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Soviet teacher Anton Makarenko - quotes, creativity and biography
Soviet teacher Anton Makarenko - quotes, creativity and biography

Anton Semenovich Makarenko is known not only in Russia, but all over the world. His principles of education and training continue to be used by teachers in their activities. Makarenko's quotes are a reflection of his views not only on pedagogy, but also on personality.

Short biography and creativity

A. S. Makarenko is one of the four teachers, according to UNESCO, who had a great influence on the formation and development of the pedagogical thought of the twentieth century. Anton Semenovich was born in the family of a worker-painter of railway workshops. The younger brother Makarenko helped the elder in the implementation of his pedagogical system. It was he who proposed to introduce elements of the game and militarization into classes.

Anton Semenovich graduated from the Poltava Teacher's Institute with honors, created a labor colony in which there were "difficult" children. It was there that he decided to implement his pedagogical system. His views were liked by M. Gorky, who provided all kinds of support to the teacher. Thanks to the successful re-education and socialization of his pupils, Makarenko becameone of the country's leading pedagogical figures.

When Anton Semenovich moved to Moscow, he mainly engaged in creative activities. His main literary work is Pedagogical Poem. Makarenko also wrote other fiction and autobiographical stories. Anton Semenovich also worked on scientific projects, of the most famous ones - "Methods of organizing the educational process." His literary works reflected his views on education. Below are Makarenko's quotes about pedagogy and other important aspects of education.

teacher and his pupils

About education

Anton Makarenko believed that everything educates a person: the environment, books and, of course, people. The teacher must be able to see in each child an individual who needs to be cared for and treated with respect.

"Educates everything: people, things, phenomena, but first of all and for the longest time - people. Of these, parents and teachers come first."

This quote by Makarenko about education shows that parents and teachers play an important and major role in shaping a child's personality. Therefore, adults should understand that they are an example for children. Not only parents and teachers take part in education, but the whole environment.

"You cannot teach a person to be happy, but you can educate him so that he is happy."

A person becomes happy when he appreciates what he has. It is important to develop the right values ​​from an early age.child. It is also important that there are as many joyful moments in his life as possible - because then the state of joy will be natural for him. And, as an adult, a person will try to help people and teach them to be happy.

monument to Anton Makarenko

About caregivers

Makarenko's quotes about raising children also reflect his ideas about what a teacher should be like. Anton Semenovich believed that the educator should not put himself above the child, he should be his friend and help him learn about the world around him.

"Before you start educating your children, check your own upbringing."

Children are in many ways a reflection of their parents, copying their behavior, because for them parents are an example to follow. Therefore, if you are concerned about the behavior of the child and his mannerisms, first analyze your behavior. The child is a reflection of the parents.

"Only a living example brings up a child, not words, even the best ones, but not supported by deeds."

If an adult only speaks, but does not back up his words with deeds, or even vice versa, then they will not be useful for the child. But one thing done right will help much more in education.

father and child watching birds

About friendship

It is important to bring up the right attitude towards friendship in a child. Friends need to be respected and helped, as Makarenko says in this quote:

"Never friendship is possible without mutualrespect".

It happens that when a child begins to feel like a leader, there is some neglect of friends. But you need to understand that each person is a person with his own characteristics, and he must be treated with respect. A true friend will always support his friends, help them overcome their shortcomings and become better.

One of the important pedagogical principles of A. S. Makarenko is the ability to work in a team. The ability to make friends and respect your comrades is the key to productive collective activity. Friendship forms such concepts as empathy, respect, the ability to properly build a dialogue and organize the activities of friends.

children playing ball

About love

Every child needs to be brought up in an atmosphere of love. Often children become sullen, unsociable and disobedient due to its lack. It is on love and respect that education should be built.

"To teach to love, to teach to recognize love, to teach to be happy - it means to teach to respect oneself, to teach human dignity."

A person who does not consider love a manifestation of weakness, a person who is not afraid to show it in relation to his loved ones is a strong and properly educated person. Such a person will take care of the feelings of other people, will take care of them. Everyone loves to know they are loved and cared for.

"Love is the greatest feeling that does wonders in general, that creates new people, creates the greatesthuman values".

These Makarenko quotes about love teach not only teachers, but also parents that not only strictness is needed in education, but also a careful attitude to the emerging personality. The child must feel that, despite his mistakes, he will still be loved. And this is even more true for children who were brought up in dysfunctional families. It was in such an atmosphere that Anton Semenovich Makarenko brought up his wards.

About character

Everyone wants their child to grow up happy, purposeful, hardworking and have an inner core. All this can and should be brought up, of course, taking into account personal characteristics.

"The hardest thing is demanding yourself."

It is important to teach a child to objectively evaluate himself and his abilities, to make reasonable demands not only on others, but also on himself, because this is how a person can improve in the future.

"Great will is not only the ability to wish and achieve something, but the ability to force yourself and give up something when necessary. Will is not just desire and its satisfaction, but it is also desire and stop, and desire and refusal".

In this quote by Anton Semenovich Makarenko, attention is paid to the definition of will. After all, the person who has willpower can achieve his goals and improve himself. But most consider it only from one side: to achieve what you want. But true willpower is also manifested when a person cangive up something if it will benefit him or others.

children at school

About purpose

One of the important directions in education is the education of purposefulness. The child must understand that any business has a goal - then his activity will be beneficial. And adults should be able to properly organize the activities of the child (even the game).

"Nothing can be done well if you don't know what you want to achieve."

Only understanding what result you want to achieve, a person will receive joy and benefit from his activity, then he will try to do it well.

About parents and children

The main teachers for a child are his parents. By their example, he learns how to behave and communicate with others.

"By raising children, today's parents are raising the future history of our country, and therefore the history of the world."

Parents should understand that their children are the future. And depending on how they educate them, the further development of society will depend. It is important to develop in children a respectful attitude towards others, diligence and purposefulness, teach them compassion, then people will be able to form a society in which everyone will respect each other.

adult and child

"Children are the lifeblood of society. Without them, it seems bloodless and cold."

Makarenko's quotes about children show that they are the driving force behind developmentsociety. For their sake, people try to create better conditions, to develop. Children are the joy in a person's life and a reflection of their parents.

The activity of Anton Semenovich Makarenko had a great influence on the development of pedagogical thought. His system of education had many followers who adhered to the principles that were at the basis of the methods of education of A. S. Makarenko. The main thing in his system of pedagogical views is to be an example for the emerging personality and show respect for the child.

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