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How to make a snake with your own hands at home?
How to make a snake with your own hands at home?

Almost all parents somehow do joint crafts with their children. Sometimes a child comes and asks to make a snake. How to make a snake with your own hands? This is a very unusual choice, and its production can be very diverse.

Production options

Before you start creating a snake, you should find out from the child what exactly he had in mind when he asked to make it. How to make a snake with your own hands will depend on the answer to this question. When asking for such a craft, the child may have in mind a request to make a kite. It can also be a request for a soft toy. It is likely that the child thus asks to make him a snake costume. The method of manufacturing the product will depend on the specification of the request.

How to make a DIY kite?

One of the most entertaining summer activities is kite flying. You can buy a ready-made kite kit. But it's not that hard to make it yourself. The easiest option is an origami kite. It is necessary to take a thick sheet of paper in the shape of a square.

Intermediate stage snake origami

Pencil should connect two opposite corners - draw a diagonal. Two sides of the square should be bent to this diagonal. This action is similar to how we make a regular paper plane, but you should bend the sides towards the diagonal. The lower corners of the folded sides should be bent upwards a couple of times with an accordion and glued to them along a piece of thread at least 30 cm long. This is the so-called snake's bridle. The toy is ready.

Making a kite out of polyethylene

This method is more complex and interesting than the previous one. First of all, you should make a drawing. The kite itself is made of a slatted base and covered with polyethylene. The rack frame is made of two rails in a ratio of 4:5. The rails are attached perpendicular to each other. The short rail is attached in the middle, and the long rail at a distance of 1/5 from the edge. Reiki can be rewound with adhesive tape or thick thread.

DIY kite

Across the tops of the crosspiece, pull a fishing line or thread to form the frame of the kite. To do this, small notches should be made at the ends of the rails. The resulting frame should be attached to the polyethylene sheet and circled with an indent of 1.5 cm. Polyethylene should be cut according to the drawing and wrapped around the frame. The canvas can be fixed with glue or adhesive tape. A string should be tied along the edges of the short rail. Get a bridle. A spool of rope is attached down to the middle of the twine. The snake should be decorated with an elegant multi-colored tail with bows.

How to make a snake with your own hands: option two

The easiest way to make a soft toy in the form of a snake is an old men's tie. In addition to a tie, you will need a small piece of red fabric for the tongue, toy eyes and stuffed material such as padding polyester or cotton wool. With the help of a pencil, the tie is stuffed with padding polyester or cotton. The lower edge of the tie is hemmed with a hidden seam to the upper one so that the synthetic winterizer does not fall out.

Tie snake

Eyes are glued or sewn on the front side of the diamond-shaped part of the tie and a red forked tongue is sewn from the bottom. Buttons of a suitable size can be used instead of a peephole. The snake is ready. In addition to a men's tie, you can make a toy from ordinary material according to a pattern. The pattern can be spiral or straight. Here you will already need a sewing machine.

Bead snake craft

How to make a snake with your own hands from beads? First, one bead is strung on a fishing line or a dense thread. The end of the thread is fixed around this bead, as if tying it in a circle. Next, you should string multi-colored beads from a smaller diameter to a larger one. You can use beads from old beads, leftovers from various creative kits, from children's laces. You can use interesting buttons of large size. The snake should be completed with a large bead or button, securing the thread at its base. Instead of a thread, you can use a thin wire.

In this case, the snake can be given a fixed pose. If the extreme button or bead allows, the eye contour should be applied with acrylic paints. This version of the snake should beperform strictly under adult supervision to avoid swallowing the beads. When making a snake with a thread, you should use a needle. This is also done under the supervision of an adult.

Children's snake costume

Snake costume

How to make a snake costume with your own hands? If the question arose about the manufacture of such a suit, then you have to work hard. First of all, you need to purchase the appropriate material with a snake pattern. Most likely, it will be knitwear or lycra. You can download the appropriate pattern from the Internet and sew a jumpsuit with a hood from snake fabric. You can use the services of a tailor. In front, you can make an insert from a plain lighter fabric. The hood should be decorated in the form of a snake's head. This suit is suitable for both a girl and a boy.

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