A beautiful gift for children and adults - a bouquet of balloons
A beautiful gift for children and adults - a bouquet of balloons

A bouquet of balloons is the favorite gift for romantic and mischievous girls. An experienced master of newfangled twisting can create such a wonderful present. You can also make a similar bouquet yourself.


In order for the flowers to be made according to all the canons, you need to remember a few simple rules:

balloon bouquet
  • when twisting and inflating balloons, even the most experienced craftsmen break through the balloon, so the nails should be pre-cut and filed;
  • round or pear-shaped balls are not meant to be twisted;
  • do not inflate the balloons (flowers and stems) too tightly, after inflating to the desired length, it is worth releasing a little air to make twisting easier;
  • push the air from the neck of the balloon, the tail always has space for balancing;
  • only water-based markers should be used for decoration or inscriptions (alcohol markers are too aggressive and can damage the material).

Make a bouquet of balloons

Spring and incredibly touching tulips will be a chic decoration. Therefore, we propose to create a similar bouquet ofballs with your own hands. For this you will need:

  • 7 emerald stem beads;
  • 4 pink and 4 white flower balls;
  • 3 pale pink balloons for decoration;
  • manual (machine) inflation pump.


handmade balloon bouquet
  1. We all start with a simple inflation: it is necessary to inflate gradually, not forgetting about the free tail. Ready-made balls (white and pink) must be divided into five equal parts, and two bubbles are twisted (the inflated part of the bubble that forms between the twists). Then they need to be twisted into a loop. The third and fourth bubbles of the same length are laid to the other two, stretching it into the middle. Tulips for the bouquet are ready.
  2. Next, you need to work out the stems by inflating the required number of emerald balls. At their end, you need to form three small loops.
  3. After that, you should fix the stems and buds together. To make a bouquet of flowers from balloons more colorful, the stems can be intercepted with a bow of pale pink balloons.

Rose present

A bouquet of air roses looks no less chic - due to juicy and quivering flowers. Flowers can be presentable red or more noble yellow.

To make a bouquet of balloons, you will need:

  • 5 green (or moraine) stem balls;
  • 10 yellow flower balloons;
  • pump.


  1. Inflated yellow balloon needs a littlelower (free 5 cm) and twist the right edge into the steering wheel.
  2. a bouquet of flowers from balloons
  3. Its ends should be carefully tied so that the knot gets inside the ball, so the future rosette will hide the knot behind the petals. Here is the first bead to form the outer petals of the rose.
  4. The second one also needs to be inflated, leaving the tail free. From the free end of the ball, one bubble must be twisted, it will be the core of the rose. Around it (the size of a palm) we form two more bubbles, twist the rest of the yellow ball around the knot of bubbles and cut off the excess.
  5. Next, we make the stem of the rose. To do this, inflate the green balloon and release the tail. The first and fundamental bubble will be about 10-15 cm, it separates the head of the rose from the leaves.
  6. Next, you need to connect the head of the rose and the stem, weaving two yellow balls together. We form rose leaves from green ones, tightening three bubbles between them. Next, you need to fix the leaves on the stem, for this it is worth twisting the leaves at the border of the stem bubble.

To make a bouquet of balloons more colorful and positive, roses can be created from multi-colored balloons - orange-scarlet petals, red-white and crimson-red look beautiful. Darker ones should be used as outer petals, then the flower will sparkle especially sensually.


Now you know how to make beautiful balloon bouquets. We hope that you can create such beauty.

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