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Panel is not just a craft
Panel is not just a craft

There are various ways to decorate the interior: paintings on the walls, photo frames, various figurines and crafts, vases and much more. And there is a special way of decor - panels. This not only allows you to decorate the interior, but also to put together things dear to your heart. We invite you to learn more about this art form and learn how to make panel paintings yourself.

What is this?

mural paintings

The panel technique is a way to decorate a room using improvised and available materials. This is a modern and original way to update a residential interior, such decor items can be placed not only on the walls, but also on chests of drawers.

The panel can be of different sizes and types. If photographs and pictures are used, then a flat collage is obtained. You can also use voluminous objects (for example, nails and threads), then you get a dimensional decoration. This type of panel is best used in spacious rooms.


panel technique

Materials that are most oftenused for panels are wood, fabric, paper (this includes glossy sheets, plain paper, photographs, and so on), threads. But you can also use gypsum, stone, metal and much more. Based on the materials involved, the panel can be of the following form:

  • Fabric: pictures, embroidered threads, appliqu├ęs and so on.
  • Wooden: This includes paintings assembled from pieces of wood, wood burning, and so on.
  • Paper: compositions where the main element is photographs, book pages, illustrations, newspaper or magazine clippings, and so on.
  • Stone: Mosaics made from pebbles or other small stones are common.
  • Ceramic: A mosaic made from pieces of pottery.
  • Gypsum: similar to ceramic look, only gypsum was used.
  • Other: Other materials used (such as cones and needles, dried flowers, thread, and more).

Photo collage

panel photo

The most common type of panel (photo above) is a collage of pictures. Even children can make it. The execution option is very different:

  • photocards are placed on the wall, lining up in a geometric shape or heart;
  • pictures are first inserted into frames, which are then interconnected and hung on the wall;
  • photos are glued to some pre-prepared base (for example, a painted plywood sheet);
  • some figure is created (for example, a three-dimensional letter), which is then pasted over with photo cards, andetc.

The original panel will look like a family tree. Such decor will be not only beautiful, but also useful. The panel is made quite simply. First you need to print one photo of relatives. Then a wreath is made of thick wire and rope or twine. For photographs, a passe-partout is made: rectangles of various sizes are cut out of cardboard, the middle is removed, and a photo is glued to the back side (a frame is obtained). Then frames with cards, using a glue gun, are placed on a wreath. You can sign each photo using fabric sheets with embroidered names.

Fabric collage

how to make a panel with your own hands

A fabric panel is a great way to make an unusual decor and use up beautiful shreds. A stretcher is most often used as the basis for this craft. But a sheet of plywood will do. The background is a large piece of fabric. The color and pattern depends on your idea, but it is usually done in neutral tones.

Then on paper it is better to sketch a sketch of the future panel (a photo of an example can be seen above). For example, you can make a silhouette of an object, a plant, an animal or a person, an abstraction or a whole picture. When the sketch is ready, you need to cut out all the elements of the picture from paper. Then fabric parts are made. You can attach patches to the background with a glue gun or a needle and thread.

Panel made of natural materials

panel is

With the change of seasons, such collages are especially popular. Most natural materialhappens in early autumn. In addition to the usual dried flowers, you can use acorns, chestnuts, cones, and so on. Summer compositions usually contain shells and sea pebbles.

Master class on how to make a panel with your own hands from natural materials:

  1. Prepare the base. It needs to be solid, so it's best to use a painting or a piece of plywood.
  2. Make the background of the base (paint, paste over with paper or sheathe with a cloth).
  3. Prepare your material. It must be clean and dry. Otherwise, your panel will deteriorate very quickly. If necessary, paint the material. For this purpose, it is better to use spray paint.
  4. Now place the natural material on the background in the order you want the final result to be.
  5. When you are convinced that you like the work, you can begin to consolidate the material. A glue gun is ideal for this purpose. If the parts are small or thin (for example, leaves), then regular PVA glue will do.
  6. The end result can be varnished.

Panel of nails and threads

panel technique

This type of collage has become very popular lately.

Instructions on how to make a panel with your own hands from nails and threads:

  1. Draw on a piece of paper or print out the picture you want to draw from the threads.
  2. Prepare a square or rectangular piece of wood. It is better to use thick material.
  3. Finish wood with varnish to make it last longer.
  4. Transfer the picture to the base whenthe help of a pencil. Redraw the image or cut it out of paper and circle it on the tree.
  5. Now gently drive the carnations around the outline of the picture. They should be at the same distance from each other.
  6. Now you can start winding the thread. It can be one color or several. Simply hook the thread onto the head of the nail and pull it to the opposite side.
  7. Tie the end of the thread carefully and put PVA glue on the knot.

A carefully handmade panel is an unusual decoration and an original gift.

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