"Russian Lotto": reviews about the game, the secrets of victory
"Russian Lotto": reviews about the game, the secrets of victory

Everyone must have played "Russian Lotto" at least once. This is a rather old and funny entertainment that is suitable for both children and adults. You are given cards with numbers printed on them (in a row). They are closed with barrels, on which the corresponding numbers are indicated. The barrels are most likely wooden or plastic. One of the players takes these numbers out of the bag (without looking). The winner, of course, is the one who covered them with kegs before everyone else, but during the game there may be minor wins (the one who closed one or more horizontal rows is considered the winner).

Russian lotto reviews

What is "Russian Lotto"? Lottery - many will answer. Indeed, this once family game has turned into a means of earning money. Only earnings for whom? For those who play, or those who provide such an opportunity? Most likely for the latter. In our time, many lotteries have become widespread, including the "Russian Lotto", people's reviews of which differ. Some say that it is very interesting and addictive, others believe that this is a waste of money and nerves, especially since now you can play this game on a computer, phone, tablet andetc. For example, the reviews left about the Russian Lotto lottery indicate that many are interested in whether it is possible to calculate the winnings. Also, is there any efficient game scheme. In fact, these are questions about how to win at Russian Lotto.

Russian lotto lottery

For the most part, winning here is just luck. But the organizers of the Russian Lotto TV lottery, which was released in Russia, on the contrary, insist that every third ticket is a winning one. Although, in fact, judging by the mathematical calculations, the probability of winning is only five percent. But psychologists say that "Russian Lotto", reviews of which are contradictory from all sides, can be profitable. You need to sleep well, have breakfast and in a good mood, with the thought that you will buy a winning ticket, go buy it. Mystics unconditionally support psychologists. They give advice on what to wear, what to eat, and what to think about when you go shopping for a ticket. Most likely, following absolutely all the recommendations is not the most rational behavior. For sometimes they simply contradict each other and common sense.

how to win russian loto

The optimal point of view on the "Russian Lotto", reviews of which vary, would be to consider neutrality. You can, of course, sometimes play and buy tickets. But you don’t need to get carried away, especially for very gambling people. It is better to buy a lotto home and play with the whole family. You can even get together every weekend (in the country,For example). Sea of ​​emotions guaranteed!

The game is fun and exciting, but in the end, everyone chooses for himself what he wants: excitement, money, adrenaline or a little he althy rivalry in the circle of family and friends. It is clearly not worth considering this game as a way of enrichment. Of course, there are cases of winnings, as in any game of chance. But no one knows if Fortune is favorable today. So think and decide for yourself!

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