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Knitting is unusual, but beautiful. Creative ideas for needlework
Knitting is unusual, but beautiful. Creative ideas for needlework

Beautiful knitted things are loved by many. The most ardent fans learn to knit and make clothes, interior items and decor on their own. However, after a storm of delight from the first sweaters, dresses, blouses and hats, disappointment and even boredom often sets in.

Favorite patterns are not encouraging, and all models seem ordinary and unoriginal. It's good that there are practically no limits in creativity for craftsmen who own crochet and knitting needles!

knitting unusual

Show your personal vision in many ways:

  • Apply familiar patterns in a completely different way.
  • Combine different kinds of materials and yarns.
  • Find or invent unusual knitting techniques.
  • Use tools or items that have never been used before.

What is creativity and what sauce is it served with

The word "creative" is translated from English as"creation". That is, it should be called something created (created) by man. By and large, both completely new ideas and a fresh combination of familiar elements are creative.

When it comes to knitting, it's hard to find anything completely new here, because the basic elements remain the same: front and back loops, double crochet and without. But the original cut of clothes, the use of interesting materials and the play with the scale of fabrics - this is all modern knitting.

Unusual ideas are sometimes so amazing that it becomes interesting how the designer came to his discovery. For example, who first thought of tying a tree? And why? Probably out of love for beauty.

unusual crochet

Beautiful knitted items that completely duplicate other models are not creative. But changing the cut, applying different patterns and adding your own flair turns the process of copying into creative creation.

Minimum scale: knitted toys

Funny little soft toys made by crochet or knitting have become very popular. Such knitting, unusual and very fun, takes a little time and does not require large stocks of yarn. The main thing here is the accurate execution of all elements (loops and columns), as well as the observance of geometric accuracy.

knitting unusual ideas

Such an unusual, creative crochet and knitting is called "amigurumi". True, more and more often this term is used only for toys created with the help ofhook.

A distinctive feature of the amigurumi technique was the touching expression of the faces and muzzles of finished toys. They are great to cheer up, so they are often used as gifts.

XXL size hinges

In recent years, a rather specific type of knitting has become popular - working with very thick, even, untwisted yarn. Initially, merino wool was used, but such a thread turns out to be very expensive. Now many manufacturers of materials for needlework offer a wide range of different yarns. For example, sheep wool with cotton or acrylic, as well as merino with impurities to reduce the cost.

This knitting is unusual, quite fast and extremely motivating for further work.

Most often, voluminous hats, snood scarves and blankets are knitted from such thick threads. Craftswomen choose products with a simple cut (usually rectangular), because cutting loops of this scale looks sloppy.

Such unusual knitting does not require any complex patterns, stocking knitting is enough.

Interesting jacquards

Who would have thought how varied and original jacquard patterns can be! The history of this technique goes back several hundred years, but new approaches to its implementation are constantly emerging.

Jacquards knitted with melange yarn look extremely interesting. Even though the ornaments look the most traditional, this knitting is unusual and original due to the color scheme. To form a pattern, craftswomen choose a sectional dyeing material with a verylong areas of color transition. For example, there is such a yarn where the areas dyed with a certain color are several tens of meters. As a result, the finished product has a very smooth and beautiful transition from one color to another.

unusual knitting

As a background, a solid yarn of a suitable color or another melange thread can be used. Traditionally, the background is knitted in a darker color, and the ornaments are made lighter.

Hats, beanies and hats

Wishing to entertain themselves and their loved ones, masters who own crochet and knitting needles create creative and unimaginable hats. The variety of funny hats is amazing:

  • Different types of helmets.
  • Hats with beards.
  • Gas masks.
  • Yarn wigs.
  • Food themed hats (cupcakes, hamburger, chicken leg).

This kind of knitting is unusual from the point of view of people who have a traditional and conservative view of knitting skills. Of course, these hats are not worn to go to work, they are used for photo shoots or as original gifts.

beautiful knitted things

Schemes are developed not only by bored craftsmen, but also by designers who want to become famous in social networks. First of all, they rely on the creativity and unusualness of their models.

Freeform - "magic" crochet technique

In search of inspiration and new ideas, masters often invent completely new approaches and techniques. pinnacleknitting art can be called such a technique as freeform.

unusual knitting techniques

Its peculiarity is that the canvas is made up of individual motifs. Unlike Irish lace or just a pattern, freeform motifs have the following features:

  • High density. Often the fabric is so solid that it is suitable for making a coat.
  • Non-standard shape. There are no rectangular, triangular or hexagonal fragments. Usually for freeform, motifs are knitted with round outlines, curls and asymmetrical protrusions.
  • The presence of volumetric elements. Lush, postal and twisted columns are almost always used, as well as voluminous scars and lines laid over the finished canvas.

Freeform is suitable for making clothes, accessories and interior items.

unusual creative crochet

Among craftswomen, models of cardigans and coats made up of colored motifs in such a way that a gradient transition is obtained. Usually darker fragments are placed below, and lighter motifs are placed above. In the most contrasting models, one can observe a transition from a rather dark color (lower edge of the back and shelves) to a very light one (shoulder line, collar).

Variety of materials

The creativity of masters often combines unusual crochet with knitted canvases. They are also quite often combined with fragments of fabric and leather.

Metal are used as fittings,wooden and plastic buckles, rings, clips, chains, buttons, buttons and other items.

Many designers combine their passion for knitting with their love of creating jewelry. This is how knitted beads, necklaces, brooches, hairpins and other jewelry are born.

Knitted jewelry can be large and created in the style of "folk" or be quite elegant accessories that are quite capable of embellishing an evening outfit.

Knitted elements are combined with beads made of wood, plastic, metal, glass, precious stones and Austrian crystals.

Freedom of thought is the main quality of a creative designer

Many knitters, looking at photos of original items created with a hook or knitting needles, sigh heavily and think that they cannot do anything like that. However, such work does not require compliance with any rules and cannot be subject to strict requirements.

The beauty of creativity is precisely to create something that did not exist before. Therefore, do not be upset because of the inability to knit hats. Today, individuality is the price, so maybe you need to think about your own unusual bags, mittens or house slippers that no one has ever seen before.

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