How and what are crochet rattles for babies made of
How and what are crochet rattles for babies made of

The first educational toys for a newborn baby are rattles. They attract the attention of the child with their sound. Bright colors and unusual shapes surprise and help to explore the world. Sound-producing toys can be not only plastic or rubber, but also crocheted. Handmade rattles bring warmth and love. They also give the child a lot of joy, since only a mother knows what her baby needs.

Materials used

Yarn to create toys is used mainly from organic cotton. Needlewomen recommend taking mercerized threads, as they are brighter and easier to work with. Also for crocheted rattles, acrylic yarn of various shades is purchased. The size of the tool depends on the thickness of the threads and is indicated on the yarn label. To avoid holes between the loops, a hook is taken for work smaller than the specified size by 0.5-1 mm in diameter.The basis that makes the sound can be a plastic egg from Kinder, a bottle of vitamins, juice, or any other small hollow container with smooth shapes. The selected capsule is filled with beads, buttons, various elements that can rattle loudly when shaken. To create a less loud crocheted rattle, buckwheat or rice grains, pebbles, dry peas, any loose and safe material on contact are used as a filler. The soft parts of the toy are stuffed with padding polyester or holofiber.

Crochet rattles

Types of toys

The rattle can be of any shape. It all depends on the imagination of the performer. Most often, the main part is the head and face, sewn to the handle. The muzzle can represent anyone - an animal, a flower, a cloud, marine life, insects or funny fruits. All details of the muzzle of a crocheted rattle are embroidered with threads for the safety of the child. The holder may be in the form of a ring or a handle. The voiced filler is most often placed in the head, but can also be located in the handle. The capsule is tied around and connected to the top of the toy.

Bear crochet scheme and description

Master class: crochet rattle

Most toys have a ball-shaped base. By changing the look of the muzzle and ears, the mouse can be turned into a bunny or a kitten. The head is knitted for all animals and toys of a round shape according to the basic principle of creating a ball. This master class provides a crocheted bear, a diagram anddescription is above.

Before work, you need to purchase cotton threads of different colors, soft filler for the handle, a capsule and beads. You also need a hook number 2 and a needle for stitching parts and decorating the muzzle. The estimated size of the future toy is about 13 cm. The elements are knitted with single crochets with symmetrical additions and decreases of loops.

Knitting head

The main part starts with a ring of 6 air loops closed in a circle. Next, five rows are knitted with increments of columns at the same distance. Each circle is completed with six loops as shown in the diagram. From the 7th to the 16th row, the number of loops does not change and should be equal to 36 columns. Further, the loops are reduced in the opposite sequence to the increments. Each circle decreases by six loops through an equal number of columns. Without tying the ball, you need to place a rattling capsule in it. For density, add soft filler and stop knitting the head, having 18 stitches in a circle.

Crochet rattle: master class


Knitting a handle starts with a simple circle up to the row in which there will be 30 columns. Then on the sides in every second row the number of loops is reduced by 2 columns. Thus, you need to knit and reduce the circle until 18 loops remain in the row. During knitting, you can change threads of different colors. This will decorate the rattle and quickly attract the baby's attention.

At the end of the work, you need to fill the handle with holofiber, embroider the muzzle of the bear, sew on the ears in the form of a circle, foldedin half, and connect the parts.

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