Crochet phone cases can be knitted even by a beginner needlewoman
Crochet phone cases can be knitted even by a beginner needlewoman

Mobile phone today is almost everyone. Many do not part with him day or night. From constant use, the case and the screen of the phone are scratched. As a result, the appearance of the mobile phone deteriorates significantly. A case helps protect your phone from mechanical damage. In addition, it is able to soften the force of an accidental fall.

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In stores, the prices for covers are often unreasonably high, and for some models it is rather problematic to choose the right size option. Besides, they are all the same. Therefore, striving for individuality, needlewomen are increasingly thinking about how to crochet a phone case.

Preparation for work

First of all, you should pick up yarn. Basically, any will do. In addition, due to the small size of the product, you can use the remnants of the threads that every needlewoman has. If you plan to knit a multi-color cover, you should choose the right combination of yarn.

It is important for all needlewomen to understand that if you crochet a cover according to the description, the pattern mustbe improved. This is due to the fact that it is calculated based on the parameters of a particular phone. In order for the case to fit perfectly with the existing model, it is important to measure it correctly. It is necessary to take into account the allowances that are necessary for the free space of the phone.

Working on the case

Crochet phone cases are knitted very quickly and easily. Even novice craftswomen can master such a product.

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Work begins with knitting the bottom of the cover. To do this, knit a chain of air loops of the desired length, plus one for lifting. Starting from the second, a single crochet is knitted in a circle from each loop. At the same time, three columns should be knitted into the extreme loops to obtain a rounding. If the mobile phone is not thin, several rows should be made.

After that, knitting continues in a circle so that each loop has one column. Work should be completed when the case reaches the desired size and fully accommodates the phone.

To make the clasp that all phone cases usually have, you can crochet the valve. To do this, you need to find the middle of the back and knit in straight and reverse rows, including five to six columns. After reaching the required length to form a loop (for a button), five air loops should be knitted.

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The resulting chain is fixed with a connecting post in the last loop of the valve. After that, the product unfolds,the resulting arch is tied with columns, the thread is fixed and broken. A beautiful button is sewn to the middle of the front. The finished cover can be decorated with knitted flowers, beads, rhinestones or beads.

The knitting method described above is the easiest. Crocheted phone cases according to this description can be knitted even by a beginner needlewoman. With experience and imagination, you can achieve exclusivity and originality of products.

Crochet patterns for phone cases are also suitable for making bags for cameras, camcorders, tablets and other small equipment.

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