working on a sewing project immediately after installing the needle in the sewing machine. First you need to make a trial stitch on a patchwork, thereby checking the correct installation. If the thread breaks, you should slightly change the position of the needle by turning it to one side.

When slanting, poor quality stitches, you also need to adjust the position of the tool in the needle holder. The stitch is checked until it is even, with stitches of the same length.

Wrong needle setting

Incorrectly installed needle causes problems. Major faults include skipped stitches and tool breakage.

Causes of skipped stitches

Typically, skipped stitches are associated with these problems when changing needles:

  • curved tool;
  • the point is blunt;
  • on the needle rust;
  • needle inserted wrong side;
  • Product not designed for fabric thickness or device type.

Causes of failureneedles

The reasons for the breakdown include:

  • The selected needle number does not match the fabric thickness.
  • Tool distortion.
  • The needle is not fully inserted into the needle holder.
  • The needle hits the plate while passing and breaks. This can happen due to improper installation of the accessory, and also due to the possible curvature of the needle holder.
  • stitch check

Simple manipulations to install the needle can adversely affect the operation of the machine. Therefore, if the user has no idea how to correctly insert the needle into the sewing machine ("Seagull", "Singer", etc.), or the device malfunctions after installation, the best option would be to contact the service center.

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