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How to make Smeshariki out of paper: ideas, patterns and tips
How to make Smeshariki out of paper: ideas, patterns and tips

Smeshariki are the favorite cartoon characters of modern children. A distinctive feature of this cartoon is excellent humor, which will appeal to adults too. And since parents can watch this animated series with their children, then it will not be difficult for them to build a beautiful DIY craft for them together. From this article you will learn how to make Smeshariki out of paper. Such a joint pastime will be a great occasion to get even closer and have a great evening.

How to make a Smeshariki out of paper and CDs

Since all Smeshariki are round, you can experiment a lot with the base for their torso. Children and their parents create these characters from fruits and vegetables, from balls of yarn, from balloons, and even from CDs. In order to make such a craft, you need to have a couple of CDs, colored paper and a glue stick.

First think about the composition: how your smesharik will stand, what will be in his hands, then cut out the hero’s arms and legs, then the details of the image. Place all the details on the disk and glue them. Can be complicatedcrafts and add other materials besides paper: Nyusha make a nose out of a button, and glue an artificial flower on her head, Sovunya stick a voluminous pompom on a hat. Experiment!

Craft from disks

Masks of Smeshariki

Another paper craft idea for Smeshariki lovers is masks that you will not only enjoy making, but also have fun playing with them later. In order to please your child with such a mask, you need to save the picture that will be located below and simply print it on a color printer. Then cut out the mask you like, stick it on thick cardboard and glue a thin elastic band to it. Ready! Now you can arrange a whole theater where you can transform into any hero. If you don't have a color printer, don't worry! Just redraw the mask on a white sheet of thick paper and repeat the procedure with an elastic band!

Smeshariki masks

How to make Smeshariki out of paper with your own hands: applications of heroes

In order to create a funny application in the form of Smeshariki with your child, you also need to print the templates already given below on a color printer. It is best to stick them on thick paper or cardboard using a glue stick. When working with PVA glue, the pattern may be smeared.

Application Pin and Kopatych

Such work develops thinking, as it resembles picking up puzzles. Be at the moment of creating the work next to the child and help him find the right element!

And here are some more templates for other Smeshariki!Create together!

paper craft

Come up with your own interesting ideas for creating Smeshariki paper crafts! Try to create voluminous works, give your child full play in this exciting form of creativity.

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