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What can you do with leather with your own hands?
What can you do with leather with your own hands?

Everything new is well remade old. Therefore, many needlewomen use improvised materials and their remnants to create their works. They rarely have the question of what can be made from leather, fabric or the remaining beads. When looking at pieces of material, another original idea flashes in my head almost immediately.

It happens that for new works you need to think a little, read the options of other needlewomen. Therefore, in this article you will find some works from which you can build on your creation. It will be about the possible use of pieces of leather and what can be done from them.

Start with easy-to-implement things

Cute and original keychain will be a great option for yourself or as a simple souvenir. Lush tassels, silhouettes of animals or birds, embossed geometric shapes, intricate designs from several pieces of material. This list is endless, it all depends solely on your imagination and leather skills.

Leather keychain

Original kitchen accessory

Try making some identical maple leaves out of leftover leather. And you will get a great set of coasters for mugs. Complete the set with larger sizes - and this is coasters for dishes or pans.

Leather coasters

It is not necessary to build on the unity of form, the main thing is to observe a single theme for a harmonious and complete image of the set. You can make a set of coasters in the shape of berries, animals, birds, insects, mushrooms or whatever comes to mind.

And that's not all that can be made from leftover leather for the kitchen. Diversify your dishes with leather pot holders or covers. The same material used in the interior will create a cozy composition made in the same style.

Put on furniture

Think about what can be made of leather useful for your home? Pay attention to your chairs and stools. New in excellent condition or already need to update the seats?

Here's another idea for you, where to realize your creative potential. Based on the remnants of the skin, you can think through the design of future covers to the smallest detail. They will be woven from patches or pieces of leather of sufficient size for one-piece upholstery.

Leather cover on the stool

Seat covers in solid or multi-colour, with or without additional surface decoration.

Save your favorite clothes

Here's a great way to use leftover leather scraps. What can be made from material and spoileda hole or holes in a thing, such as a shirt? Most often, shirts are wiped on the elbows, at the place of the bend of the arm. You don't want to throw away your favorite clothes! Cut out two identical patches and cover up the defect on the garment. Thus, you save your item and prolong its life in your wardrobe.

Similarly, if it is pants or jeans. They have a critical place - the knees and the connection of two legs. You can add a few more decorative patches for a harmonious and aesthetic look of clothing.

Leather patches and patches

Among other things, you can use additional decorations: pieces of chains, beads, beads, ribbons, patterns on clothes. Create a unique and inimitable thing.

Bags, backpacks and other similar accessories

First of all, sketch and choose the style of the future accessory. For everyday use, it is better to come up with a simple bag or a simple backpack. Complete your matching evening wardrobe with an original clutch. A practical option would be a shoulder bag or a simple bag-shaped bag.

Now we need to carefully calculate to have enough material. Choose additional accessories for decorating the bag. A little time - and the original accessory fits perfectly into your outfit.

What can be made from leather for storage?

Gather all your stationery around the house, sew a convenient pencil case to store them. And you no longer have to run around the house in search of a pen or pencil.

To protect your mobile phone from unnecessary scratches, create your ownoriginal case, decorate as you wish. Now you will always recognize it among other phones. So you can dress any of your accessories: tablets, phones, glasses, knives for trips. Firstly, you will protect them from external damage, and secondly, you will give them an original and unique style.

Case made from leftover leather

You can do the same with cosmetics. Sew a cute makeup bag to store nail polishes, manicure supplies, creams.

Complete your outfit with a unique belt

Because this is one of the easiest options for using leftover leather. What could be simpler: a strip of material sewn onto a buckle? The only caveat is the correct processing of the edges of the product. In order for such an accessory to serve you for a long time, pay careful attention to the places where the skin is cut.

If you decide to make a belt for yourself, do not use standard sizes when cutting holes for the buckle. Adjust hole spacing individually.

Do not forget that you can additionally decorate with embossing, embroidery, decorative elements.

Interior with taste

Every hostess strives to make her apartment or house cozy and cute. And for this, all kinds of vases, paintings, figurines, decorative napkins are usually used. With your own hands, you can make anything out of leather, including a panel that pleases the eye. You can use your imagination and build a leather landscape. Or create an abstract painting in the style you like. Arrange the resulting product in a suitable frame andhang on the wall. This leather panel looks expensive and original.

Protect your clothes

Almost every craftsman faces work moments when it is simply necessary to protect their clothes from contamination. An apron will save you from this, which can be made from old leather, for example, from flaps.

leather apron

Cut to your size, collect enough leather scraps and just sew to your size. Leather - the material is quite strong and durable in use. Therefore, you can use this homemade method of protection against dirt for a long time.

Jewellery made from natural materials

In short, girls like to put on original and unique jewelry. And this list is approximately the following: earrings, beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings. Don't forget that the jewelry set is the most commonly used, so it's worth coming up with your own design for the entire jewelry set.

For example, bracelets are very popular in the form of a long leather thread wrapped around the arm. Some, as an additional decoration, make knots at small intervals. Try adding a few multi-colored beads in addition to this. Look for small metal pendants. Tie the leather cord with ribbon. What is not an option, what can be made from leather and its remnants?

Earrings in the form of tassels, in the form of birds or animals, abstract figures - you can fantasize on this topic for a very long time and come up with a non-standard design. Alternatively, make three identical birds, twoused for earrings in the ears, and the third - as a pendant around the neck. The set is ready, and you are unlikely to find the second one like it.

Leather earrings

A wide leather bracelet is usually complemented by embossing or embroidery. Although wide bracelets themselves are always relevant. With the right wardrobe, this jewelry looks very good.

Try, experiment and create your own individual and stylish accessories for your outfits.

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