Apron pattern for a schoolgirl at graduation
Apron pattern for a schoolgirl at graduation

Depending on the purpose, the apron pattern may be different. The easiest option is an apron without a bib. It is enough to hem a rectangular piece of fabric on three sides, and sew on strings of a suitable length on the fourth side. But an apron with a bib is much more beautiful and functional, and on the basis of such a pattern, you can sew a wide variety of models.

apron pattern

In order for the product to sit beautifully on the figure, the apron pattern must have tucks or gathers at the waist. Of considerable importance is the correct length of the straps, as well as their location. Now we will consider one of the basic options for aprons patterns, which can be modified at will: round the edges on the hem, remake the bib, sew on frills, etc.

School apron, pattern size 42

It is necessary to take three measurements:

  1. Waist circumference (68 cm).
  2. Hem length, optional (we have 53 cm).
  3. Strap length. The measuring tape should be thrown over the shoulder and measure the distance from the waistline in front to the waistline in the back (72 cm).

Draw a rectangle with sides 53 cm (hem length) and 22 cm (waist circumference/4+5). This will be the bottom half. Mark on the sheet where you will haveto be the waist line, and where is the hem of the apron. Turn the sheet so that the waist line is at the top and the hem is at the bottom. Then the side line will be on the right, and the middle part, along which the fold of the half passes, will be on the left.

school apron pattern

From the upper left corner of the original rectangle, set aside 1 cm down. Connect the resulting point to the upper right corner. Divide the line just drawn into 3 equal parts. Folds will be located at the division points. The width of the fold is 4 cm, that is, 2 cm should be set aside on both sides of the division points. Mark the places of the folds with long vertical lines on the pattern.

Go to the drawing of the hem. From the lower right corner of the rectangle, you need to set aside 4 cm to the right, then up 1 cm. Connect the resulting point with a straight line to the upper right corner of the rectangle, connect the same point with a smooth arc to the lower left corner of the rectangle. The apron pattern at the bottom is ready.

The bib looks like a trapeze. Its height is 13 cm, the width at the top is 12 cm, at the bottom it is 10 cm.

The straps are 72 cm long (measured) and 16 cm wide. Sewn folded in half lengthwise.

The belt can be done in different ways. If you are making a belt with a clasp, its dimensions are 72 cm long (waist circumference + 4 cm) and 5 cm wide. If you want to tie a belt, double the length.

The pocket is made 10 by 10 cm in size. The upper right corner of the pocket is located 7 cm down and 5 cm to the left of the upper right corner of the pattern. You can make two if you want.pockets, but since the school apron is now sewn only for dressy, pockets on it are optional.

The apron pattern is ready, now a few words about how to cut and sew it. Firstly, do not forget about the seam allowances: 1.5 cm at the place where two panels are sewn, 2-5 cm at the place where the fabric is folded. Cut out two pieces for the belt.

aprons patterns

First fold and hem the bottom and sides of the bottom half of the apron. Lay the folds and fasten them to a live thread. Fold and hem the top of the bib. Fold the straps in half lengthwise and sew the bib into the seam of the straps. Take both parts of the belt. Find the middle parts of the bib, belt and bottom of the apron, combine them all. Baste the belt on a live thread, inserting the details of the bib and the lower half of the apron into the seam of the belt. Cut off excess fabric immediately. Sew along the edges of the waistband, remove the auxiliary threads and sew on the pocket. Apron ready!

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