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Signs in cross stitch: what are they, their meaning and interpretation
Signs in cross stitch: what are they, their meaning and interpretation

Since ancient times, embroidery not only served to decorate clothes and household items, but also performed a magical function. Special ornaments and patterns that existed even before the appearance of the first written language have been used for centuries to convey information. They replaced the texts, and, having deciphered the signs, it was possible to read incantations, songs and whole fairy tales. Those who knew how to read and interpret the symbols could learn a lot about a man in a suit decorated with multi-colored stitches that formed into images of animals and birds, the vault of heaven, the sun, and protector gods. Elements of clothing and accessories were embroidered in various techniques, not only special patterns were used, but also decorative seams. Each of them served to additionally decorate or create a pattern and had a special meaning, like all other elements of the ornament.

The first signs of cross stitch

The code encrypted in stitches was most often used for protection and served as a talisman against evil spirits, attracting good luck, or was used to make wishes come true. For example, weddingdresses and outfits of different peoples have always included symbols of fertility, and hunters decorated their clothes with signs that, according to legend, conveyed to them the strength and power of the beast. Among them were simple geometric shapes, such as a rhombus that resembled the fangs of a wild animal, or horizontal lines that meant the earth.

is it possible for pregnant women to cross-stitch folk signs
is it possible for pregnant women to cross-stitch folk signs

Embroidery has always been a painstaking and time-consuming task. But it was not considered entertainment, but was an important matter. Elegant clothing could not be considered as such if it did not have embroidery. The symbols were chosen carefully and filled with sacred meaning. All the time, people paid attention to especially strong ones, linking special drawings with events in the world around them. This is how signs in embroidery appeared. Gradually, rules and traditions were formed, beyond which the needlewomen no longer went out. Ornaments and plots expressed the connection between gods and people, and several signs, arranged in a special way, served as spells. Signs in cross-stitch still exist today. Usually they are associated not with symbols, but with a certain plot.

Visualization of desires

Those who do not believe in mysticism and magical rituals believe that the fulfillment of desires, which are told in reviews about the signs of cross-stitch, is due to the psychological setting in the process of working on the picture. It’s not just that needlewomen are advised to act consciously, not only in the process of choosing a plot, but also to imagine in detail what they dream about all the time. Psychologists callthese are visualization technicians. It helps not only to understand what exactly a person wants, but also to figure out how this can be achieved. While the process is going on, there is time to calmly and measuredly think over all the details, understand all the nuances and obstacles, and then boldly move towards the desired.

Some form of self-adjustment, the belief that a dream can come true, also contributes to its realization. Therefore, the call to imagine an already fulfilled desire does not work quite magically - psychological mechanisms can also be involved here. But it is hardly possible to say exactly how it works. Someone believes in mystical power, and someone - in conscious work on their lives. In any case, signs in cross-stitch help to tune in and be one step closer to what was intended.

Embroidery for the birth of a baby

When a family dreams of replenishment, but for some reason this does not happen, needlewomen are advised to embroider plots related to childbearing. These can be storks with a baby in their beak, children's toys and accessories, images of mother and child. Orthodox embroiderers often turn to scenes depicting the Mother of God with a baby in her arms. A pair of animals with cubs, such as lions with cubs or a rooster and a hen with chicks, can also lead to pregnancy. Phoenix, along with the dragon, symbolizes the ideal family and is also recommended for couples who want to have children.

mermaids cross stitch embroidery signs
mermaids cross stitch embroidery signs

Signs associated with cross stitching can correspond not only to some plot. Sometimesspecific sets of some manufacturers become for needlewomen the same genie that fulfills dreams. Among such famous embroideries is “Almost Perfect” by Dimensions. The set is small and suitable even for those who have never done this type of needlework. The figure shows three angels with their hands folded for prayer. Two of them have their eyes closed, but the last one does not. In addition, the last angel scratches one foot of the other. Even his halo hangs askew. Those women who have worked for the sign in cross-stitch associated with this set often recommend it on the craftswomen's forums. Because it is very popular and is one of the most famous manufacturer Dimensions.

Some women are wondering if it is possible to do this type of needlework while expecting a baby. What could be the consequences if you embroider a special plot when conception has already occurred? About whether it is possible for pregnant women to embroider with a cross, folk signs do not give an unambiguous answer. There is an opinion that painstaking work can affect the well-being of a woman in an interesting position. But the proof of this version is usually not given. There are only speculations about embroidery and triggering features of signs in an interesting position. But no one directly prohibits doing needlework during this period.

Signs for couples and newlyweds

It is not necessary to use story tips and cross stitch for some special action. But needlewomen in various forums are advised to take into account how the image can affect the atmosphere in the house. It is believed that some embroidery, placed in the wrong place, can also affect the life of a young family. For example, naked women in a couple's bedroom can lead to infidelity.

Signs in cross-stitch are also associated with water symbols. The waterfall is considered an energetically negative image, leading to a loss of strength and well-being. On the contrary, the fountain is activity and improvement in financial condition. There are different embroidery signs about cross-stitching a mermaid, someone associates them with traveling by sea, and someone - with the fulfillment of desires. This symbol is complex, because many needlewomen consider it an ordinary picture without any meaning. According to signs in cross-stitch, still lifes, images of various plentiful dishes and harvests also contribute to abundance. It is best to place such paintings in the kitchen area.

signs associated with cross stitch
signs associated with cross stitch

They also say that cross-stitch, signs and various discussions of which can be found on forums and in groups dedicated to this topic, can also bring love and harmony to the family. The best way to do this is to embroider a pair of wolves. These animals symbolize fidelity and are considered a talisman for newlyweds. It is believed that the image of a pair of swans, lovebird ducks and any other paired embroidery has a similar effect. Like a kissing couple. Cross stitch "Good omen" from "Wonderful Needle" is also associated with family happiness. But why the plot is based on the shoes in which the flowers are planted remains a mystery.

Embroidery forhousing changes

The appearance of your own home, according to reviews of the signs of cross-stitch, can be facilitated by working with the appropriate plot. It is advisable to choose huts and various buildings that are similar to a dream home. Many needlewomen who have worked this sign note the outward resemblance of their embroidery and the future home. But a small image of any house can help to change living conditions.

In signs and various discussions of cross-stitch, which can be found on needlework forums, the magical power of another set from Dimensions - Victorian Charm is often mentioned. The image of this house more often than others leads to the emergence of new real estate or improved living conditions. The peculiarity of this embroidery is that it can be changed by adding your own elements. For example, embroider cats or flower pots in windows.

Flower arrangements and their meanings

The connection with nature in folk art and needlework is often expressed through plant motifs. Similarly, about cross-stitch, embroidery meanings and signs can often be heard in connection with sets depicting flowers. It is believed that poppies, beloved by many, symbolize masculine strength, and the orchid symbolizes femininity.

Clover with three leaves refers to the Christian concept of the Trinity, and with four means a wish for good luck. Delicate wild flowers and bouquets of them are tenderness and purity.

cross stitch signs and various discussions
cross stitch signs and various discussions

Pion plays a special role. Cross-stitch, the meaning of embroidery and signs about this flower are usually associated with the searchmen. The image of a unicorn works in a similar way. By embroidering such a picture, a single woman can attract a chosen one and get married. In order for the sign to work, it is recommended to hang the finished work in the house of the parents of the girl who is looking for a groom. A bouquet of peonies can be of any shade.

Sometimes the symbols of embroidery are combined with the concept of Feng Shui, placing the completed work in special sectors that are highlighted in the house with the help of a special compass. According to this teaching, the image of peonies is best placed in the bedroom or sector of love, as it symbolizes passion and carnal love. Therefore, after a happy marriage, women are advised to move the picture to another place, otherwise it will turn from a symbol of love into a harbinger of betrayal.

Embroidery signs to attract love

In addition to peonies and unicorns, those who are looking for a partner are often recommended to embroider plots in which there are images of pierced hearts. But the craftswomen say that you need to carefully use such paintings so as not to attract ex-boyfriends instead of a new love. The symbol of the heart means a passionate relationship, contributes to an early meeting with a “soul mate”. Images of a kissing couple or a stranger in masks also, according to embroidery signs, help to quickly find a partner.

Easter lily in embroidery

A special role among flower arrangements is given to narcissus. This plant symbolizes eternal life, salvation from sins. According to legend, the flower sprouted from the tears of Eve leaving the Garden of Eden. It unfolds duringEaster, which is why it is also called the "Easter Lily". The plot of embroidery is associated not only with the arrival of spring, but also symbolizes marital fidelity. It protects against divorce, and in combination with the landscape, it serves as protection for the home and a talisman.

Cross-stitch “Lighthouse”: signs

There are special stories that are not tied to a specific topic. Among them is an embroidery depicting a lighthouse. This is a symbol of the road to the goal, direction, assistance on the road. Therefore, it has become a universal designation for a dream. When purchasing a set with this structure, it is recommended to decide on the goal and, making the first stitch, present it in detail. The desired can be anything: a thing, an act or an event. Sometimes on the forums it is advised not to guess at all, but to write it down on the canvas itself with a water-soluble marker or a washable pencil, so as not to forget. It happens that embroidery takes a long time, so such a precaution does not hurt. When the work is done, the marker will dissolve without a trace during washing.

cross stitch tips
cross stitch tips

Sometimes the image of a lighthouse is also associated with wedding signs, calling it a source of light that attracts a soul mate. When choosing a plot in this case, you should pay attention to the state of the sea. If in the future family life you do not want a storm of passions, it is advisable to choose those sets where the water is calm. For the adventurous, rough seas with high waves will do.

How to improve he alth with embroidery

Charms associated with he alth and well-being often refer to Slavic mythology. These are special decorations.and symbols that are embroidered with red threads on a white background and carry a sacred meaning. But there are also plots that, according to signs, can help improve he alth. Among them is a pair of cranes. These birds are also associated with family well-being and prosperity. In order to make them a talisman that protects he alth, you need to add a pine branch or a whole tree to the image. Peach is also referred to such amulets. It symbolizes vitality and longevity.

Sleep well and embroidery

In order to avoid nightmares at night, an amulet is often hung over the bed, which passed into European culture from the American Indians. This is the so-called dream catcher, a special device made of branches, leather ropes and threads, resembling a cobweb or a lattice in appearance. The product is richly decorated with beads, beads and bright feathers. It was believed that in the labyrinth of threads, evil spirits could become entangled, which would not allow them to influence the night visions of the owners of the house. The dream catcher, embroidered on canvas, according to the signs, has similar properties. It scares away nightmares and lets in only good and pleasant visions. The work should be placed at the head of the bed.

signs in cross stitch
signs in cross stitch

Attract good luck

Many Feng Shui symbols are also associated with embroidery signs that symbolize good luck and prosperity. For example, golden carps or other fish, a toad sitting on a coin and a phoenix bird. An embroidered sailboat can bring good luck to the house, but it is important that its bow is turned towards the one who is looking at the picture. Ships invarious versions of the symbolism resemble a lighthouse. They denote certain desires, for the fulfillment of which a happy occasion is needed. But, in some versions, their meaning is associated with travel and favorable changes in life.

Financial matter

Money and luck are closely linked in the minds of many people. Therefore, it is not surprising that financial well-being and Fortune's smile can mean the same symbols. For example, the image of the fountain, which has already been mentioned, is associated with we alth and good luck in money. Simply, well-being in the house and a sufficient amount of funds for a happy life are associated with a three-legged toad or a frog sitting on a pile of coins.

Phoenix and dragon, a talisman for a happy marriage, also attracts money and prosperity to the house. But they don't have to be paired. The dragon, apart from the phoenix, is considered a talisman for a successful business. Most often he is depicted with a pearl in his paws. It is a mandatory attribute, otherwise, according to signs, embroidery will not “work”. The pearl symbolizes the inseparable connection between the material and spiritual worlds.

mermaids cross stitch embroidery signs
mermaids cross stitch embroidery signs

We should also mention the image of the money tree. It must have an odd number of coins on it, otherwise the talisman will work in the opposite direction, reducing the amount of money in the house. Nine pieces are considered ideal. If there are flowers on the money tree, their number should also not be even. The optimal amount is 3 buds. The peacock is also associated withprosperity, its feathers attract good luck. But it is important to place these symbols in the correct zone, focusing on the teachings of Feng Shui. A horseshoe upside down, a windmill and a vine are also symbols of finance and lure money into the house. Images of mountains can also serve to attract good luck. But there shouldn't be any bodies of water near them.

Embroidery for work success

Those who want to change their field of activity or move up the career ladder are recommended to choose a plot where horses are present. But with the symbolism of such paintings, it is important to be careful. Embroidering a loaded horse may not attract a dream job at all, but some everyday problems where the embroiderer will start to get tired. The optimal position for the animal in the picture is considered to be vertical, when its body is directed upwards.

Whether or not to use the advice of needlewomen and embroidery signs - everyone decides for himself. But you should not rely only on the crosses on the canvas, arranged in a special order. You can cross-stitch, while not observing signs. The fate of everyone and the fulfillment of desires do not depend on a magical artifact, but on the conscious efforts of a person. Embroidery only helps to tune in and decide for yourself what you want and what will lead to your plan.

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