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Beautiful costume "Butterfly" for baby
Beautiful costume "Butterfly" for baby

Masquerade costumes for children, for example, the Bunny, Princess or Butterfly costumes, oddly enough, are usually very expensive, despite the fact that there are very few materials used for them, and the quality is often leaves much to be desired. In addition, parents are very upset by the fact that the child will wear an outfit, as a rule, for a maximum of one or two holidays, and then he will gather dust in the chest for years. However, there is a way out - to do everything with your own hands. Today we sew a suit "Butterfly". A child in such an outfit will not only be beautiful and happy, but also the most noticeable at the holiday, where most children dress up as snowflakes, bears, bunnies and princesses.

butterfly costume

What you need for work

It's very, very simple. You will need an ordinary dress of bright colors (or just light and pleasant), black tights, dark shoes - shoes or even Czech shoes. Well, you will only need to make antennae and wings from wire, transparent or translucent fabric, beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons. Threads and needles will also come in handy.

how to make a butterfly costume

Wings are the central and key element of the whole image

So howmake a butterfly costume Of course, you need to start with the wings. There are several options here. You can simply cut them out of colored cardboard, but such wings will last up to a maximum of the middle of the celebration. Slightly better will be decorations glued from several of its layers. The third option is to cut out a rigid base and cover it with fabric, decorating it with tinsel and glitter. But the Butterfly suit will look much better with wings made of a wire frame, on which you need to stretch a translucent fabric (nylon, tulle or organza will do). On its surface, you can easily embroider or simply draw beautiful symmetrical spots, rings, dots, curls and patterns, taking some beautiful butterfly as an example. The main thing is that the color scheme matches the chosen dress, otherwise the outfit will not look the best. We glue the finished wings around the edges or sheathe them with tinsel, rhinestones or ribbons and attach the dress to the back. In principle, you can embroider a pattern not with threads, but with shiny beads, it will look amazing.

butterfly cosplay costume

The mustache of our beauty

"Butterfly" is a carnival costume that cannot do without antennae. They are made very simply, you only need fabric and wire. First, we make a ring from the wire with a diameter equal to the baby’s head and attach antennae made of the same material to it, which have thickenings at the ends. Another option is to take a simple strong bezel and attach antennae to it. Now we wash everything with tape and fasten it with threads. In principle, instead of fabric, the use of foil is allowed (but it is better notnecessary).


The Butterfly costume is ready. We put on the chosen dress, which can also be decorated with tinsel along the hem (if the child goes to the New Year's party), put on the mustache, braid, straighten the wings and fly to celebrate. By the way, a dress at the waist can be decorated with a belt woven from satin ribbons or with the same tinsel. The child will look bright, elegant, he himself will like to flutter in such a suit. And the good mood of the baby ensures the happiness of parents.

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