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Best selfie ideas. How to look so that the self-portrait is of the highest quality?
Best selfie ideas. How to look so that the self-portrait is of the highest quality?

Today, self-portraits with a smartphone camera are becoming a more popular genre than artistic photography. If perfect makeup, a beautiful hairstyle and interesting accessories are necessary for high-quality shooting, you can not try hard for a selfie.

Selfie - what is it?

selfie what is it

Translated from English, self-portrait translates as "self-portrait", that is, a portrait taken by a person on the front or back camera of the phone. Initially, selfie photography was considered a disease of teenagers: young people take pictures of their every step and post them on social networks, where other users give them comments. People demonstrate their new outfit, hairstyle, makeup, pets, apartment renovation, delicious dinner. In Russia, social network users often call a self-portrait "myself" from the phrase "I photograph myself."

How to take a selfie?

In order to make a self-portrait, you need to know a few simple rules.

1. On "selfies" should be as much as possibledetails that people can focus on.

2. The process of photographing takes only a few seconds, and at this time it is important not to be lazy and keep your hand as high as possible above the level of the head so that the face acquires graceful features and the body seems more elongated.

3. It is necessary to choose a good angle so that the virtues look in the best light.

4. Charming girls choose approximately the same ideas for selfies: busty beauties take pictures of themselves up to chest level, and owners of a wasp waist try to fix this particular part of the body in the pictures.

5. Girls with long legs should take more photos in the mirror, which will emphasize their beauty.

6. Make sure that there are no unnecessary objects in the background: an unmade bed, dirty dishes, sinks.

7. Your face must take up at least 80% of the total space in the photo.

selfie photography

8. Try to keep your fingers out of the lens so that the sun's glare does not fall on the camera. If you don't know about the selfie - what it is and how to take it the right way, look for this information yourself, and then wait for the release of Kim Kardashian's book, which she will devote to her self-portraits. The socialite prepares more than three hundred shots in different outfits and poses.

Oh those selfies

An ordinary photo of a Barbie girl is losing its relevance - original pictures are being used, where people do not hesitate to look ridiculous. The main thing is that the selfie portrait conveys emotions, andsubscribers did not skimp on positive ratings and comments. In the West, guys and girls are starting to wrap themselves with tape to make their physiognomy more expressive. Pictures with animals on the head are becoming popular.

selfie ideas

The smartest ones choose bold selfie ideas and don't hesitate to take pictures of themselves sitting on the toilet with bulging eyes. The fashion for "selfies" comes and goes, and ridiculous pictures remain on social networks, after viewing which you want to laugh and cry. Many stars take their smartphone with them to the beautician's office and take pictures of themselves with clay masks on their faces, which looks, to put it mildly, not very pleasant. Girls believe that they look much better without clothes and stand in front of a mirror in a half-naked form, demonstrating their charms. No matter how crazy your idea is, the main thing is that subscribers approve it. Sociologists from an American university conducted a study and found that sensual pictures of lovers were recognized as the most annoying selfies.

Be original

In order for your followers to have a sense of admiration when viewing photos, you need to not only show off your amazing smile and beautiful outfit, but also think over interesting ideas for selfies.

beautiful selfies

Let your pet take a self-portrait: at the moment when the cat is lying peacefully, put a smartphone with the camera on next to it, and take a picture of it yourself. Hug your pet to your chest and take a selfie with him. Put on your superman costume andyou will seem like an animal savior. Expectant mothers can show their imagination and be photographed in the early stages of pregnancy, and get into the lens with the baby in the final photo. So that the photo in the mirror is not boring - draw color pictures and patterns on it. Don't forget about "duck lips" if you don't like to smile. If you don't look well, but you are in a beautiful place or at a party, and you want to take a picture, cover your face with any flat object. Apply bright makeup on your face, put on masks and make stupid faces - beautiful selfies will be bright and interesting.

Popular self-portrait mistakes

Most young smartphone owners take pictures of themselves almost every hour and sometimes do not pay attention to the quality of photos, upload them to social networks, and then find that age spots and rashes are visible on their faces due to strong lighting. Even out the skin tone and focus on the eyes and lips - for this there is no need to visit a makeup artist, because minor flaws will not be visible in poor quality photographs. The best selfie ideas involve good lighting and an angle where the presence of makeup is completely invisible, and it will seem to your followers that you have a natural blush, long eyelashes and full lips. Agree, it will be a shame if, for technical reasons, you cannot implement an interesting idea. When pinning your hair with a tight elastic band, make sure that bald patches do not form at the temples. When taking photos with multiple people, make sure everyone is in the frame.

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