How to make a cat out of beads in different ways
How to make a cat out of beads in different ways

Having learned how to make a cat out of beads, you first need to decide: what type of decoration you want to create. Volumetric or non-volumetric? What will it be - a brooch or embroidery? Working with this material, depending on the execution technique, has its own nuances.

how to make a beaded cat

Create with desire

It is impossible to give unambiguous advice on how to make a cat out of beads. The animal can be made three-dimensional, two-dimensional, like a figurine, like a brooch, sewn onto clothes in the form of an appliqué, inserted as a fragment into a bracelet.

You can use diagrams, patterns, calculations. In order to work with beads, special skills are not required. The main thing is desire and accuracy.

General tips on how to work with beads

  • Prepare the workplace. Good lighting and free space are important. All required materials and fixtures must be laid out so that they can be taken without getting up.
  • It is advisable to have a separate container or bag for each color. Some craftswomen adapt a plastic tab fromfor this
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    candy box. Of course, after the sweets are eaten.

  • It is necessary to decide what the beads will be strung on. For making a standing figurine or a brooch, wire is better, and then a needle will not be needed: beads are strung directly on it.

How to weave a cat from beads if you decide to put beads on a thread? You can do without a needle. To do this, it is enough to cover the end of the thread with Moment glue. The hard tip of the base will act as a needle.

Synthetic thread is suitable without special treatment. Cotton will have to be rubbed with wax so that the beads glide easier. If you cannot do without a needle, you need to choose the thinnest one - No. 15.

Scheme or sample, which you want to focus on while working, can be found in magazines with needlework or make your own.

From a flat blank - a three-dimensional figurine

How to make a cat out of beads for those who have never worked with this material?

Easiest way

  • Draw a diagram in the cells of a notebook or take it from a magazine. The easiest way, by bending a notebook sheet, like material before cutting, is to transfer any picture with a cat standing on its paws through carbon paper. Then unfold the sheet and copy half of the image to the clean side of the fold line.
  • Calculate how many beads-beads you need for each row. Write near the outline so that you do not have to count again each time.
how to make a beaded cat

You can string beads in parallelin a more complex way or in a row, weaving rows through 5-6 beads.

How to make a cat of different colors from beads, everyone decides for himself and chooses the appropriate material. The main thing is not to forget to highlight the eyes with contrasting beads when weaving a cat's head. For beginners, it is better not to abuse the color, you can get confused.

After the work is completed, a "cat" skin is obtained. It is enough to bend it in half - and the beaded cat will stand on its paws.

It's just as easy to make a sitting kitten. The beads are strung on wire rings, each of which is slightly narrower than the previous one.

The tail and ears are made separately, the wire with beads is fixed by twisting, the ends are cut off. The nose and eyes are highlighted after the figure is ready.

Making a brooch

How to make a beaded cat brooch? Approximate calculation is given for a small figurine (about 1.5 cm).

  • Prepare black and yellow beads.
  • Cut off a piece of wire (60 cm).
  • 3 pcs string black beads in the middle and bend the triangle crosswise by threading the wire.
  • Add 16 more black beads and pass in pairs through the other end of the wire. Double row of closely fitting beads - tail.
  • Transition to the hind legs 5 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 5. Make each foot separately. Cut the wire, hide in beads, twist and disguise. Then cut.

Ear pattern: 1 - 2 x 2 rows.

Chest and head part+front paws:

  • Row: 6 black beads.
  • Row: black - yellow– 2 black – 1 yellow – 1 black.
  • The rest of the black rows according to the scheme: 6 - 4 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 5.

Parts are folded together and secured with wire. The ends are hidden inside.

how to weave a cat from beads

A bit about working methods

If a wire is selected as a low wire for a beaded cat, then the rows are twisted together to secure. It is necessary to ensure that this happens at the same level, through the row, otherwise the figure will look sloppy.

In the case when the beads were strung on threads, the method of fixing is as follows: the reverse withdrawal of the needle - and again step forward.

The ends are tightly closed together. If the thread is synthetic, kapron, then it is better to burn it so that the beads do not fly off.

How to make a beaded cat brooch so that you can wear it? It is undesirable to screw directly to the product or sew on the mount. With this action, the entire product can be pulled off ugly.

It is best to cut a piece of leather in the shape of a cat and glue it along the contour with glue. This must be done very carefully to avoid the sticky substance leaking onto the front side. Glue "Moment" does not warp the product and does not spread.

The pin is attached to the leather lining.

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