How to create a bouquet of tulips
How to create a bouquet of tulips

Spring, love, tenderness - tulips are associated with this. Their appearance in markets and flower shops means the end of winter and the onset of warm days. Well, spring is a time of romance and nascent feelings. You can declare your sympathy or just make a nice gift for the holiday by giving a bouquet of tulips.

The language of flowers

Each bouquet is unique in its own way and can say a lot. Despite their silence, flowers always carry a certain message from the one who gives them. So how do you decipher this message?

  • If you were presented with a bouquet of red tulips, then be sure that the man has quite strong feelings. Red is the color of passion, love and desire. However, this choice may also indicate that your date prefers mysterious and very difficult women.
  • bouquet of tulips
  • Pink is an unusually delicate color, symbolizing the feeling of love at the stage of its inception. It is customary to give pink tulips for first dates.
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  • White tulipsprefer romantics who value purity and innocence in women. It is also the traditional color for a wedding bouquet.
  • bride's bouquet of tulips
  • Yellow tulips are not an omen of separation at all. Yellow is the color of the sun, happiness and joy. It is customary to give these flowers for birthdays and other holidays with the wishes of good and financial well-being. It is also the perfect bouquet for a man.
  • Another masculine color is purple or lilac. In some stores you can find a bouquet of tulips, even blue. A composition of flowers of similar shades prophesies success in business.
  • purple tulips

Bouquet of tulips with your own hands

If you want to please your loved ones with a bright flower gift, then it is not necessary to contact florists in salons. Not everyone can afford their services, but they really want to create an unforgettable and original composition. Therefore, we offer you some simple ideas for bouquets of the most delicate flowers.

  • Tulips are good on their own. Sometimes simplicity and conciseness are much more interesting than complex designs. Tulips are very beautiful and quite self-sufficient flowers. Gathering them together in a large bouquet, you will get a delicate and sophisticated composition. However, it is worth trimming the stems of the flowers so that they end at the same level. The bouquet itself is easy to fix with a satin ribbon with a beautiful bow. Just do not use wrapping cellophane in your masterpiece, it will immediately make it simple and cheap.
  • white tulips
  • To make a bouquet of tulips please you for a long time, you can use a little trick. In any floristic salon you can buy a special foam sponge for flower arrangements. Experts call it an oasis. This is also an opportunity to make a bouquet of an unusual shape and suitable for decorating the interior. For example, you can purchase a small basket with low sides. Lay the oasis on the bottom, after soaking it with water. Now you can start decorating the bouquet. Take the leaves of the tulips themselves and reinforce them in the foam around the edges. Tulips of various colors can be placed inside the green meadow. To do this, cut the stem of each flower at an angle for convenience. Decorate the whole composition with beads on a wire and decorative butterflies.
  • bouquet of tulips in a basket
  • Tulips can be combined with other flowers. Roses, freesias, orchids, irises, callas and lilacs will become excellent neighbors for them.
  • bouquet of tulips

Bridal bouquet of tulips

Tulips are a wonderful flower option for a wedding arrangement. They are perfect for young brides, as they represent tenderness, purity and love. In this case, you do not have to choose white tulips. The color scheme depends on the bride's outfit, the general theme of the wedding and the personal preferences of the newlyweds.

The composition of white and pink flowers looks elegant. They can be simply assembled with tape, or installed in an oasis. The second option is preferable, since the wedding lasts almost the whole day, and all this time the flowers should befresh. In this case, you may also need a flower stand, which is easy to find in a flower shop.

bouquet of white and pink tulips

The white circle of tulips framing a red rose looks very original. This is especially true if the bride's dress has scarlet elements. You can also add various beads to the tulip bouquet. The photo below shows the beauty of this arrangement.

bouquet of tulips and roses

You can combine several types of flowers, as well as actively use decorative elements. Ribbons, beads, rhinestones, tulle, feathers, lace and other attributes of the celebration are appropriate in a wedding bouquet. Also make sure that the flower arrangement in the hands of the bride echoes the groom's boutonniere.

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