Board game "Millionaire": game rules, number of sites, reviews
Board game "Millionaire": game rules, number of sites, reviews

"Millionaire" is an economic board game that people of all ages can play. Both adults and children love her. In addition, such board games bring the family together and allow you to have fun in the evenings with a friendly company, teach people the basic concepts of business, entrepreneurial activity, give knowledge about economic relations.

This board game develops logical thinking, mindfulness, the ability to quickly find the right solution, get out of a difficult situation, calculate moves in advance. In the Millionaire board game, the rules of the game may seem complicated and confusing at first, but those who have already de alt with other economic board games will quickly get the hang of it. If this is your first time playing this game, don't worry, you'll get the hang of it very quickly.

In the article we will explain in detail to readers what is included in the set of the board game "Millionaire", we will tell the rules of this game,consider feedback from other players.

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Views of "Millionaire"

There are these types of games:

  1. "Millionaire Classic".
  2. "Millionaire De Lux".
  3. "Millionaire Junior" (for children).
  4. "Millionaire Elite".

The goal of the game is to become a millionaire and ruin the rest of the contestants, but each has its own differences, which we will gradually explore in the article. Let's start with the first - basic option.


The main goal pursued by the players is to reach the top of the rating, ruin the rest of the players and become the owner of more plots. In the board game "Millionaire" you need to become a monopolist. The one who ruined the rest and ended up on top becomes the we althiest player and is the winner. You can also play against the clock. Then the goal of the players will be to become the owner of the largest fortune at the end of the game.

How to play?

At least two people take part in the board game "Millionaire" according to the rules of the game. A maximum of six can be played. Each player has a role:

  • banker - manages funds, monitors financial flows, transactions, makes payments, controls banking operations so that everything goes smoothly and without violations;
  • broker - works on the stock exchange, conducts and controls all transactions with securities, shares, etc.;
  • insurance agent - oversees issuanceinsurance policies, manages the repayment of insurance in crisis situations.
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In the box with the game, a square-shaped playing field is given, on which 9 sectors are drawn. These are the branches of the economy. The first 8 industries are represented in the game by 2-3 enterprises. They are located close to each other. The last, 9 branch, is considered the most valuable. It consists of 4 companies, which are located at the central points on each side of the playing field.

The game begins with the issuance of each player his initial capital. With this money, the player buys shares and insurance.

Game start

In the board game "Millionaire", the plot cards are initially laid out according to the branches of the lined field. There are 24 of them in the set. There are also packs of "Chance" cards in the amount of 20 pieces, as well as "Movement" - also 20 pieces. They are laid out with inscriptions down, the extra ones are set aside for the time being. First, a player is chosen to be the banker. He distributes seed capital to each person. This is 2000 forfeits, but another 200 is put into the cashier. This is Jackpot. The board game "Millionaire" begins according to the rules of the game from a cell with the inscription "Start". The sequence of moves is decided by lot.

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Player actions

The game starts with throwing a couple of dice, the chips from the "Start" cell move clockwise, counting the number of cells corresponding to the sum of the numbers on the dice.

Ifdouble, then the player makes one more move. But there is one "but". If you get a double three times in a row, then the player is sent to the "Tax Police". Moving around the field, the players' chips fall on the cells of enterprises. On each written the cost of the enterprise and the rental rate. Data on how much taxes you need to pay for this enterprise is also indicated.

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If after the next roll of the dice the chip falls on an empty area, then you can buy it for your own use. On this cell is written the cost that needs to be deposited in the general bank. After payment, the card is removed from the cage and the player leaves it in his pack.

If you do not want to buy a plot, then it can be put up for sale. The starting price is chosen at your own discretion. All players can take part in the auction. The player who gave the largest amount of money takes the land.

Stop at another player's lot

If, after the next move, the chips stop on a cell with a plot belonging to another player, you will have to pay rent for being on someone else's territory. The price is written on this cell. If you are the owner of all available enterprises in the industry, then you are considered a monopolist. If, as a result of a move, the chip lands on the cell of the monopolist's enterprise, then the rent will be increased by 2 times. When a player makes a full circle with moves and passes the "Start" space again, he is paid 200 forfeits of circular income.

Surprises as the game progresses

BThe board game "Millionaire", according to the rules of the game, has special cells, getting into which, the player has to perform the action written on the card lying "shirt" up. The player does not know in advance what awaits him. This is the main surprise. After all, it can be both pleasant and not very. Let us consider in detail the meaning of such cells:

  1. "Tax office". Once on such a cage, you will have to pay a tax.
  2. "Tax police". Here the player needs to roll the dice three times, waiting for a double to roll. If the double does not fall out, then you will have to pay a fine, otherwise you will not leave the police station.
  3. "Jackpot". The player who has landed on this cell has the right to play the slot machine. First, a bet is placed. According to the rules of the game, the player in the board game "Millionaire" rolls only one die, but 3 times. After each throw, the chip moves from bottom to top along the column of the slot machine for as much as it fell out. If all the exposed numbers match the winning combination, then the player receives a bonus. A cash bonus is transferred to him from the bank. But if the numbers do not match, then the bet remains in the cashier.
  4. "Moving". If, as a result of the roll of dice, the card falls on the "Movement" cell, then the player turns the card over and reads the task, to which cell he needs to rearrange the chips. If this is the "Start" cell, then the player does not get the circular income.
  5. "Charity Fund". If as a result of moving the card at the direction of the cell"Moving" the chip falls on a cell labeled "White Business" or "Charity Fund", then the player is paid money from the bank from this fund.
  6. There is also a cage called "Black Business". When hitting this cell, the player flies from it to the "Charity Fund" square, and he will also have to pay a fine of 50 forfeits.
  7. "Chance". If the chip hits this cell, then the card is turned over. The instruction written on it must be carried out by the player. Then the card is hidden from the bottom of the pack. If the player cannot complete the instruction at the moment, then the card remains with him until he completes the task.

Affiliates of enterprises: description

millionaire economic board game

The board game "Millionaire" offers players who own a monopoly in any sector of the economy to build enterprises and branches on the plots. Their cost is written on the cells of the field, their price is also indicated on the cards of the players.

Purchased extensions are placed on the plots of the field, which are built up systematically. First, one branch, then the second ones are added, and only then the third ones. If the player has three branches of the enterprise built in each industry, then he is already given permission to build the enterprises themselves. In terms of price, the branch and the enterprise are equivalent. But in order to start construction, all branches must be free. If at least one is pledged to the bank, then the industry is not considered complete. The player is no longermonopolist and can no longer build plots in this sector of the economy.

If a player is having financial difficulties and wants to sell his buildings to the bank, he must act systematically. You can sell one plot from each industry, then the second, and so on. But you should know that the bank only buys plots from the player at half the price of the full price.

Millionaire Junior

How to play the board game "Millionaire" ("Classic")? The rules are detailed above. Now let's see how the children's version of the game called "Junior" differs. The set includes a playing field in the shape of a square. This is an amusement park. There are 20 "adventure" cards, money of different denominations - 121 banknotes, ticket kiosks - 56 pieces, a die for throwing a number, chips - 4 pieces, a description of the rules of the game.

board game millionaire description

The board game for kids has different rules. Let's take a closer look at them.

The goal of the game is to get rich by buying rides. They earn money by selling entrance tickets. First, let's look at how a player can buy an attraction. Each cell is divided into two equal parts. If, after rolling the dice, your chip fell on one of the halves of the cage, and it is free, no one has bought it yet, then you have the right to purchase it, you just need to pay 10 forfeits to the bank. If the player is able to make a purchase, then he (without looking at the card) pulls out any of his ticket kiosks and must cover half of the attraction. If the player does not have funds forsuch an acquisition, he returns to the "Start" square, and the other player gets a chance. From any part of the playing field, he returns to this cell and becomes its owner for free. The board game for children is decorated brightly, it is interesting to play it for children of primary school age. The children are learning economic skills that will be useful to them later in life.

Millionaire Elite

This is a game for adult players. It differs from the classic version of the game in the following features:

  1. Promotions have been added, you can purchase insurance for all occasions. In this game, you can get rich not only on the sale and purchase of plots, but also at the expense of the securities market. In "Elite" the luck factor is of great importance.
  2. A surprise card "Fortune" has appeared. There is a step by step guide for players to follow. This may affect the course of the game as a whole.
  3. If the chip falls on the "Exchange" cell when throwing the dice, you will find out the price of your shares. They may rise, or they may fall to a minimum.
  4. Insurance policies can protect the player. This applies to rent, taxes or auctions. There are short-term and long-term policies. The first act until the passage of one circle. If the player crosses the "Start" cell, the policy ends. But the action of the second continues until the occurrence of the insured event.
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According to reviews of the board game "Millionaire" you can makeconclusions that the majority liked the game both in appearance and game content. Novice players are warned that the game is very addictive, you can stay up until midnight, so it's better to start the game early and on weekends. Some have become real gamers.

If you want to find a replacement computer, buy the game and invite your friends to have a fun evening. Live communication is always better than being alone in front of a monitor screen.

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