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Jerry Gionis is the master of wedding photography
Jerry Gionis is the master of wedding photography

The world admires the professional work of renowned Australian photographer Jerry Gionis. Many customers love and respect this craftsman, and every year he improves his skill level more and more. Ever since childhood, Jerry had a business acumen. And now he was able to create a company that leads among all wedding photography companies in the world. Presentations of his work are held in many countries, surprising new fans. His work is always fashionable, stylish, admirable and full of genuine emotions.

Jerry Gionis

Highlights of his work

Born Jerry Gionis in 1974. Sixteen years later, the young man graduated from high school and entered college, where photography was one of the subjects. Jerry got his first camera in 1989. After that, the young photographer did not let her out of his hands. After studying for only a year, Gionis dropped out of college and took a job as a camera salesman. Soon the young man got married. Eighteen-year-old Georgina became his chosen one.

Photography so captivated Jerry that in 1994 he began to give lessons for free at one of Melbourne's photography schools. Things were going so well that soon Gioniswas appointed to the position of manager, and then led a group of photographers. It was the start of a brilliant career. Already in 1997, the services of a photographer could be obtained in his own studio.

Jerry Gionis photographer

Growing talent and rewards

Jerry has an amazing talent. And his numerous awards speak for it:

  • 2004. Jerry Gionis is named Master of Photography by the Professional Photo Institute of Australia.
  • 2007. Gionis is in the TOP-10 of the best world-famous photographers. In Australia, no one has ever achieved such success. In the same year, the master received the title of "Icon of Photography" from Microsoft. Previously, this title was only awarded in the United States.
  • 2009. Jerry Gionis wins Wedding Album of the Year award. He is also one of the top five masters in the world. Diamond Photographer of the Year is an award given to Gionis for three consecutive years.
  • 2010 year. The photographer became a multiple winner of the annual wedding photography competition in London. Awarded the title of Best Photojournalist of the Year.
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Wedding Photo Guru

Jerry Gionis pays attention to many nuances while working. The lighting for the perfect wedding photo, the background, the shooting technique – it all plays a huge role. Very often, such topics are heard at seminars in different countries of the world, including Russia. Pictures of this master can be found on the pages of many glossy magazines, in catalogs of wedding dresses,educational books, albums. Jerry Gionis is a great photographer. After all, to take a good wedding photo, you need to know the basics of psychology and business.

Jerry Gionis light for perfect wedding photography

Photography technique

The master willingly shares his secrets:

  1. A good specialist should always have enough time to shoot. And for wedding photos, the bride and groom should prepare in advance so as not to do everything in a hurry. First, the master takes pictures at the groom's house, then spends several hours working at the bride's.
  2. Each wedding is individual in its traditions, religious views, culture, social levels of the newlyweds, personal qualities of the bride and groom. Gionis photographs both the ransom of the young, and the first dance, and other moments of the wedding. There is staging in his pictures, but he brings notes of freshness and ease into it. The photographer here should be a subtle psychologist and try to play on people's feelings so that they look as natural as possible in the pictures.
  3. Role-playing games are an important forte of a wedding photographer. The master sets a task for the newlyweds. They must imagine this situation and fulfill his wishes. Humor helps Jerry Gionis to evoke real emotions in the newlyweds. He jokes a lot.
  4. The bride is the most important part of wedding photography. A real master must capture her beauty, distinct lines of the body, sexuality. To do this, you need to contact her all the time, give her compliments, give advice. Jerry Gionis even hascards in the form of photo miniatures as hints for young people: gestures, hand positions, postures.
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The services of a photographer are valued today, so his work requires special skill. As for technology, Gionis never uses an external flash, but shoots with a video light (portable). From any most ordinary interior, the master can make a magical picture. For a beautiful plot, he can use a variety of textures: a guitar, a mirror, a cap, a bouquet, a candle, a wreath, etc.

Light is the most important thing for good wedding photography. The play of shadows and highlights is used by the photographer to the maximum. It is good if it is complemented by a good idea and a thoughtful background. Gionis uses either a wide angle lens or a telephoto lens. From his work, the photographer takes inspiration, energy, drive. Today we can safely say that Jerry Gionis is a photographer from God.

Jerry Gionis

Little secrets

A photographer should talk less and show more, but without a camera in hand. Every professional should consider five key points:

  • light;
  • location;
  • pose;
  • exposure on the face;
  • emotional state.

Weddings are often shot indoors, so you need to make the best use of window light for your photos. Lighting from the side gives texture. The photographer needs to capture objects that reflect the glare. The body of the bride or groom is usually in a position away from the light, and the face should bedirected at him. It is very good if the lighting focuses on the cheekbones. Jerry Gionis keeps all sources open, doesn't close windows.

Not only the bride is the basis of the wedding photo. The groom, too, should not be shackled. For a man, it is very important to throw the body forward in the photo. The chest should be closer to the camera, the stomach is drawn in, the chin is raised. A good shot will be taken near a window if you choose an open light source.

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