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American astrologer Max Handel - biography, books and interesting facts
American astrologer Max Handel - biography, books and interesting facts

Max Handel is a famous American astrologer, occultist who claims to be a clairvoyant, mystic and esotericist. In the USA, he is considered one of the founders of modern astrology, an outstanding Christian mystic. In 1909, he founded the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, which became one of the key forces in the formation, dissemination and development of astrology in the United States. Handel has repeatedly claimed to be a modern representative of the ancient Rosicrucian order. The majority learned about the main provisions of this doctrine precisely from his works. Those who knew him personally claimed that the mystic succeeded in conquering people thanks to the atmosphere of honesty and involvement, as well as mental purity.

Childhood and youth

Max Handel was born in 1865 in the Danish city of Aarhus. His father, Franz von Grasshof, was from Berlin. Most likely, he ended up in Denmark in 1864 during the Danish-Prussian war, having arrived as part of the invading army.

Von Grasshof decidedto stay in this country, found himself a Danish wife, Anna Petersen. They had two sons. The hero of our article was the eldest in their family. After he emigrated to America, he changed his name there and became Max Handel.

When the boy was only six years old, his father died. Mother raised two children in extremely cramped circumstances. From a young age, they knew what poverty and deprivation were.

In search of a better life

In search of prosperity, Max Handel left Denmark in 1884, as soon as he began an independent life. In the Scottish city of Glasgow, he met Catherine, who became his wife. They married in 1885.

Young people immediately after a modest wedding left for Liverpool, where Karl went to serve in the merchant navy.

Emigration to America

Mystical interpretation of Christmas

Life in the UK did not bring the desired future mystic, and in 1896 he decides to emigrate to the United States. In America, Max and his wife settled in the town of Somerville, Massachusetts. And he got a job at a brewery as an engineer.

In 1903 they move to Los Angeles, where his profession is also in demand. The hero of our article is interested in metaphysics, so he soon joins the local Theosophical Society, and in 1904 even becomes its vice president. In parallel, he begins to study astrology. Handel's books Simplified Scientific Astrology and Message from the Stars are considered by experts to be key publications for the resurgence of interest in astrology in America.

Blavatsky's ideas

Helena Blavatsky

In 1907, Handel travels to Germany, where he meets with one of the leaders of the Rosicrucian Order, who passes on important knowledge to him, later set forth by the hero of our article in his writings.

His first exclusively literary work is the book "Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine". In fact, it included a recording of two of his lectures given at the Theosophical Society in Los Angeles.

His friend Manly Palmer Hall recalled that it took years of her life to prepare these lectures. Handel was able to significantly increase the level of his mystical knowledge, earning recognition as one of the most famous Christian mystics in America.

Handel always spoke with admiration about the famous Russian religious philosopher Helena Blavatsky, from whom he received his first knowledge in the field of the occult sciences.

Rosicrucian Brotherhood

Emblem of the Rosicrucian Order

In 1909, Handel founded the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. Officially, it declares itself as the International Association of Christian Mysticism. The purpose of the Brotherhood is to bring the age of Aquarius and proclaim the so-called true philosophy of the Rosicrucians.

Handel claims to have Christian esoteric mysteries, fragmentary information about which is contained in the Gospel of Luke and Matthew. Thanks to them, he has the opportunity to establish unity for religion, art and science, preparing the man of the future through the harmonious development of the heart and mind, as well as selflessservice to all mankind.

The Rosicrucian Brotherhood under the leadership of Handel is engaged in holding spiritual healing services, organizing courses in esoteric Christianity, spiritual astrology and philosophy. The headquarters of the Brotherhood was located in California on Mount Ecclesia, over time, its students and followers appeared in all corners of the planet.

Members of the Brotherhood believe that their main mission is to make everyone aware of the scientific method of the systematic development of man, with which you can create the so-called Body of the Soul. All this should hasten the Second Coming of Christ.

Handel's main work

Works of Max Handel

Max Handel's main book is "The Cosmogonic Conception of the Rosicrucians, or Mystical Christianity". This work is published under the title "An Elementary Course on the Past Evolution, the Present Structure and the Future Development of Man." It contains a unique scheme of evolutionary processes in which man and the Universe are directly involved. They correlate with religion and scientific ideas of the early 20th century.

Max Handel's book "The Cosmogonic Concept of the Rosicrucians" is dedicated to the relationship of man to the Almighty, the author writes a lot about the invisible worlds, anthropogenesis and cosmogenesis, Jesus Christ and the limitations of the Bible. In this work, he compares three theories that, in his opinion, can be given attention, and can also be put forward in order to finally solve the question of the mysteries of Death and Life.

Max Handel's Predictions

Rosicrucian teachings

Interestingly, in his prophecies, Handel often paid attention to Russia. In 1911, in his "Cosmogonic Concept", he wrote that it was from the Slavs that a people would come who would become the last of the seven sub-races of the Aryan Epoch.

This will happen when the majority of citizens independently decide to obey a strong Leader, so the ground will arise for the formation of a New Race, and all the rest will soon cease to exist. The American astrologer believed that it was from the Slavs that the New People of the Earth would come, which would help form the so-called United Spiritual Brotherhood. Here is what Max Handel predicted about Russia.

Handel's Theories

Max Handel family

In his work, Max Handel substantiates the first, materialistic theory. According to her, life is the journey of each person, which he makes from the womb of his mother to the grave. At the same time, the mind is a certain important type of matter, and a person acts as the highest knowing being in the entire Cosmos. His main difference from other creatures is his cognitive ability, which systematically fades away after his death with the physical disintegration of the body.

In theological theory, Handel states that the soul enters the arena of life at each new birth, going there directly from God's hands. She goes from invisible to visible. And when the term of life allotted to a person ends, it rushes into the otherworldly something that remains invisible to people. From there, she never returns. It happens that hersuffering or happiness is forever determined solely by her actions, in that tiny interval between death and birth.

Books by Max Gendley

Another theory is called the "Renaissance Theory". It teaches that any soul in this world is an inseparable part of God, while it contains all the possibilities that are available to the Most High. For example, how a plant contains grain. As a result, with the help of constantly repeating existences in the earthly shell, the body systematically increases its latent capabilities, turning them into dynamic abilities. Thus, Handel was convinced, humanity would eventually achieve its ultimate goal of reunion with God and perfection.

Another important work by Max Handel is Esoteric Principles of He alth and Healing. In it, he formulates the key principles on which the Rosicrucians rely in their practices. That is, these are attempts to solve he alth problems with the help of esotericism. In his work, the author explains the causes of psychological and physical disorders, the occurrence of various diseases, and also gives practical advice for their healing.

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