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"Poker face" is more than just a term. Poker Basics
"Poker face" is more than just a term. Poker Basics

Over the past ten years, the popularity of poker has reached unprecedented heights. It is played by millions, regardless of gender and age. It was in Russia that the impetus for the popularization of this card game was the enchanting performance of Ivan Demidov at the World Poker Championship in 2008. His path was not easy, but still the player reached the final table, where he took second place and became the vice-champion of the world, receiving huge prize money.

The pursuit of happiness

Test your skills and try to grab yourself a tidbit of a pie in the form of millions of dollars, there are many hunters. In the largest poker tournaments, both live and in the open spaces of online poker rooms, more than one hundred people gather every day, including beginners. The latter, first of all, need to understand the terminology of poker, thoroughly study the rules and, of course, gain courage and determination to play for money.

"Poker face" is not given to everyone

Whatever one may say, butplaying for money is accompanied by a constant stressful state, sometimes you have to bluff in it. This is where the well-known expression appears: “Poker face”. This is such a state when the appearance of the player after a series of game actions becomes absolutely unperturbed. Not all players will be perfectly master of themselves. Many beginners are cracked by experienced poker players in a jiffy by certain facial movements.

poker face is

Which begs the question: "Poker face" is an inborn internal state? Or is it quite realistic, having learned all the intricacies of the game, to eventually learn how to bluff so cold-bloodedly? It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that after playing for a year or two, you will absolutely stop worrying and being nervous. But that your actions will become natural, stiffness will go away - that's for sure.

Cunning tricks of professionals

Watching the poker star how he plays - aggressively and calmly, it is a mistake to think that he is not worried. "Poker face" is just a mask, a real volcano of emotions and experiences boils inside the player. In order not to give themselves away, experienced players resort to tricky methods. During the distribution, they completely abstract from others and simply look at one point, absolutely not reacting to questions and attacks from opponents.

poker terminology

It's easier to control yourself this way. Because your opponent may try in every possible way to get you to respond by asking provocative questions, thereby collecting information about the strength of your combination.

Specialists believe thateveryone can try to develop their poker face abilities. In addition to constant game practice, it is recommended to study special literature and practice all kinds of techniques.

The main thing is not to overdo it and not overdo it in training. And then there is a great risk, instead of a virtuoso of the game, who knows how to skillfully control facial expressions, turn into a phlegmatic, inhibited, monotonously indifferently reacting to all vital stimuli.

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