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Card suit: history, meaning, interpretation
Card suit: history, meaning, interpretation
Card suit

There are many versions of when and where people first started using cards for fun. In one case, their invention is attributed to the Chinese, who began to paint dominoes from cardboard. Others believe that the French king was an innovator in this matter, who was thus able to hide his madness during evening games. One way or another, at the end of the 14th century in France, representatives of the lowest classes became obsessed with this occupation, which often harmed both family and work. Most likely, it was from there that this passion for gambling came from people.

What is a card suit and what does it mean?

Each suit has its own meaning and different name not only in languages ​​and cultures, but also in historical periods. Their progenitors were Tarot cards, the name of which is still used in Italy - swords, swords and goblets, denarii, wands. The Germans began to call four symbols in their own way: “leaves”, “acorns”, “hearts”, “bells”.

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Every card suit received well-known modern names much later than its appearance. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that each of the suits denotes a specific segment of the population, and the values ​​of the cards were invented according to the state system that existed at that time.

Believing Christians have a special attitude to cards. They consider them to be the offspring of the devil, who, through them, is trying to attract people to his side. Gambling or simply having a deck in the house is considered a sin, and the soul of such people will be destroyed and eternal life will not be granted to them if they do not come to their senses in time.

What are the card suits called?

What are the card suits called?

Everyone knows the answer, but not everyone thinks what they symbolize. According to one of the most common versions, all suits denote the instruments of torture and suffering of Christ during his crucifixion on the cross (the cross itself, a spear, a sponge with vinegar and nails). That's why the church has such an unambiguous attitude towards this entertainment.

Each suit of cards symbolizes one of the known elements. Peaks - air, denotes everything that is negative with a person at the moment: quarrels, failures, lies, losses. Baptism - fire, shows what position a person occupies in society, has power or, conversely, is subordinate. Hearts - water, is responsible for the emotional state, love and relationships. Diamonds - the earth, helps to learn and clarify all business issues related to work, travel, education, etc. These designations are used whendivination using special cards.

Which card suit is the most favorable?

Most think they are hearts. In some ways, they are right, because the fall of such a card during fortune-telling can promise help in resolving various troubles. Things in this situation will go well, events will develop as usual. You can talk about a person who has a card of hearts as a wise and prudent person. In certain situations, this can mean a quick vacation.

What about suits that carry a negative load? Obviously, the black suit in the cards does not bode well. If such a card fell out, then imminent troubles are guaranteed. Believe it or not, it's up to everyone.

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