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Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich: biography and creativity
Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich: biography and creativity

Today we are going to talk about a man who boldly went forward, despite the fact that he was constantly put sticks in his wheels. The courage and dignity of our hero deserve praise and admiration. The funny thing is that Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich is an ordinary person who simply followed the call of his heart and did not adapt to circumstances, but went against them. The author has written several books, each of which deserves special attention. Today we will talk about the life of our hero, as well as consider his creative side, personal motives for writing books and try to find a grain of truth among various informational garbage.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich

Meet the hero

Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich was born on October 30, 1965. The boy was born in the beautiful city of Leningrad, which attracted the attention of people from all over the world. Igor Pykhalov is a well-known publicist and author of books about Russia. All his work is permeated with one idea - exposing the myths about Stalin's times. Naturally, all his books are devoted to the maximum disclosure of this topic. Also, it opens the veilactivities of the NKVD.

In addition to literary activity, Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich is also a person with an active life position. He created a project on the Internet called "For Stalin". His most famous books were: "The Great Slandered War", "Beria and the purge in the NKVD" and "For what Stalin evicted the peoples." Today our hero is 51 years old and lives in Russia. He also created his own website, which we will discuss below. Before creating the site, he published his thoughts on a popular free Internet resource, but since 2013 he has not appeared there anymore.

Political life

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich, whose books are in extraordinary demand and public interest, studied at the Institute of Aviation Instrumentation in his native city. After graduating from a higher educational institution, he worked as a programmer within the walls of the same institute.

Igor Vasilievich graduated from the institute in 1988, and in the same year he joined the ranks of the CPSU, having previously become a candidate. Already in 1989, he became a member of the Leningrad People's Front, which was just beginning to form. At the beginning of the next year, he became a member of the Leningrad City Party Club. This is how his political life began to spin rapidly, in which the young man was very involved and which he recognized from the inside. All these activities attracted him very much, he was a true and loyal member of the party, ready to fight for its ideals.

It is very interesting to observe how the views of a reasonable and educated person who believes in the party changed after he saw the whole “mechanism”from the inside, but more on that later.

pykhalov igor vasilievich books

In February 1990, he actively participated in the first conference of the city's Democratic Platform as a delegate. On March 4, 1990, elections were held in which Pykhalov ran for deputies of the Leningrad City Council. Having failed, he left the party in May of this year.

Life after the party

For some time, Igor Pykhalov disappears from the political life of society. The "respite" period lasted quite a long time. To date, Igor himself does not give a specific answer to what he has been doing all those long years. It is not known exactly how he spent this time, but there are many legends and conjectures. Some believe that he was collecting information for the secret services, while others suggest that he was desperate and did not want to communicate with anyone. It is impossible to know a definite answer, because journalists did not follow Pykhalov, his environment is very limited, and he himself is silent.

The author showed up in August 2014 and went to fight in the Luhansk region as a volunteer. Starting from August 15, he was a grenade launcher, went to the front lines a couple of times.

pykhalov igor vasilievich the great slanderous war

Sources of information

The creative activity of Igor Pykhalov is dedicated to the themes of Stalin's times. It is not known why he is so interested in these events, but it is surprising on what grounds he interprets all events from his own point of view. Of course, now we live in a free country, but still it is not clear wherehe takes the facts that he so zealously proves in his books.

It is undoubtedly very interesting to read it. Each page captures and does not let go, but is everything written true? It is difficult to answer this question, but it is still strange, how does the average person get access to materials that should be closed? Hence the logical assumption about whether all of his books are just a successful sparkling fiction that is aimed at attracting a mass audience and making a profit?

In simple terms, maybe everything written is just a way to make money? Well, this cannot be argued, because if you are not caught, you are not a thief. At the same time, many questions about Pykhalov's work remain open.

It is worth noting that he is often invited to television or radio in order to discuss some issues of the past. Why is he trusted to talk about the historical past of the country? Again, the same idea arises that all this is nothing more than a pursuit of ratings on the air. Let's leave these arguments and move on to the facts.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich for which Stalin sent the people


The creativity of our hero is limited to a few themes that are in each of his books. Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich, whose biography is discussed above, is a man who is confident in his views, therefore in the book he clearly sets out his opinion on the political events of the past years. The main themes of all his works are the activities of the MGB and the NKVD in the Soviet Union. Much attention is paid to the Stalinist repressions, the terrible Holodomor in Ukraine, the massdeportation of peoples and other terrible events.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich biography

Several times well-known and influential personalities accused Pykhalov of falsifying and manipulating historical facts to deceive the population, as well as inciting ethnic hatred. Thus, the Ombudsman of Chechnya Nurdi Nukhazhiyeva and the Ingush legislator Buzurtanova M. said that Igor Vasilyevich was deliberately inciting conflicts between different nationalities, thus popularizing his image among the masses. Moreover, Pykhalov's article about the resettlement of Chechens and Ingush was included in a separate list of extremist materials.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich: "The Great Slandered War"

The book was published in 2005 by Eskmo publishing house. She tells about the events of the Great Patriotic War. The author debunks many myths and conjectures that exist in the modern information space. Many of his thoughts and proofs are really reasonable and true, but sometimes the subjectivity of the author is still clearly visible.

The book refers to military literature. It is written in the form of questions to which Pykhalov gives clear and unambiguous answers. In the annotation, the author writes that his creation is intended for a wide range of readers who want to know the truth about their historical past. Pykhalov says that recently thoughts have been infiltrated more and more aggressively into the minds of people that blur the boundaries of reality, turning the Great War into a small, insignificant fact. This trend is observed on television, andalso in popular literature.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich, the author of this book, subjects many allegedly reliable facts to critical analysis, which makes the absurdity of many media statements obvious.

pykhalov igor vasilievich creativity


Igor Pykhalov drew on himself multiple criticism, as his works clearly show personal sympathy for historical figures, so you can not expect an objective point of view from his books. Then a natural question arises: “Why write?” If these are just your own thoughts, facts altered in your own way, then why write and publish this gibberish? It would be much wiser if only independent professionals could deal with the clarification of historical events, and not everyone.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilyevich is the author of books in which his sympathy for Stalin is clearly visible. How can you count on the fact that all events are described reliably if they pass through a certain prism of the writer's perception?

Works by the author

The author's works are quite numerous, he has written several books and articles. All of them are united by one theme. All articles can be read on the Internet - they are freely available. Any book by Pykhalov can be purchased in paper or electronic form. Several of his books are the most popular: "US Intelligence Services", the already familiar to us "The Great Blasted War" and "The most vile myths about Stalin".

Personal website

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich, whose work required more and more informationspace, created his website. Today (beginning of 2017), unfortunately, it does not work, but technical problems will be fixed in the near future. On the site, he indicated all the necessary information about himself, and also posted all his works there and opened access for free commenting on the material.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich beating

The reason why the site is down is unknown.

Pykhalov Igor Vasilievich: beating

The attack happened in 2010, November 11th. The writer was attacked by two unknown guys at the very entrance of his house. Igor Vasilievich's nose was broken, and numerous bruises were found on his body. He did not leave it just like that and turned to the St. Petersburg police for help.

What did Igor Pykhalov himself think about this? “For what Stalin expelled the people” is the author’s book, which tells about the resettlement of Chechens and Ingush. The writer himself is sure that the attack was carried out by persons of Caucasian nationality in connection with the information contained in the above-mentioned book. This confidence is based on the fact that the attackers did not talk to the man, nor did they try to rob him. Interestingly, before the attack, strangers called Igor Vasilyevich's father to make sure that Pykhalov Jr. was not at home.

A well-known foundation called "Historical Memory" supported the author, wishing him a speedy recovery, and also pointing out that beating should not be an argument in resolving any disputes.

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