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Summer knitted dresses with diagrams and descriptions
Summer knitted dresses with diagrams and descriptions

Knitwear looks very nice and original. However, only professional craftsmen can independently develop various patterns and use them to create real masterpieces. For beginners, at first, instructions are required. Therefore, in the current article, we propose to study the technology of making knitted summer dresses.

Where to start?

knitted dress step by step

In order to get a quality product in the end, it must be carefully thought out. Choose the desired style, pick up a pattern, then yarn and tools. To do this, you should decide for which season the dress is required. Perhaps it should be made of thick acrylic threads? If you want to please yourself with an openwork product, you should purchase any cotton threads. Most importantly, monochromatic. However, it is important to consider that an additional lining may be required. After all, some products are too perforated or transparent. However, if a knitted summer dress is prepared for the sea season, you can do without this detail. In any case, you can work both with knitting needles and crochet.

Original patterns

Technology for making dresses is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. And we will try to convince the reader of this later. In the meantime, consider the most popular patterns. On the left are patterns for knitting needles, on the right - for a hook.

knitted dress pattern pattern

Having chosen the desired style for the conceived knitted summer dress, we outline its silhouette on a piece of paper. Next, we will paint the parameters of the model, on which we will knit. In order not to get confused later in the calculations.

Rules for taking measurements

Dresses come in different styles. Therefore, this feature of the product should be considered first of all. And after that, prepare an elastic centimeter and start measuring the model:

  • A - the estimated length of the product;
  • B - bust;
  • B - waist circumference;
  • G - gate height;
  • D - sleeve length;
  • E - forearm girth;
  • W - neck width.

Calculate stitches and rows

Building a pattern is necessary in order to facilitate the process of making a knitted summer dress. However, working, constantly checking your product with a centimeter, is completely inconvenient. Therefore, professional craftsmen advise beginners to calculate the number of loops and rows in advance. It is very easy to do this. But first, you need to use prepared knitting needles and yarn to knit a sample of the selected pattern - a square with a side of 15 cm. After that, count the number of loops and rows. And divide both values ​​by fifteen. After that, multiply the number of loops in one centimeteron parameters B, C, F, G. And the number of rows on - A, D, D.

knitted dress

Performing the main part

It is most convenient to crochet or knit a summer knitted dress, starting from the bottom edge and gradually moving towards the shoulders. If the product is short, it is recommended to knit the first 5-7 rows with an elastic band, using a tool slightly smaller than the main one. And later go to the selected pattern and the main tool. Knit should be on circular needles, moving in a circle. Having reached the level of the armhole, it is required to divide the "pipe" into two halves - the back and front. The first knit with a flat cloth to the end and close in the usual way. On the second, knit the gate. After sewing the dress along the shoulder seams. If desired, add sleeves by typing new loops on 2/3 of the armhole. And then moving back and forth to pick up additional ones for the rest. Having tied the entire neckline in this way, continue the sleeve to the desired length. At the end, it is also recommended to make a small elastic band.

That's the whole technology of making a knitted summer dress with knitting needles or crochet. Both professional masters and beginners can cope with the task.

Dress from motifs (crochet)

dress pattern crochet

Professional craftsmen note that the easiest way to make products, consisting of many fragments. They essentially do not require the calculation of loops and rows. The knitter simply prepares squares, circles or other elements, and then sews them together, collecting a spectacular dress. However, many beginners complain that such work is too boring.and monotone. In addition, it makes you fiddle with the assembly and stitching of the product for a long time. However, we have also included a description and diagrams of knitted summer dresses, consisting of individual motifs. So that the reader has the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Two piece dress (knitted)

dress pattern knitting

Most beginners note that it is much easier to knit openwork or lace products with knitting needles. Because these tools allow you not to tighten the loops too much. Whether this is so, the reader can verify for himself. To do this, we offer a detailed description of a beautiful openwork dress. However, it is important to consider that it uses a pattern with a repeat of ten loops horizontally and twelve vertically. Therefore, when calculating the total number of loops, it must be taken into account that you need to dial one that is a multiple of ten, not counting two edge loops. The rows should be varied so that the rapport is complete.

Knitted dress for girls (knitting needles)

knitted dress for girls

Not only girls and women want to look beautiful. Their daughters also strive to be like their stylishly dressed mothers. Therefore, in the current article, we propose to study and make a children's knitted summer dress with knitting needles. The pattern scheme in this case is not required, because it is quite simple. The main thing is to follow the steps in the description:

  1. Let's start by preparing the yarn of the main color and a few additional ones.
  2. After that, we cast on the knitting needles the number of loops equal totwo bust.
  3. Knit front loops on the front side, purl loops on the wrong side.
  4. After the 20th-30th rows, we begin to sharply decrease the loops, so that in the end we get as many as required for one and a half chest girths.
  5. Then knit to the waist.
  6. After that, we decrease the loops so that their number becomes equal to one chest girth.
  7. Knit several rows with even fabric.
  8. After for several rows on the front and wrong side we knit facial loops.
  9. Then we make a pattern called "specks". In the first row, we alternate one front and back loops. In all other rows, we knit purl over the front, knit over the purl.
  10. Sew the finished product and tie the collar and armhole with a hook.

Dress for girls (crocheted)

A huge number of people understand and assimilate the information that they receive with the help of their organs of vision much better. For this reason, we have also included a detailed video tutorial in the current article. It will help beginners to learn the technology of making a knitted summer dress with a diagram and description. And then knit a product for the smallest members of the family. It can be made plain or striped. Professional craftsmen note that dresses in pink-brown tones look very impressive. Thanks to this combination, the baby resembles a delicious cake. Also interesting combinations are considered to be such as turquoise and white, pink and salad, yellow and gray, brown and red, purple and blue, red and blue.

So, the main idea of ​​the current article was that knitting the desired product is not as difficult as it might seem. Therefore, professional masters advise beginners not to be afraid of difficulties, constantly master new technologies and turn on their imagination more often. Very often incomprehensible or difficult patterns can be replaced with similar simple ones. It is only necessary to bring the idea to life with great desire and love. And then knitting will bring only joy.

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