Doublet is difficult, but spectacular and spectacular
Doublet is difficult, but spectacular and spectacular

Billiards is a very popular game. "Roll balls" is available to everyone. The speed of the game and the spectacle depend on the skill level of the opponents. At first glance it seems that there is nothing difficult in this game, but it is far from it.

Billiards is a real sport

Amateurs do not particularly bother about tactics and strategy in general, for them this game is a simple and enjoyable entertainment. For professionals, the opposite is true; in their eyes, this is a real sport that requires daily grueling workouts. For them, not empty words klapshtos, bracing and doublet. Billiards does not tolerate neglect, momentary relaxation and unprepared strikes.

doublet it

The share of luck, of course, is present: how the ball will rise after hitting or winning back, excitement and fatigue of the opponent. But all this will not be in your favor if you do not approach any blow, even at first glance very simple, maximally collected.

What is a doublet?

Doublet is a very difficult shot that can be performed by a person with sufficient experience in playing billiards. Don't count on a couple of hours of practice to learn how to land this punch regularly. So what does it take to master the doublet? This is, first of all, the ability to perfectly perform a simple direct blow - with a cue in the center of the ball. No need to rushit is necessary to bring the execution to automaticity. The hands always clearly follow the same movements, absolutely not distracting you, you are only focused on calculating the trajectory of the blow. A direct hit (or, as it is also called, klapshtos) is good because the directions of movement of both the cue ball and the ball being hit are easily guessed. The movements are always straight, only the angle needs to be corrected.

doublet billiards

Basically, a doublet is the same straight shot, with only one difference: the cue ball touches the other ball after interacting with the board. Therein lies the difficulty. You need to calculate the approximate angle of impact on the board, so that it then accurately hits the desired point of the other ball.

Note for beginners

Actually, the doublet is not the hardest hit. After two or three workouts, even for a person who has never done it, an understanding comes of how to act. The difficulty lies only in understanding how the cue ball behaves after the bead. You need to feel as many blows as possible, and then the trajectory will automatically, at the level of intuition, line up in your head. There are far more difficult punches that require years of practice and a lot of hard work.

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