What does the Joker look like? DIY suit
What does the Joker look like? DIY suit

The main enemy of the world-famous superhero Batman, the Joker plays the role of a negative hero. But, as you know, it is the villains who most often attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, we chose the image of the Joker as a carnival costume. Further in the article we will dwell in detail on all the features that the Joker possesses. His costume, by the way, is quite popular at parties.

joker costume

Stylish villain

The Joker plays the role of a negative hero, but at the same time he is quite stylishly dressed: he is wearing a three-piece suit and black polished shoes. But the face of the hero causes fear and horror due to a wide and unnatural smile. And yet, if you chose this image, then let's figure out how to make a Joker costume with your own hands.


how to make a joker costume

In the movie, our villain is wearing a lilac suit. Therefore, if you want to look believable, appropriate clothing is necessary. The shirt should be light in color, preferably with a pattern, but if there is none, a regular one will do. A green vest that is worn over a shirt can be purchased at the store or sewn by yourself. But this will require some skills insewing.

Pants that are suitable for the image of the Joker must be dark in color. Ideally, of course, you need to pick up lilac. But if this is not possible, use the trousers that you have in your wardrobe.

The tie must be matched to the suit and shirt. You can choose light colors with patterns or dark ones. Try to pick up the one worn by the Joker (with dark green tones, khaki will do). The suit must be with an elongated jacket or cloak of lilac color. Of course, if you have sewing skills, you can sew such a raincoat yourself at home, but if not, you will have to purchase a ready-made one. We do not recommend using other colors, because the connection with the image will be lost.


Now let's move on to creating the face that the Joker has. We have already made the costume, it remains to apply makeup. To do this, use ordinary paint or special tools.

The face must be made white, and powder or paint is suitable for this. After we have whitened the face, we move on to drawing the eyes and lips. Circle the eyes with black paint or shadows to make two circles. Their diameter should capture the eyebrows of our hero.

The Joker's lips break into a wide smile almost all over his face. You can see the Joker costume, the photo of which is located below.

how to make a joker costume

To create this effect, you can use red lipstick or paint. But keep in mind, if you chose the option with paints, then the rest of the makeup should be done with paints, and if lipstick, thenchoose special makeup products.

The image of the Joker is so popular that ready-made masks can be purchased in stores. They already show the face of the villain with all the features, and in some versions with hair, which we will talk about later.


The hair of the villain Joker in the movie is green and shoulder length. If the length of your hair is much shorter, do not worry: the main thing is to create the same color. To do this, we recommend using special hair crayons. They are freely available and come in all colors of the rainbow. We end up with a green-haired Joker, whose costume includes a vest of the same color.

You can just buy a ready-made green wig. But keep in mind that the Joker's hair is slightly wavy, so if the length allows you, do not forget to twist your hair.


The shoes of the hero can be considered a great privilege. It doesn't need to be bought from special stores or decorated in a special way, because the Joker wears regular classic black shoes. Well, this is not surprising, because the costume itself is an undoubted classic, which even resembles retro.

Black dress shoes are in every guy's wardrobe, so don't worry too much about shoes.

joker costume photo

Additional attributes

So, we figured out the image and the necessary clothes, now let's move on to the question of how to make the Joker costume special. This is possible with additional attributes.

These primarily include leather gloves.Ordinary black ones, which are also available in the wardrobe of almost every man, will do. But in the absence of such, you can use gloves without fingers or fabric.

The Joker is a prototype of a card character, so a deck of cards will not hurt. To use the Joker Cards as an additional accessory, place them in the breast pocket of your jacket.

Since we have chosen a negative hero who is used to killing and destroying, a knife is chosen as an addition to the image. It can be a foldable pocket accessory that folds out when needed.

If you want to spice up your costume, try wearing a brightly colored hat or picking up a cane.

The Joker costume we reviewed is a great party look.

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