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Board game "Imaginarium": reviews
Board game "Imaginarium": reviews

Everyone loves TV shows. And let everyone conquered their own genre, but the topic of children is touched upon in most of them. Surely you have more than once been fascinated by the incomprehensible game of teenagers of 12 years old in American TV shows. When those days are spent sitting in the cellars of their houses with friends, dressed in incomprehensible costumes and with cards in their hands. They scream loudly, emotionally proving something, argue, and do not want to go home at night. What kind of board game could captivate them so much? Today this secret is revealed. The game, which has conquered millions of American, French, German children and not only, is now available to our consumers. Her name is Dixit.

History of Creation

It was created relatively recently, in 2008 by Jean-Louis Rubira, but an unlicensed analogue called "Imaginarium" hit the Russian market. Its authors are our compatriots Timur Kadyrov and Sergey Kuznetsov. Being ardent fans of the original, the guys decided to make their own adjustments to this game and present it to the general public in 2011. Sponsorsthe company Stupid Casual, specializing in the creation of jokes, performed. Now, based on reviews of the Imaginarium board game, the Cosmodrome games company is responsible for the series.

The design of the cards themselves looks gloomy and grotesque when compared to the original, but this is understandable. After all, Marie Cardois, Xavier Collette, Clement Lefebvre worked on the creation of Dixit cards - illustrators whose works adorn mainly children's literature, postcards. Our compatriots went further and concentrated the imagination of more than a dozen authors in pictures. This made it possible to significantly expand the range of add-ons, and according to reviews, the Russian version of the Imaginarium game even surpassed the original.

box "Imaginarium"


There is a kit that, judging by the reviews about the game "Imaginarium", includes a box that is also a playing field, cards with illustrations, chips in the form of elephants and giraffes, tokens. These are the base sets.

In the box, due to the loose fit of the cards, there is a place, which, by the way, is not in the original version - "Dixit". This is a very handy unplanned "expansion" that allows you to dilute the base 98-card deck with additions to the game.

For example, focusing on reviews of the board game “Imaginarium. Childhood", users note that the kits are fully compatible, despite the fact that the equipment is the same.


More than one page on the Internet is full of the rules of the game. For starters, here's what you need to know.Information regarding the maximum number of participants varies, but it is considered optimal from 2 to 7 people.

The board is designed for its target audience. From 6 years and older. Her task is to develop the imagination.

Reviews about the "Imaginarium" are ambiguous, someone refers it to a game for adults with a non-standard sense of humor, someone to a children's game, and still others believe that there are only additions from a child's game in this game. In fact, all opinions are valid. The box is indeed marked “age 12+”, but depending on the issue of cards, the age limit will also vary.

First, we determine the number of players. We distribute cards, chips and tokens between them - according to the rules. Next, we decide on the host, who opens the game with a hidden picture. He puts the card face down and voices his association aloud. Depending on the number of guessed (unguessed) points are awarded, moves are made and the right to be the leader passes to the next player.

Reviews about the "Imaginarium" say that the playing field is a cloud numbered up to 39. At the same time, some have additional markings in the form of "complicating badges". According to the rules of the game, they can be ignored, but it is more interesting with them. When the figurine is on a cloud with a badge, depending on its direct purpose, the presenter guesses a card according to the conditions of marking the “complicator”.

Illustrations for "Imaginarium"

How to win

The game ends when all the cards or moves on the card have ended. But howpractice shows, having started, it is impossible to stop. On average, the course lasts about 30 minutes. Therefore, it is better to record the number of laps completed. Winning the game is just a convention. The rules can be stipulated so that there simply will not be losers. This is especially evident in the children's series of the game. So long days and evenings of an active "imagination" are provided for you.

Issues for children

The "Childhood" series is fully adapted for children from 6 years old. The playing field looks like sea pebbles, numbered up to 30 and has its own “complicator icons” that are different from the adult version. The rules are also somewhat different, they removed fines that can upset the child and discourage the desire to play. The illustrations are made in a positive way and are as simple as possible for perception. After all, the task of the game is primarily to develop the flexibility of the imagination, non-standard thinking. Understand the train of thought of the "enemy".

series "Childhood"

For the little ones, "6+"

Separately, it is worth mentioning the release of "Imaginarium. Soyuzmultfilm. This series features pictures from famous cartoons. They will also add variety to the game with children, since they do not look like abstractions, but specific characters. And if you focus on reviews of the Imaginarium. Childhood ", the cards are quite simply deciphered.

For beginners - the best solution. The set allows you to expand the basic equipment and generates an additional series of exciting associations. For an adult player - immersion in the world of childhood, positive, memories. And the most exciting thing is that reviews about"Imaginarium. Childhood” from adults are only positive. The desktop brings you closer to the children and allows you to understand the train of thought of the child, to immerse yourself in his imagination. And who is not interested in plunging into adolescence or being a kid again, well, at least mentally?!

Image"Imaginarium Childhood"

"Imaginarium" for adults

This is the name given to the overwhelming majority of releases and additions to the game. The complexity and unusualness lies in the fact that the series is as abstract as possible. The expansions include the following releases:

- "Ariadne" (2012), 98 cards. Contains elements of famous brands in illustrations. In general, it is done in a positive way, but not without elements of black humor. The shirt is decorated with a judo philosopher with a labyrinth, which looks very funny.

- Pandora. The name speaks for itself. Perhaps the most difficult addition, because it contains ambiguous illustrations. Each of them is able to interpret in their own way. Therefore, it will not be possible to finish the game soon. Based on the Imaginarium reviews, we can conclude that users recommend this deck for sophisticated players.

- "Persephone". Another character from Greek mythology. Also, one might say, a symbolic name. Like Pandora, suitable for experienced players. Contains 98 pictures on the eternal questions of life and death, which can be seen even on the cover illustration. The back of the deck of cards is decorated with a strange tree surrounded by mysterious creatures.

box with "Imaginarium"

Special Editions

"Chimera". It has an age limit of "18+", because it basically contains illustrations on a mystical theme. Therefore, the faint of heart and ignorant of horror is not recommended for use.

"Odyssey". The 2D format of illustrations is consonant with the original "Dixit" and complements the "Imaginarium 3D" set, since a number of pictures are repeated. But only the name unites them with the original. The shirt is decorated with an illustration of a ship with unusual passengers.

Travel Kits

A mini-kit called "Road Repair" deserves special attention. He has his own field (in the form of a puzzle), tokens and chips, but they are more likely to be an addition to the main set. For example, if some elements were lost. Contains three new cards. Convenient for travel.

The "Marsupial Imaginarium" is presented as a separate set. Reviews about it say that this is a complete set with 64 cards, 36 tokens and 6 pieces in the form of giraffes. Traditionally, the playing field is the box itself, and the chips are attached to it.

cards "Imaginarium"

Limited Editions

If you can call it that. These are special editions, unlike the main ones in format. One of them is the Imaginarium. Anniversary". Reviews indicate that the set was released for the game's fifth anniversary. The developers have made some changes to the rules, changed the recognizable color scheme of the card backs, and expanded the elemental range of figures. Judging by the reviews, “Imaginarium. 5 years" included figures of a duck, a whale, aliens, a car, a ship and a chess horse. The box itself contains 98 brand newillustrations and made with cells for storing additional cards.

About "Imaginarium 3D" reviews are only enthusiastic. Still would. Now the players have discovered the world of three-dimensional stereo images. Similar illustrations, as mentioned earlier, are present in the Odyssey supplement. Your favorite game is equipped with 3D glasses, so you won't be able to use cards from other releases. But perhaps this is temporary. And the world will see additions to this series.

On the eve of the New Year

The publishers could not deprive the gamers of the Imaginarium during the New Year holidays. When the number of days off is maximum, you want to spend your free time having fun. Therefore, reviews of the Imaginarium. New Year's" agreed that this issue creates the atmosphere of a holiday in the best possible way. That is why the set includes 64 cards collected from previous releases and additions on the stated theme. The developers also included 7 new maps. The set is positioned as independent, with its own field, chips and tokens. It won't be boring!

game in "Imaginarium"


In addition to all of the above, a feature of additions to the "Imaginarium" can be considered that the rules of the game do not change, regardless of the choice of deck. And if the playing field is not important, then you can play only with additions. Reviews about the "Imaginarium" broadcast: just turn on the imagination. This is the main focus of the game. Open the subconscious, expand the boundaries, go beyond the ordinary.

The board game belongs to the class of associative ones, so those who "do notfriends” with imagination have a unique opportunity to develop it in the circle of loved ones. For introverts, the game involves a certain number of players. So communication skills can also be improved, and without harming your inner self.

Therefore, if you have many or, conversely, few friends, or you want to get to know their inner world better, there is no better fun to be found. Find out the minds of your opponents. Show your imagination. Don't be afraid of your thoughts - be afraid of your desires! "Imaginarium" will reveal everyone from a new perspective and there will be no turning back. You will be a loyal fan of this game for years to come.

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