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Decoration of the bouquet. Making bouquets of tulips. Making bouquets of fresh flowers
Decoration of the bouquet. Making bouquets of tulips. Making bouquets of fresh flowers

Many people love roses, chrysanthemums, orchids and gladioli, but no other flower can compare with beautiful spring tulips. Unfortunately, most often they are sold without any special decorations, simply wrapped in cellophane. But the design of a bouquet of tulips can be a truly exciting action. At the same time, its creator will show his sincere attitude towards the person to whom it was intended.

Decoration of bouquets of fresh flowers

Bouquet decoration

When using tulips in the creation of gift bouquets, you should choose only the freshest flowers with unblown buds. Especially relevant is the design of a bouquet of them in the spring, when everyone wants to feel the awakening of nature. These non-standard, bright and delicate flowers have long been one of the most favorite objects of breeders' work. Long gone are the days when only red or yellow tulips could be found on the shelves. The palette of colors and shapes of the newest varieties is simply amazing. You can already findalmost black and purple tulips.

These flowers are perfectly combined with such types of plants as roses, ranunculi, hydrangeas, hyacinths, freesias, eustoma, calla lilies, and in any combination. Due to the fact that they have rather long stems, they make excellent cascading and round bouquets. In this case, you can also use various portbouquet holders. Making a bouquet of tulips will not require much effort, as they are already a wonderful present in themselves.

A reason for a bouquet of tulips

Making bouquets of fresh flowers

It is customary to give such compositions for events and holidays of a romantic nature (marriage, first meeting, Valentine's Day, March 8, the birth of a child, etc.). They are indispensable when dating. Moreover, the shorter the period of romantic meetings, the more tenderly you should choose a bouquet. So, pink, white, lilac or orange tulips tied with a delicate ribbon are perfect for this occasion. Do not forget that the stem of these flowers, unlike prickly roses, will not be able to injure the girl. At the same time, to maintain a beautiful view of the bouquet, you do not need a tall and massive vase, but any glass vessel with water is quite suitable. A bouquet of fragrant and delicate tulips will always cheer you up.

In the case when partners have been burning romantic feelings for a long time, bright red flowers can be presented. Decorating bouquets of tulips with bright hearts or other decorative accessories can be mastered by anyone, since the leaves of these flowers are already on their ownare a great backdrop for flower buds and various decorations.

Decoration of bouquets of flowers for the bride

Making bouquets of tulips

What other flower can so unobtrusively emphasize the delicate beauty of a beautiful bride, if not a tulip? However, it goes well with some other plants. Making bouquets of fresh flowers will not only add a special flair to the wedding ceremony, but will also save a rather impressive amount of money, since not everyone can afford arrangements of traditional roses or expensive orchids.

Most often in such bouquets, buds of the most delicate shades are used: white, pale pink, lilac. Often, florists, on the contrary, choose a combination of contrasting tones for the bride. So, a bouquet of white tulips looks very impressive, surrounded, for example, by red, purple or crimson buds. Such a composition looks especially beautiful against the background of bright green leaves. The combination of terry and simple buds looks very impressive.

Bouquet for birthday boy

Making bouquets (photo)

A bouquet of tulips at a friend's or relative's birthday would be very welcome. A wide selection of different shapes and colors of these flowers allows you to create a huge variety of compositions. They can be solid (consisting of tulips of the same shade) or variegated, in which you can use a variety of shades of buds. It should be borne in mind that the design of bouquets (photo can be seen in the article), consisting of several shades, will requiremore flowers, because this is the only way to show all the beauty of this composition. A small gift in the form of a few bright tulips, created by yourself, will emphasize your individuality and save money on a more expensive gift.

Dutch tulips

Recently, tulips of the Dutch selection are in great demand. Their distinctive feature can be considered a variety of shapes and shades, as well as a fairly strong stem, which, unlike some domestic varieties, allows the flower to remain in its best form much longer (the heads do not droop). Also, the characteristic features of Dutch tulips include a large variation in flower size, shape and color. This allows you to turn the design of the bouquet into a fascinating procedure in which you can use different varieties that only emphasize the beauty of each other.

Tulip color choice

Making flower bouquets

Some people attach great importance to the color of the buds. So, under no circumstances will individual ladies be happy with yellow tulips, since they have a strong stereotype that these flowers predict separation. Most men who are not experienced in floristry prefer to choose buds of various red shades. Such a feature, most likely, speaks of a person’s conservatism, although such a bouquet would be more than appropriate for official events. The most creative, as a rule, young people choose flowers of the most unexpected shades, often combining buds of different colors. This bouquet showssharpness of human thinking and taste.

For business associates, bright orange tulips are ideal as this color symbolizes the desire for success and good business.

A very unusual and original gift can be a bouquet of almost black buds. In fact, the color of such a tulip is dark purple, but it is so saturated that it seems almost black. Such a bouquet can be presented only to those who have a sense of humor and who are not afraid of some "mourning" present.

How long does a bouquet of tulips last

With proper care, a composition of these flowers can stand in good condition for 5-6 days. To do this, you should change the water in the vase daily, and cut the stems by about 1 cm, but only under running water (so that air does not get in). To prevent premature buds, these flowers are kept in a cool place.

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