How to play "The Drunkard" in cards: the rules of the game, its features
How to play "The Drunkard" in cards: the rules of the game, its features

The very first card game that novice players learn is, of course, "The Drunkard". It is called so because the loser does not have a single card left, that is, he, like a drunkard in life, drank away all his fortune and was left with nothing. Every child who studies card games will learn the meaning of each picture in such a game, learn to count and memorize numbers.

how to play drunk cards

You can play the "Drunkard" together, or you can use the company. It is also possible to use different decks of cards. Sometimes they use 32, 36, 52, 54. For a two-player game, the smallest deck will be enough.

Game Rules

To understand how to play "The Drunkard" in cards, you need to learn the meaning of each card and understand the seniority of not only numbers, but also images with pictures. The seniority of numbers is clear to everyone, but other cards are distinguished as follows. The smallest is the jack. It depicts a young man.It is indicated either by the letter B or the English J. The next card in seniority is a lady, with a drawn woman. It is signed D or D. The oldest king, usually drawn by a man of age and with a beard. The letter K is written on the corners.

The most serious figure in all cards is the ace. This is a card on which the emblem of the suit is drawn in the center: a club is a black sheet of three circles, a spade is one black, shaped like a heart, a heart is a red heart. A tambourine is a red rhombus. The letter T is written on the ace, or the letter A in English cards.

drunkard card rules

Before you play the "Drunkard" cards, you need to thoroughly mix the deck, shuffle. Then they are alternately distributed in piles to each player. They are arranged with a picture down, so that the player does not see their meanings. All absolutely cards are de alt. Then the first player who shuffled and de alt makes the first move. To do this, he takes the top card from his pile and places it in the center of the table.

The other player does the same. So, there are two cards in the center of the table. They have different meanings. The one whose value is higher in value takes these two cards for himself. In some versions of the game, the six is ​​considered higher than the ace. Especially if the game of cards "Drunkard" for two or a deck of 36 cards. The winner of the first move puts the winnings at the very bottom of his stack. For the next move, the second top card is taken.

Controversial issues

It often happens that two pictures of the same value appear in the center of the table, that is, two jacks or two tens. Whatwhat to do in such cases? In the game "Drunkard", in cards, the rules are as follows: "dispute" decides everything. On his first card, the player puts the next one from the pile, but no one knows what this card is, since it is face down. The last third card is placed on top of these two, but already visible side.

drunkard card rules

The one whose top third card is higher takes all six cards. If the third cards come across the same, then everything continues in the same way. The winner takes all 10 cards and puts them under the pile. Sometimes it's very disappointing when they argue for some small card, and there is an ace or a king under the mortgage.

Game rules for four players

Knowing the rules of the game "Drunkard" on cards of 36 pieces, you can safely play cards containing 52 pieces in a deck. The smallest in such a deck is a deuce. The highest is an ace. You can also use an additional two cards with the image of the joker. Then, of course, the jokers will be the oldest.

Before you play "Drunkard" cards, you need to discuss the terms of the game in your company. Which card will be considered the highest and beat the ace. You can leave the classic version of card games, when the ace is considered the most important.

drunk card game for two

With a large number of players, the rules of the game remain the same, only a large deck of cards is taken. The first move is assigned to the player who de alt and shuffled the cards. Then they go in turn, clockwise. Can be playedwith the player on the left, and immediately take the winnings into his pile, or you can have all players throw their cards into the center of the table, and the winnings will be taken by the player who had the highest card. The buy-in will then be 4 cards at once.

Game Features

The game "Drunkard" is very long and long. Children and older people love to play it. There is no need to count points, write something down, everything is clear at once. But the result of the game does not depend on the cunning of the mind or the logic of thinking; here it is impossible to calculate the next move in advance. Everything is decided by chance. Therefore, many people play it for money.

But before playing "The Drunkard" in cards for money, think: "Won't I be left with nothing?" After all, in this game, the cards symbolize the money that the drunkard squandered without a trace. Good luck in the game!

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