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What to wear with a cropped sweater? Fashion trends
What to wear with a cropped sweater? Fashion trends

Knitted sweaters owe their appearance to ancient Greek fishermen. The clothes they wove from yarn were warm and practical. She well protected from cold and dampness. But hundreds of years passed, and the sweater entered the wardrobe of women and firmly settled there. Modern fashion designers and stylists distinguish separate fashion trends for knitwear, which are dedicated to a variety of styles. Today, a sweater is the kind of clothing that nothing can replace. Every self-respecting girl has at least one model of this piece of clothing in her wardrobe.

Women's cropped sweater is one of the hottest trends of the season. The original style will be able to bring real pleasure to its owner, as it will allow her to look relaxed and attractive.

Knitted cropped sweater: schemes

It is not at all necessary to buy this item in a store, diligently choosing a style and color. Knitting a cropped sweater will not be a problem if you have ever held knitting needles in your hands. Then it's up to the small: choose the necessary style and pattern and choose the yarn. A knitted or crochet cropped sweater is the choice of girls who want to show their individuality.Below is a knitting pattern for a cropped sweater.

cropped sweater

Style and length

The length of this fashion item suggests that the stomach will be barely covered. A sweater with a cropped front makes him completely naked. Such clothes look very impressive and non-trivial. However, a cropped sweater is only suitable for a girl if the weather is warm outside and her body proportions are correct.

But after all, the main task of any sweater is to give warmth and warm the body. How to wear this piece of clothing in rainy and cold weather?

If a girl prefers a cropped sweater as an independent garment, then its length can be offset by high-waisted trousers or a skirt. In this case, the outfit will completely cover the body, and you will be warm and comfortable.

You should avoid wearing a loose base under a cropped sweater, as it can give the ensemble a sloppy and shapeless look. It is better to pay attention to tight-fitting things.

knitted cropped sweater

What to wear with a cropped sweater?

The first thing to learn is that a short sweater is very rarely worn as a separate piece of clothing. If you want to see it in an authentic way, then only if the bottom of the ensemble is high-waisted. In all other cases, something is worn under it.

The desire to somehow diversify your wardrobe is a sure helper in creating an ensemble that could be worn for any occasion. The first idea for a successful outfit ismulti-layered set. In this case, a cropped sweater is worn over a long garment.

Multi-layer outfits are distinguished by their versatility. They can be successfully worn by a girl or woman of any age category. In addition, a combination of clothes of different lengths will be a good way to correct figure flaws.

cropped sweater pattern

The second idea of ​​a successful outfit with a short sweater is the principle of youth style. That is, a cropped sweater needs to be put on some kind of basic tight-fitting base: it can be a dress, a topic or a T-shirt. In such an ensemble, the leading role is given to color combinations. The outfit can be chosen in matching or contrasting shades.

Full skirt

A fluffy short skirt will be a great addition to a cropped sweater, which is knitted on thick knitting needles. A tight base is a must for this set. If the girl has imperfect shapes, then the ensemble can be supplemented with a wide belt, which will perfectly highlight the waist. A leather belt with a large buckle will look especially advantageous.

If high waist bottoms

If you like high-waisted clothes, then a cropped sweater is exactly what your wardrobe lacks. In such a case, it can be put on by itself, the main thing is to make sure that the length of the bottom covering the stomach is sufficient. Particularly advantageous in such outfits are voluminous sweaters on top, but with an elastic band on the bottom that wraps around the torso.

You can complement a cropped sweater with skirts andhigh-waisted jeans, but loose jeans should be avoided. It is better to choose tight-fitting trousers and skirts. An A-line will also work for a skirt, as long as it is not too wide.

knit cropped sweater

Youth style

In this style, a cropped sweater can be worn over any form-fitting base: turtlenecks, tank tops, tank tops and more. These outfits are based on interesting color combinations: contrasting or, conversely, matching colors.

For example, you can wear classic blue jeans and a blue short sweater over a turtleneck. Or you can combine an outfit of pastel shades, for example, light blue, soft pink and beige.

Also note the cropped short-sleeved sweater. The combination of such a bright model will look spectacular with the base bottom of a calm shade. So, for example, you can wear a purple cropped sweater over a gray turtleneck, complement this ensemble with a print skirt that contains purple, and you're ready for an interesting look!

how to wear a cropped sweater

Business style

For a business wardrobe, a cropped sweater will also not be an extra purchase. In a business style outfit, it can be worn over a blouse, turtleneck or tank top, and sometimes even over a classic white shirt. A similar ensemble can be complemented with a pencil skirt or black flared trousers. The only rule: in this version of the outfit, a turtleneck or blouse is tucked into trousers, and not worn outside.

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