How to make a dog out of a balloon quickly and easily
How to make a dog out of a balloon quickly and easily

A variety of balloon crafts is one of the most wonderful and unusual ways to entertain your child. Twisting (as officially called

how to make a dog out of a balloon

the art of creating any figures from balloons) develop fine motor skills, imagination, logical thinking of the child, and most importantly - bring a lot of positive emotions. After all, anything can be created from this material, from fictional animals and plants to decorations for little princesses. Learning how to make a dog and other animals out of a balloon is the dream of every child.

The art of twisting has a long history. But this extraordinary art form gained particular popularity in the nineties of the twentieth century. In Germany, in 1998, a whole conference on twisting was organized, where both professional craftsmen and ordinary people who wanted to learn how to make balloon figures were invited. There is even such a thing as "twister design". It includes the creation of designer dresses from balloons andsuits. Such clothes look original and beautiful.

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Below you will find step by step instructions on how to make a dog out of a balloon. It will help you and your child master the art of twisting.

1. First you need to inflate the ball with a special pump, leaving the tail 6-7 centimeters long uninflated. Thus, we will be sure that it will not burst in the process of work. You need to start twisting our ball from the very edge where the knot is tied.

2. Next, you need to measure from the edge of the ball on which the knot is tied, about 20 cm. This will be the place of the fold. Having bent it in half, we divide the smaller half by eye into two approximately identical parts. There it is necessary to press down the two halves of the ball, making sure that the fingers touch each other. We turn the resulting loop 360 degrees - this way we get the muzzle of our air dog.

3. From the place of the last compression we retreat by eye about 20 cm - this will be

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fold point. Part of the ball 20 cm long is visually divided into two equal parts. In this place, we again squeeze with our fingers until they touch, and again turn the resulting loop 360 degrees. Here are the front paws of our dog!

4. We almost learned how to make a dog out of a balloon - only the tail and hind legs remained. For the latter, you need to step back from the other end of the ball (where we left the "tail" with air) about 25 centimeters. Remember this pointthere will be a fold. We divide a piece of the ball from the edge into two equal parts by eye, in the center we press on two parallel "pieces" of the ball until the fingers touch, and again turn the loop formed 360 degrees. So the hind legs are ready along with the tail.

The dog is almost ready, it remains to draw him an eye, a nose and a smile.

In order for you to be able to teach your child how to make a dog out of a balloon, you should know a few rules of twisting. It is necessary to twist correctly with sufficiently sharp, quick movements. It is better not to tie up the twist points with threads - they can cut the ball and it will burst.

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