Uspensky Peter Demyanovich: biography and creativity
Uspensky Peter Demyanovich: biography and creativity

Our today's hero is Pyotr Demyanovich Uspensky. His biography will be discussed in detail later. We are talking about a Russian writer, journalist, philosopher, theosophist, esotericist, occultist and tarologist. He is a mathematician by training. He is the author of the books A New Model of the Universe and Tertium Organum. Companion of Gurdjieff. He showed interest in the cosmological metaphysical ideas of the fourth dimension. He used a logical-analytical approach in the study of mysticism. Among the first voiced the idea of ​​fruitfulness from the synthesis of esotericism and psychology.


Uspensky Petr Demyanovich

Uspensky Petr Demyanovich comes from a family of commoners. Our hero was born in March 1878 in Moscow. Graduated from high school. Received a mathematical education. Petr Demyanovich Uspensky became interested in Theosophy while working as a journalist in the team of the Moscow newspaper Morning. From that moment on, he collaborated with many "leftist" publications. He gave lectures in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Peter Demyanovich Uspensky

Pyotr Demyanovich Uspensky made a journalistic trip in 1908. So he went to the East. There he sought mystical revelations and visions. Visited yogis in India. After that, he concluded that occult wisdom lies in activity, and not contemplation. As a result, Uspensky Peter Demyanovich became interested in the ideology of the sects of Islam. Our hero again went to India. There he lived within the walls of the headquarters of the Theosophical Society, which was located in Adyar. It was there that the future writer met Hermann Keserling, a German mystic. Our hero decided to join forces with this man and create a new association together. It had to be mystical. However, the First World War prevented the implementation of these plans. In 1915, the journalist met with G. Gurdjieff. He soon became the assistant and disciple of this man. In 1916, our hero is drafted into the army. After the revolution, the writer joined the Gurdjieff association. Together they went to Essentuki. Our hero, after the arrival of the Red troops, remained in this city. There he worked as a librarian. Soon came Denikin's army. After that, our hero took the post of adviser to Major Pinder, who was the head of the British economic delegation. Retreating with the White troops, our hero ended up in Constantinople in 1920. Gurdjieff's group soon arrived there. In 1921 the writer went to Great Britain. Lived in London. Our hero stopped cooperating with Gurdjieff. The reason was the rejection of the rigid relationship between the teacher and the student. Influenced by ideasSteiner, which spread in Europe. As a result, he began to develop his own system in the field of education. According to her, it is impossible to acquire esoteric knowledge without joining the pedagogical tradition. In 1938 he became the founder of the London "Historical and Psychological Society" - an institute that studied the esoteric development of people. In 1941, he foresaw the spread of the war throughout Europe and went to the USA. Settled in New York. From 1941 to 1947 he carried out esoteric group work in the USA, France and England. Among the visitors to his lectures were even famous writers such as Thomas Eliot and Aldous Huxley.


Uspensky Peter Demyanovich books

Uspensky Peter Demyanovich had his own very original views. They were appreciated by the intellectual elite of pre-revolutionary Russia. At the same time, our hero remained in history only as an associate of Gurdjieff and co-author of his teaching of self-development. It should be noted that the writer played an invaluable role in the "Fourth Way" - one of the most notable movements in the esotericism of the 20th century. The teachings of "Gurdjieff-Ouspensky" are often considered the work of the former. However, not only its basic version has been implemented. The original version, which was not preserved, did not fully satisfy our hero. He was one of the main ascetics of the "4th way". After many years of active participation in this work, our hero believed that Gurdjieff was hiding or not knowing some key aspects of the teaching. The writer had grounds for such conclusions. He accepted and recognized the need for a "secret" thatextended to the uninitiated. However, he considered this acceptable only as long as such an approach contributes to the correct development of the adept.


Above, we have already told what path Uspensky Petr Demyanovich went through. His books will be presented below. The following works belong to the pen of our hero: "The Fourth Dimension", "The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin", Tertium Organum, "Tarot Symbols", "A New Model of the Universe", "In Search of the Miraculous", "Conversations with the Devil".


Peter Demyanovich Uspensky biography

Uspensky Petr Demyanovich published articles on the pages of the Martinist occult journal Isis. He published a collection of lectures "The Psychology of the Possible Evolution of Man" (the continuation of this work speaks of cosmology). A number of posthumous publications were published: “Further Recordings”, “The Fourth Way”, “Letters from Russia in 1919”, “Conscience. Search for the truth.”

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