Andreeva Marina: a modern author and just an interesting personality
Andreeva Marina: a modern author and just an interesting personality

Young writers are actively occupying their niches in the literary world of the country. Andreeva Marina belongs to this category of creative personalities. This girl is rapidly gaining fans with her books.

Biography of the writer

Andreeva Marina has two higher educations - a programmer and an accountant. She has a masculine character and the same hobbies:

  • knife throwing;
  • extreme driving;
  • firearms.

The girl lives in St. Petersburg. In the plots of her books, familiar descriptions of the streets of this city are often traced. Marina Andreeva adheres to certain life principles: she does not tolerate lies and hypocrisy.

Andreeva Marina

It is hard to get along with people, but carefully keeps friendship with loved ones and appreciates them. Her writing talent manifested itself 8 years ago. At first I tried to write poetry. Then I started prose and felt at ease.

Published books

Today, the writer has 9 books in her "luggage". All of them are written in different genres:

  • fantasy;
  • mysticism;
  • detectives.

Andreeva Marina tries her pen in the style of romance novels and erotica. Her booksimbued with originality and written in good style:

  • "The Witch Book";
  • "Edges of reality";
  • "A dream come true";
  • "Against the gods";
  • "Neural Dust";
  • "Selena";
  • "Your someone else's life";
  • "Steal, force, kill, but solve. Or getting rid of problems";
  • "Faculty of Mentalistics".

These works have already won many fans. Books are read by people of all ages. The plot in them takes the reader to other worlds and shows everyday life. They intertwine everyday problems with incredible adventures in the world of mysticism and fantasy.

Andreeva Marina books

The heroes of the books live an ordinary measured life, but everything changes in one minute. They have to fight with unearthly monsters or study at the school of wizards. At the same time, they manage to start novels and "sink" in the world of erotica.

Andreeva Marina: books

"Faculty of Mentalistics" is one of the last works of the writer. In this novel, the main character Lisa is in anticipation of a trip to Spain. It remains only to pass the last exams at the university. But the plans changed dramatically: it turned out that the girl did not grow up in a simple family. The mother and grandmother of the heroine are connected with magic.

Marina Andreeva

A girl enters a mystical world and ends up in her grandmother's castle. She has to overcome many difficult situations. Fox should getanother education in the school of wizardry. Yes, and at the faculty, where only young men study.

This book has been read by over 50,000 people online. Andreeva Marina received a prize for her at the "Magic Academy" contest.

Another unusual work will not leave indifferent lovers of fantasy and mysticism - "Steal, make, kill, but decide. Or …". These words were heard by the protagonist of the work from his boss. And he will have to crawl out of his skin to complete his assignment. Otherwise, he will lose everything. Most importantly, the hero's life is at stake.

Many stories take place in computer reality. In one of the books, a hero from her favorite online game comes to the aid of a girl. This character is meant to save the life of her very close person.

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