Writer Tatyana Forsh: biography, best books and interesting facts
Writer Tatyana Forsh: biography, best books and interesting facts

Readers who have given their hearts to works belonging to the fantasy genre cannot fail to know the name of such a writer as Tatyana Forsh. Fans appreciate the novels of a girl from Novosibirsk for her ability to take a non-standard look at the world of magic, to present creatures such as vampires, dragons, elves, gnomes in a new way. What is known about the biography of the talented author, what books by Forsh must be read by real fantasy fans?

Tatiana Forsh: biographical information

Many fantasy writers prefer to hide the details of their biography from readers, wrapping their past in an attractive veil of mystery. Among them is Tatiana Forsh, whose novels are very popular not only in our country, but also abroad. Even the year of birth of the famous writer remains a mystery to fans and journalists, it is only known that she was born in July.

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The fantasy star spent the first years of her life in Novosibirsk. For the first time, Tatyana Forsh started writing a story,barely celebrating a decade. Interest in creativity in the girl was awakened by a loving father, who often entertained his only child with fantastic stories, including his own.

First successes

The young writer received her first fee at the age of 13. It was then that the magazine "Youth" agreed to publish the girl's story, called "Selena". Unfortunately, now this work, which can be called a kind of pen test, cannot be found. It is only known that when creating the story, Tatyana Forsh turned to plots from ancient Greek mythology.

Not only stories, but also poems were written by the future famous writer in her teenage years. Her first poems were also placed in Youth. However, Tatyana later decided to focus on writing fantasy stories, making poetry writing just one of her hobbies.

The cycle of works "Alanar"

In 1999, the writer Forsh began to create one of her most famous cycles, giving it the mysterious name "Alanar". The central characters of the cycle invite readers to explore a fantasy world with them, where magic rules the show. Of course, there are a variety of fabulous creatures that cannot be found in real life: dragons, elves, gnomes.

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The novel "Changed Prophecy" cannot be ignored when listing the author's most famous books. Forsh Tatyana decided to start the Alanar cycle with this work. This novel will helpreaders to find out how ordinary Friday gatherings with friends can end. The central characters, previously unaware of the existence of magic, are forced to save a strange world, finding themselves in a whirlpool of exciting adventures. Only by coping with a difficult mission, the main characters will have a chance to return home.

In total, the cycle "Alanar" includes four fascinating works, the last novel "Heart of the Light" was published in 2009. It is interesting that the author does not exclude the possibility of returning to the cycle that gave Tatyana her first devoted fans.

Cycle of works "Phoenix"

Of course, "Alanar" is far from the only known cycle of fantasy novels created by Tatyana Forsh. Phoenix is ‚Äč‚Äčanother fascinating multi-book saga written by the author. The cycle opens with the story "Marry the Phoenix". It is curious that the writer positions this work as a course of survival for princesses who, by the will of fate, find themselves in a fairy-tale world whose inhabitants are magical creatures.

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Fantasy fans should definitely check out another work that is part of the saga - How to Find the Phoenix. The main character of the novel is forced to solve riddles related to the personality of the man she married some time ago. Noteworthy is the third work of the cycle, which was recently released by Tatyana Forsh. "How to become a Phoenix" - a novel in which the heroine tries to help her husband defeat a dangerous enemy that threatens himlife.

The "Phoenix" cycle is focused primarily on the fair sex. However, the works included in it can also interest men, as there is a detective line.

The youngest cycle

"Conspiracy of the Guardians" is a saga, the first part of which was released in 2013, called "The Way of Kings". The action takes place in the fictional United Kingdom, which in the old days was inhabited not only by representatives of the human race, but also by magical creatures, including dragons. Dark times have come for the inhabitants of the country with the coming to power of the cruel Cyrus - the ruler, who terrifies even his inner circle. Of course, heroes appear, intent on overthrowing the ruthless tyrant and restoring peace to the kingdom.

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Following "The Way of Kings" Tatyana Forsh wrote another fascinating work, which is part of the "Conspiracy of the Guardians" cycle. The Road to the Throne is a fantasy novel about a bloody struggle for power. Half-sisters are forced to fight for the throne with each other, none of the princesses intends to give in, giving up their legal rights. Readers will have to watch how love suddenly turns into hatred, and friendship into enmity.

Detective novels

Not only fantastic works are created by the famous writer Tatyana Forsh. All books belonging to the detective genre: The Secret of the Queen of Spades, The Black Cauldron, The Phantom Ball. The cycle to which these novels belong title "Signs of Fate".

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"The Secret of the Queen of Spades" is a fascinating work, the central character of which is the seemingly ordinary guy Anton. The young man is a real darling of fate, he never leaves luck. However, Anton's life changes dramatically when a mysterious stranger begins to hunt for a family heirloom.

Interesting facts

Tatyana Forsh, all of whose books (one way or another) acquaint readers with the world of magic, has been interested in such mysterious creatures as vampires since childhood. Most of the writer has always been occupied by the personality of the mysterious Dracula. Not surprisingly, the ruthless killer from Transylvania became one of the main characters of her work "The Diary of an Immortal". The novel is interesting in that its creator departed from the usual image of the prince, presenting the hero of scary tales in a completely new light. Of course, it was warmly received by readers who are intrigued by vampires.

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St. Petersburg is the city where the writer Forsh has been living for many years. The northern capital has been chosen as a fantasy star for its amazing atmosphere that helps it create magical stories.

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