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Oleg Sinitsyn: biography and creativity
Oleg Sinitsyn: biography and creativity

In Oleg Sinitsyn's adventure novels, fantasy is intertwined with reality. His books are riddled with ancient legends, mysteries and miracles. The heroes of his works do not seek adventure - adventures find them themselves.

About the writer

Oleg was born in 1972 in the city of Yaroslavl. High school and in 1994 graduated from the university there. I have been fond of science fiction and adventure novels since childhood. He started writing stories himself at the age of nine.

Known not only as a writer, but also as a screenwriter. In 2004, the Paramir company bought the rights to the film adaptation of the Rock Climber series. In 2007, a feature film was released. Oleg Sinitsyn lives and works in his hometown.

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The writer made his debut in 2000 with the story “The Twenty-fifth Hour”, published in the Star Road magazine. A year later, the novel "Magma" was published. The author has more than 20 works. The most famous are the dilogy “Special Storage”, “Astrowars”, “Barbie”, “To the Sound of Music”, “Battle for Death”, “Forbidden Door” and the tetralogy “Rock Climber”. Both readers and critics warmly respond to all Oleg Sinitsyn's books.

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“Rock Climber”

The first novel in the Rock Climber tetralogy was published in 2003. The main character Alena Ovchinnikova, a translator from ancient languages, comes to Turkey for excavations and accidentally becomes the owner of a ring that points the way to a powerful artifact. A secret organization is trying with all its might to take possession of a priceless ring. It would seem that there is nothing easier than taking a ring from a girl. Only the enemy did not take into account Alena's iron character and a great desire to achieve the truth at all costs.

The second book "Rock Climber and Dead Water" was published in 2003. The heroine of the novel, familiar to readers, was invited to a secular reception in France, where she became an unwitting witness to the murder. The deceased doctor studied the works of medieval alchemists about dead water. A secret organization, by all means, wants to take possession of the liquid with which you can take over the whole world.

In 2004 the third novel of Oleg Sinitsyn's tetralogy "Rock Climber and the Stone of Destinies" was published. Fate throws the restless Alena into the cycle of new events. Two strangers turned to the girl for help and asked to find an artifact of the Scandinavians. As a reward, they promised to tell the truth about her father. The search thread led the girl through the mountains of Southern Europe, foggy London, Moscow avenues, and the reward exceeded all expectations.

The final, fourth book - "The Climber and the World Tree" by Oleg Sinitsyn was published in 2006. All religions contain the legend of the world tree. But Alena is not interested in whether it really exists.The girl lives a quiet calm life. But one day she is kidnapped, and Alena finds herself in a valley where there is no civilization. The kidnappers need Alena's knowledge to find the truth about the World Tree.

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“Special Storage”

In 2007 the first book of Oleg Sinitsyn's "Special Storage" series was published. The protagonist of the novel, retired captain Valery Stremnin, took up the post of head of security in an old underground bunker and did not suspect that an extraterrestrial artifact was stored there, which was required by aliens from outer space. Deciding to subjugate the Earth with the help of an artifact, the alien invaders entered the fight against the irreconcilable retired captain.

The military settlement where the research was carried out is attacked by space aggressors. Valery Stremnin, unfairly accused of destroying state property, is serving his sentence here and accidentally finds himself outside the blockade. To prevent an irreparable disaster, he has to go through a difficult path through swamps inhabited by creepy creatures.

Other books

  • The novel "Magma", published in 2001, tells about seismologist Yevgeny Kuznetsov. PhD, he does not know how to hold a weapon in his hands, but he has to find the key to the secret from which people die. No one believes the scientist, they try to prevent him, but Evgeny is moving inexorably towards the discovery through ups and downs.
  • In 2005 Oleg Sinitsyn's book "Astrowars" was published. In it, humanity leads a peaceful life, cruel wars are far behind. For a thousand years, the ruthless orcs have waited for the moment. And he has arrived. Huge hordesblack starships controlled by demonic super-warriors are ready to cross the border. Only ancient knowledge will help to resist them.
  • In 2005, the book “The Battle for Death” was published. The action in the novel takes place during the war. Moscow has been razed to the ground and occupied by the Nazis, but resistance continues. The Red Army soldiers were ordered to take the height, they fall into the forest, which is not on the map, and plunge into pagan horror.
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Oleg Sinitsyn's novel "The Forbidden Door" was published in 2008. The main character, doctor Andrei Ilyin, discovered that his patients see the same thing - a door with a spiral image. The doctor himself sees it in a dream, but it is impossible to open it, and it is not known where it leads. A sudden catastrophe changes the life of a St. Petersburg doctor. And now he can penetrate into another world, beyond dreams, and has extraordinary abilities

In reviews of the works of Oleg Sinitsyn, readers note that the author has a high-quality, literary language and style. Almost all novels have a bright and dynamic plot. Books are read in one breath - without unnecessary reasoning, with good humor and a professional approach to detail.

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